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Pig Week is an annual event that happens in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a total sex-fest. Jared Erikson reports on his experience.

Was this your first time at Pig Week?

This was my first Pig Week. As a guy who’s building a career in the sex industry, and loves a lot of sex with guys in open settings, this was the perfect event.

It’s 10 days long, with some classes – like basics of fisting or bondage rope tying – contests at the Ramrod bar and Georgie’s Alibi, and, of course, multiple sex parties.

One lucky guy even gets chosen in a lottery for a huge gangbang, that starts with five porn stars plowing him and then anyone else that wants a turn can have a go.

Hours of good, healthy, natural sex every day is a sex pig’s dream, and at Pig Week that dream becomes a reality.

I had the opportunity to meet a lot of guys from across the US, and from other countries as well.

What sort of planning or preparation did you do before the event?

I had to buy my event pass, and make reservations in for a place to stay.

I prefer the men’s clothing-optional resorts, which fill up quickly, so you have to book early. Of the several choices I had, I stayed at the Cheston House and the Big Coconut. Both resorts were fantastic, and the staff and guests were friendly and sociable.

I looked through the Pig Week website and picked out the events and parties I wanted to go to. I’m a huge exhibitionist—which makes porn easy for me—so the open group parties were my main focus. I attended several at LeatherWerks as well as Inn Leather, among others.

I was the guest muscle-bottom at two private parties. I’ve done 3-day and 5-day events before, so my big goal was discovering how much sex my body could take over the course of 10 days. Turns out, I have a really high endurance for it and lasted for all 10 days.

What sort of guys go to Pig Week?

All kinds, all ages attend the event. Young guys, old guys, skinny guys, beefy guys, bears. At this event everyone knows why we’re all there, so we just go and play.

The focus in on the sex play rather than the body type you’re playing with. Everyone has fun and everyone goes to bed satisfied.

What were some of your highlights from your Pig Week experience?

Top of the highlights list was the porn shoot I was in for Natural Born Breeders and the Big Dick Society, which will be out in a month or two. The other guys on the shoot were all fantastic, as were the two directors. 2018 marked my first full year in the sex industry, and I was honoured by the opportunity to participate.

Other standout moments included being in a sling at one of the open parties and a guy fisting me in front of a small group of onlookers, suddenly standing up, turning around and sitting down on my thick cock with his back to me, then leaning over, and continuing to fist me while riding my cock.

Also, going for five hours of fucking, being fucked and fisted at the first Inn Leather party – to the point my hole just hung open leaking cum and lube onto my gym shorts for the next hour while I tried to eat dinner.

Being topped by every guy – about 24 of them – at one of the private parties I was at, and then being double-penetrated by a couple of them that wanted to see how much cock I could accommodate.


Indulging in a two-and-a-half-hour 1-on-1 fisting session with one of the best and most knowledgeable tops I’ve ever experienced.

How did being part of Pig Week make you feel?

Pig Week left me in a state of pure joy. When you get to be around so many other guys who enjoy sex for the male pleasure sport that it is, and indulge in sex on the high level that you do, it’s a near spiritual experience.

I left knowing that I’d not only made some great friends, but I had gotten to be a part of something special where guys can be guys, free of the culturally fabricated shame and guilt that defines and ruins so much of the sexual landscape in the US.

Will you be going back to Pig Week next year?

Absolutely! For any guy that wants to really explore himself sexually, this is the event to attend. Everyone is there to have fun for 10 full days, and that is just what happens.

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Jared Erikson at Pig Week (image supplied)
Jared Erikson at Pig Week (image supplied)
Jared Erikson at Pig Week (image supplied)

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