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“You’ve trained this boy well…”

Photo by Martin Schmidli on Unsplash



Part 4

“Shane, I want you to meet someone…” said McKinley, opening his office door and beckoning Shane towards him. Shane immediately got up from his desk and walked towards McKinley. Shane knew that McKinley had been meeting with Boris Cusack — McKinley’s most important client. McKinley had warned Shane that he might call him in to meet Cusack, McKinley had warned Shane to be on his best behaviour and to do whatever McKinley or Cusack told him to do.

As Shane entered the office he noticed that McKinley locked the door behind him, the blinds were already drawn.

“So, this is the boy that you’ve been boasting about?” acknowledged Cusack, as McKinley made the introductions. Cusack was a big man, not overweight but a solid build. Shane guessed that he was in his mid-40s. His suit seemed expensive.

“Can I get some coffee or tea for anyone?” offered Shane, unsure exactly what was expected of him.

“Whisky…” replied McKinley. “We’ll both have some whisky.” Shane opened the drinks cupboard and poured out two large measures of whisky into the crystal tumblers that McKinley used to impress clients.

“Your boss tells me that you’re a quick learner…” said Cusack. “He says that you’ve been a real asset to the team…”

“I’m still fairly inexperienced…” replied Shane. “But I’m keen to try and develop my skills.”

“Shane, I’ve been telling Cusack that you’ve got a knack for stress relief…” said McKinley. “Cusack says he’s feeling a bit stressed, why don’t you show him how you help me relax at the end of the day?”

“I’d be happy to…” smiled Shane, nodding at McKinley before turning his attention to Cusack.

“Is it okay if I call you Sir?” asked Shane.

“Yes, boy…” nodded Cusack. “You can call me Sir…”

McKinley took a large swig of his whisky and settled back into his chair to watch Shane’s stress relief technique in action.

“Thank you, Sir…” replied Shane. “Sir, I’m going to start by massaging your feet…” Shane slipped off Cusack’s left shoe. Shane took hold of Cusack’s left foot and began to carefully massage it. “Sir, I’m going to massage your other foot now…” said Shane, his voice low and calming. Shane carefully removed Cusack’s right shoe and began to massage the big man’s right foot. “Sir, I think you need to be more comfortable…” suggested Shane. “Would you be able to remove your jacket and loosen your tie?” Cusack took off his jacket and loosened his tie. “Sir, there appears to be a lot of tension in your legs…” continued Shane. “I’m going to massage your legs now. It will be easier if I take down your trousers a little, will that be okay?”

“Yes, boy…” nodded Cusack. “Go ahead.”

Shane reached forward and unbuckled Cusack’s belt, undid the buttons on the trousers, and then pushed Cusack’s trousers down, pulling them down so that they were bunched at Cusack’s ankles. Shane was distracted by the enormous bulge that was barely contained within Cusack’s tight white briefs.

“Sir…” continued Shane. “Your briefs look tight and uncomfortable, would you like me to take them off?”

“Yes, boy…” nodded Cusack. “Take them off.” Shane hooked his fingers into the elasticated waist of the briefs and pulled them down, pushing them down to Cusack’s ankles. Shane smiled at the size of the cock that bounced free as it was released from the constricting briefs — at least eight inches, a generous foreskin that was already sliding back, a long thick cock-shaft curling over his large full balls.

Cusack’s cock was getting harder. Without hesitating, Shane reached out and took hold of the Cusack’s cock — it instantly responded and grew harder and thicker

“Sir…” said Shane quietly. “I’m now going to massage your cock — with my mouth.” Shane leaned forward and took the head of Cusack’s cock in his mouth, running his tongue around the edge, tasting the salty pre-cum that was already beginning to flow.


Shane pulled Cusack’s foreskin up so that he could play with it with his tongue, before beginning to work his mouth up and down the big cock, forcing more and more of the rock hard shaft down his throat. Shane went to town with his mouth, sucking as expertly as he could, working hard to deliver as much pleasure as possible to this important client. Shane felt Cusack’s hands on the back of his head, pushing the cock deeper into his throat. Shane knew that he couldn’t have much time left so he increased his efforts and he could hear Cusack begin to quietly groan and pant — he was getting close. Without much warning, Cusack’s hands took a firmer hold of Shane’s head and held him down, held that cock deep within his throat.

“Ungh!” grunted Cusack, and Shane could feel the jets of cum begin to flow into his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed greedily, holding the cock in his mouth as the cum continued to flow. Eventually he felt Cusack’s hands on his head relax and Shane slowly released the softening cock from his mouth.

“You liked that, didn’t you, boy?” asked McKinley quietly.

“Uh huh…” nodded Shane, eagerly licking smears of cum from his lips.

“You’ve trained this boy well…” nodded Cusack, giving a compliment to McKinley. “You’ve trained this boy well.”

Riding the Waves

We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the fourth instalment.

Read earlier instalments from the story.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash
Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

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“Do you think tan-lines are sexy?”



Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Part 7
It was a sunny, summer’s day in Newquay and Shane and Jason were sunbathing on the beach after spending the morning surfing. Shane and Jason had coordinated their shifts at the supermarket so that they could have the day off together. It was a Thursday, so they pretty much had the beach to themselves, and they’d found a secluded spot behind the sand dunes that was sheltered from the light breeze that was blowing.

“I wish we could do this every day…” sighed Shane.

“I know, right?” agreed Jason. “Surfing and sunbathing — why can’t someone pay us to do that?”

“Do you think tan lines are sexy?” asked Shane, lifting up the leg of his swim-briefs a little to check whether he had much of a tan.

“Definitely…” nodded Jason. “I love it when a guy is really tanned but then has a white ass with a really defined line where his swim-briefs have been.”

“Yeah… totally, that’s fucking hot…” agreed Shane. “But an all-over tan can be pretty sexy too — like Brazilian guys, they always seemed to be tanned head to toe.”

“How many Brazilian guys have you been with?” laughed Jason.

“None, actually…” smiled Shane. “But I’ve studied them closely online — they all seem to have all-over tans and huge cocks. So sexy.”

“Maybe we should work on our all-over tans?” suggested Jason.

“What — get naked here?” asked Shane.

“Why not?” grinned Jason. “There’s no one else around — let’s do it!”

Jason winked, undid the waist tie of his swim-briefs, hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down and off.

“Your turn!” declared Jason. Shane quickly followed suit and soon both boys were lying naked on their towels. “I like this…” giggled Jason. “Feels good to have sun on my ass. Makes me horny.”

“Everything makes you horny!” laughed Shane. “You’ve constantly got a hard-on!”

“Yup! nodded Jason. “Check it out!” Jason rolled over onto his back and proudly displayed his hard cock to Shane. Shane also rolled onto his back and grinned as his hard cock also sprang into view.

“So, are we going to just lie here with our hard cocks, or are we going to do something about it?” asked Shane. Jason rolled over on top of Shane and brought their mouths together in a deep passionate kiss, their bodies grinding together as their tongues wrestled.

“You boys want some company?” said a voice suddenly, coming from somewhere above them. Shane and Jason immediately broke off their kissing in surprise and looked up — there was a guy standing above them up on the sand dune. He looked to be in his early 40s, masculine and muscular, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Don’t mind me…” smiled the guy, realising that he’d startled the boys. “Looks like you’re having fun. How about we have some fun together?”

Shane looked quickly at Jason and could see that they were both thinking the same thing.

“Sure…” grinned Shane. The guy quickly walked down the sandbank to where they were and stripped off his clothes, revealing his hairy, powerful chest, and a long, fat, hard cock.

“I’m Frank…” said the guy. “This is my cock. How about you get acquainted?” Frank put his hands on the back of Shane and Jason’s necks and bent them over to bring both their mouths down to service his hard cock.


Shane and Jason eagerly went to work, licking and sucking, slurping up and down the shaft of the hard cock, enjoying the feeling of their lips mashing together and their tongues entwining as the hard cock pushed between their faces.

“That’s it, boys… fuck… you sluts sure now how to work a cock…” moaned Frank. “Who wants their ass fucked first?” Both Shane and Jason immediately put their hands up while continuing to suck Frank’s cock. “So you’re both little cunt-boys are you? Whores for cock?” The boys nodded happily, turned on by Frank’s domineering and aggressive attitude. “On your hands and knees — show me those fuck-holes.”

Shane and Jason quickly positioned themselves on their hands and knees on their towels on the sand. Frank used one hand on the ass of each boy, prodding and probing with his fingers.

“Fuck yeah… such sweet boy-cunts…” admired Frank. Shane and Jason kissed, thrilled at the way that their sunbathing had turned out, loving the way that Frank was toying with their asses. After lubricating and loosening the boy’s asses with his spit and his fingers, Frank arranged them so that Shane was on his hands and knees and Jason was lying on top of him — their exposed asses lined up one on top of the other. Frank lined his cock up first against Shane’s spit-slick fuck-hole pushing it forward powerfully, pushing it in all the way.

“Ungh!” grunted Shane, feeling himself filled with Frank’s cock. After a few quick, hard thrusts Frank pulled his cock out of Shane and lined himself against Jason’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Jason, as Frank slammed his cock into him.

Frank began alternating his attentions — a few thrusts into Jason and then slamming his cock into Shane, ramming his cock in and out of Shane’s boy-hole before switching back to Jason and repeating it.

“So fucking hot…” growled Frank. “Two fucking boy-cunts… sluts… whores for cock… fucking taking my cock… going to get my load… oh fuck… fuck… here it comes…”

Frank could feel the cum boiling up inside him, he was so turned on by his encounter with Shane and Jason that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Oh fuck yeah… get ready boys… Ungh! Fuck! Fuck!” Frank pulled his cock out of Shane’s stretched fuck-hole and sprayed a huge load of cum over both of their asses, ropes of sticky white cum coating both of their fuck-holes. “Fuck yeah…” growled Frank as he fucked his cock back into Shane, and then back into Jason, using the head of his cock to swab up the cum so that he could push it deep inside the puffy boy-holes that he’d just fucked.

Eventually, Shane and Jason disentangled themselves and collapsed down onto their towels while Frank wiped himself up, got dressed and headed off down the beach.

“That was fucking hot!” laughed Shane, wrapping his arms around Jason and pulling him close for a tender kiss.

“Totally” nodded Jason happily. “We should definitely work on our all-over tans more often!”

Riding the Waves
We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the seventh instalment.

Read earlier instalments from the story.

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

Read more from Gareth Johnson

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