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“You’re the hot daddy?”

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash



Part 12
Blake was set up in his studio for a photoshoot, Zach was finally going to pose for some pictures — the two of them had been talking about it for a few days.
“Hey, Blake, how’s things?” asked Zach, sticking his head around the door of the studio. “Are you ready for me?”
“Wow, you’re all smiles for getting in so late last night…” grinned Blake.”Or should I say this morning?”
“No lectures, Uncle — if you work hard then you get to play hard…” winked Zach. “I hooked up with one of my co-worker’s from the bar. I’d never really been that into him, but he told me a hot story of this daddy he hooked up with at the gym, so he got me all juiced up.”
“Really?” replied Blake, trying to keep his cool. “Sounds interesting. Are you going to share the details?” Blake was hoping that this was just a coincidence, but his heart was racing and he was feeling guilty about his under-the-radar hook-ups with Steve.
“Well, his name is Steve…” began Zach, more than happy to share the details. He was showing me his wrecked hole, he said that this daddy really tore him up good in the locker-room at the gym…”
“Steve…” repeated Blake, almost talking to himself.
“He propped his leg up on the bench so I could get a good look at it…” continued Zach, not registering Blake’s discomfort. “When I saw all of that daddy jizz just leaking from his wrecked cunt, I couldn’t help myself — I went in to taste it and then I started eating Steve’s cum-sloppy fuck-hole out. That daddy jizz tasted so good!”
“You ate the cum from his cunt?” repeated Blake.
“Totally…” grinned Zach. “I would have fucked him right there, added my cum to the daddy-load he was already carrying, but we got caught by the manager of the bar, so we had to hook up after we finished our shift…”
“Stop right there!” growled Blake. Zach looked at Blake blankly, unsure what was going on. Blake grabbed Zach and pulled him close, their bodies crunching together, their mouths instantly connecting in a deep, long, sensual kiss.
It was like the sexual floodgates opened. Zach grabbed hold of Blake and buried his tongue in his mouth.
“I’ve been waiting for this since I moved in with you hot daddies…” moaned Zach, as he pawed all over Blake’s muscled body.
“My daddy-load tastes pretty good in Steve’s ass, does it?” growled Blake, chewing on Zach’s ear.
“Holy shit!” exclaimed Zach. “You’re the hot daddy?”
“Yes, boy, that was my seed that you slurped out of that slut’s wrecked cunt, and your ass is next…” growled Blake. “Start sucking my cock to get it ready for your hot little fuck-hole.”
Zach couldn’t wait to get his mouth over Blake’s huge cock. He slurped it down as best he could. Blake grabbed Zach’s head, and face fucked his boy good.
“Get to work on those balls, boy!” instructed Blake.
“Yes, Daddy!” mumbled Zach, his mouth full of Blake’s hard cock.
“Ah fuck, boy, I’m going to wreck your cunt like I did your buddy Steve….” snarled Blake, grabbing Zach and bending him over the sofa, giving the boy’s bubble butt a firm smack, leaving a nice red handprint on Zach’s ass. Blake spread Zach’s ass cheeks apart and buried his face in his sweet puckered boy-hole.
“Damn, boy, you taste good!” growled Blake,as he buried his face again in Zach’s ass.
“Oh fuck, daddy, that feels so fucking hot!” gasped Zach.
“You ready for daddy’s cock, boy?” grunted Blake.
“Yes, daddy…” nodded Zach, wiggling his hungry ass towards Blake.
Blake grabbed a big glob of lube from a tube in one of his desk drawers, lubed his cock up, placed his huge purple cock-head at the opening of Zach’s fuck-hole. He could see Zach’s boy hole puckered with anticipation, finally going to get that daddy cock that it had been craving. Blake placed his hands on Zach’s shoulders and slammed his lubed cock in with one thrust.
“Whoa! Oh shit! Damn!” grunted Zach. “Fuck me, daddy!”
“Good boy…” grunted Blake, slamming his cock in and out of Zach with intensity. Sweat rolled down Blake’s hairy chest, mixing with the lube being shoved into Zach’s ass.
With his cock still embedded in the boy’s fuck-hole, Blake picked Zach up and walked them both over to his desk, clearing it off with a brush of his hand before laying Zach down on his back, and then resuming his punishing fuck-down. Zach wrapped his legs around Blake’s body as Blake ran his big hands all over Zach’s chest, Zach moaned louder as Blake pinched his nipples and worked them over good. Blake wrapped his strong arms around Zach and lifted him up off the desk, bouncing Zach up and down on his cock.
“Can I cum, Daddy?” Zach begged, unable to take much more of the pleasure that Blake’s thick cock was giving him.
“Yes, boy…” growled Blake. Show Daddy what you got, because you’re about to be bred good…”
“Aw fuck yeah!” grunted Zach, arching his back as he blew a huge load of cum all over his sweat-covered chest. After Blake saw the load Zach had sprayed all over his chest, he was ready to breed the boy’s ass.
“Get ready, you little fucker…” growled Blake. “You’re going to get a big load of daddy-seed — just like your brother did!”
Zach’s ass was flooded with daddy seed as Blake deposited load after load.
“Aw, take all of Daddy’s seed, you fucking slut!” Blake yelled.
Blake put Zach back on the desk, he got down and lapped up a big load on his tongue from the cum dripping out of Zach’s ass. Blake then crawled on top of Zach and dropped the cum into Zach’s mouth.
“There, now you’re my boy…” growled Blake.
“Mmm…” was all Zach could mutter, as he lay there next to his daddy, exhausted.

Can I call you Uncle?
Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the 12th instalment — read earlier episodes here.

Image published via Pixabay
Image published via Pixabay

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Arts & Culture

Outdoors Cruising: the art behind the bushes

On a quest for anonymous and casual sex? ‘Cruising’ is not dead!



outdoors cruising antonio da silva
© Still from "Cruising in the Park", Antonio da Silva (Edited)

Outdoors cruising is not dead!

We have all heard stories of the ‘old days’, before mobile apps and even gay bars, when homosexuality was a taboo – and in many countries illegal – outdoors cruising was the only way for gay men to be able to find a sexual encounter.

Nowadays, homosexuality is no longer criminal in most of the western world and technology is here to stay. Socialising with our friends or acquaintances behind a screen and finding a sexual partner has never been easier. But some still prefer the rush and the forbidden pleasure of a casual outdoors hook up with a random stranger.

If you think that the rise of new technologies and that the closure of gay adult entertainment venues is killing cruising – think again.

outdoors cruising couple

© Still from “Cruising in the Park“, Antonio da Silva

From underground culture to art

Outdoors cruising has been source of inspiration for many artists, Touko Laaksonen (a.k.a. Tom of Finland) being one of the most recognisable names exploring the artistic potential of cruising.

Many young artists have proved that this element of the sexuality of gay men is alive, well and more popular than ever and their artwork exhibited in screens and galleries all over the world.

A brilliant example of that new generation of artists is Antonio da Silva – a young award-winning Portuguese experimental filmmaker that explores the hidden side of homoerotic culture in a voyeuristic and indie way.

On his official site he explains:

“I have always been fascinated by male sex and sexuality. I became increasingly frustrated with how moving image explored this and have begun to make it the subject of my films over the last three years. I do not consider myself a pornographer but a filmmaker who use my background to choreograph short films with explicit sex themes.”

Since 2011, when he launched his first short film “Mates” – an intimate view into the world of online hook ups – Antonio has been exploring many current themes of the gay culture such as fetish, voyeurism and, of course, outdoors cruising.

Each film is a mystic combination of sound, image and movement that captivates the viewer from the first second and has granted him a space in some of the most wanted film festivals all over the world.

From the ‘hidden camera’ documentary style of Bankers, the dance-based choreographic scenes of Dancers, to the futuristic – and almost stroboscopic – view into the world of online gay sex of Spunk, Antonio keeps experimenting and delighting his viewers with the most captivating homoerotic short films.

“Cruising in the Park” – a sensorial immersion into the cruising scene

On his most recent work – “Cruising in the Park” – Antonio teamed up with Fabio Lopes to take us on a journey into the world of outdoors cruising. Moving away from the mainstream staged pornographic cinematography, it combines low angle and close up shots with a real audio experience and narrative giving us a sensation of first-person experience.

And, if just like me, you are a massive fan of movie/series adaptation of dark themed comic books like Jessica Jones and Watchmen, you will fall in love with Rodrigo Penalosa’s deep voiced narrator’s commentary throughout the film.

Don’t believe me, then watch the trailer (NSFW) below:

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