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Porn studio Noir Male have selected 16 of their favourite men and are pitting them against each other in a no-holds barred popularity contest.

Voting is open until 7 January 2019, with the winner claiming a cash prize of $10,000.

“The task is big, but I know the fans of Noir Male will make the right choice!” said director Chi Chi LaRue, announcing the competition. “I’m so excited for the Man of the Year contest. It’s going to be hard to choose because all the men on Noir Male are exceptional winners! That’s why we’re leaving it up to the fans.”

The nominees are:

Aaron Reese

DeAngelo Jackson

Jacen Zhu

Jason Vario

Marquee D’Angelo

Max Konnor

Miller Axton

Ray Diesel

Remy Cruze

Timarrie Baker

Trent King

Trey Donovan

Pheonix Fellington

Noah Donovan

Zario Travezz

Mateo Fernandez


Vote in Noir Male’s Man of the Year contest

Noir Male's Man of the Year (image supplied)
Noir Male’s Man of the Year (image supplied)

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Matty J is doing it just for the fans

Fuelling our fantasies.



Image supplied

I caught up with Matty J to talk fantasies, underwear, and life on JustFor.Fans.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I started with posting pictures of myself wearing different kinds of underwear on Instagram. One of my followers suggested I should look into setting up a JustFor.Fans page, so that I could post content that wasn’t allowed on Instagram.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

No real heroes or inspirations as such, I have a few favourite models and porn actors I follow on social media – like Drew Dixon, Igor Kolomiyets, and Johnny Rapid. But my all time favourite porn actor and the one I first took an interest in is Brent Corrigan.

What sort of content do you generally feature on your JustFor.Fans channel?

Mostly it’s just solo work – me in front of the camera. But lately, I’ve been getting into a bit more exhibitionism – like wanking in public bathrooms and gay cruising spots, and getting under-stall hand-jobs from anonymous strangers.

I’m still growing the channel, so I haven’t got a specific type of content. I’d like to try and keep things varied on there, to keep the fans interested.

What’s your ultimate JustFor.Fans fantasy?

Maybe a full-on orgy scene? I’m not too sure. It would definitely have to be something involving two or more other guys, maybe something outdoors or semi-public, with a risk of being caught.

Can we talk underwear?

Love me some underwear! I always get a semi when browsing that aisle in a department store.

I’m a big fan of briefs on other guys – they’re form-fitting and perfectly frame everything down there. Anything from the bright colours of Aussiebum or Marco Marco, to simple classic styles.

I’m in briefs every day. I wear them to the gym, to work, to wherever.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

Focus on creating new content for my followers on Instagram and JustForFans. Engaging with the followers more, and see where it goes.

I just recently got over 1,000 followers on Instagram, and so I’m just excited for what the new year could bring.

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