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Chacal is a term used in Mexico City — it describes a masculine guy who fucks other guys. A rough top.

The Urban Dictionary helpfully shows how to use the term Chacal in a sentence: “Total bottoms love chacales…”

Let’s put to one side for the moment the ridiculous labelling as anyone as a ‘total bottom’ — just because a guy enjoys a bit of anal play doesn’t define his identity — but you get the idea.

In some ways, Chacal is the Mexican version of Masc4Masc — but Latino culture has a complicated obsession with all things macho. In places like Mexico City, your identity as a man, your masculinity, is defined by how you project a macho image to the world. Being gay isn’t easily reconciled with being macho. The chacales are trying to have it both ways — projecting an uber-macho image to the world, and totally getting off on having sex with guys.

In the interests of cross-cultural investigative research, here’s some examples of guys who seem to me to be channelling a bit of the Chacal vibe.

Antonio Biaggi

Rogan Richards

Martin Mazza

Hector de Silva

Emiliano Boscatto

Rafael Alencar

Chacal. It’s our word of the day.

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Every Wednesday, we like to celebrate rumps.



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Our weekly #HumpDay round-up of some of our favourite rumps.

You’re welcome.

Niko Wirachman

Kyle Daly

Theo Ford

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@dmxgear helping with my stretching

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Drew Dixon

Hui Geng

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Hump Day (Images published via Instagram)

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