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“Welcome to the family…”

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Part 18
“What time is it?” Brad said lifting his head off of Blake’s chest, slowly waking up the next morning.
“Looks like 10 AM…” confirmed Blake, checking his watch.
“Oh man, we need to call Leroy and figure out the Zach situation…” groaned Brad. “But first I need a shower. Who shot all this cum on me?”
“That was all you!” laughed Blake. “Let me check out that cunt of yours, I need to inspect it.” Brad rolled over and spread his ass for Blake. “Aw, nice - look at that wrecked cunt… What’s this? Some of my man-juice is leaking out….”
“Nice…” grinned Brad, slurping up the strands of cum that Blake was feeding him.
“I talked to Leroy…” said Brad, sticking his head into the bathroom to update Blake who was still in the shower. “Zach’s on his way over to pick up his stuff, he’s moving out for now.”
“Is that really what we want?” asked Blake. “Let’s talk to the kid and tell him that he fucked up along with us. However, we need to tell him that having him around did spice up our sex life. So the answer might be to explore that a bit further… Would you be up for that?”
“Maybe…” shrugged Brad. “I’m just not sure how that’s going to work out.”
“Let’s just test the waters, talk to Zach and see how the conversation goes. That’s all I’m asking….” urged Blake.
While Blake was in the kitchen throwing together breakfast he heard the front door open.
“Hey, guys, can I come in?” asked Zach. “I’m just here to pick up my stuff?”
“Sure, kid, come on in…” replied Blake. “Brad and I were just talking.”
“Hey, Zach!” smiled Brad, emerging from the bathroom. “Sit down, we want to talk to you…”
“Okay, guys, I just want to say that I’m sorry…” began Zach. “Things got out of hand and I should have respected your boundaries and…”
“Yes we know, you fucked up big time, kid, and it almost costs us our relationship…” interrupted Blake.
“I’m just going to go get my things and I’ll be out of here…” said Zach.
“Wait, kid, we aren’t done with you yet, now sit down…” added Brad..
“We wanted to let you know that what you did was wrong…” explained Blake. “But we also wanted to let you know that we really like having you here in the house, you brought a lot of life into this place and… you spiced up Blake and my relationship.”
“Really?” replied Zach.
“Well, we both find you hot as hell, and you have a great personality and sexual energy about you. We’ve had some hot intense sex with each other since you moved in…” grinned Blake.
“Also, with all that sexual energy you have, we couldn’t resist fucking you too…” shrugged Brad.
“So, how would you feel about staying here with us and building on the relationship Brad and I have?” asked Blake.
“We’d need to take this slow and do a lot of talking…” cautioned Brad. “We don’t want anyone getting hurt in this.”
“I have always wanted two daddies…” grinned Zach.
“Oh, now we’ve graduated from uncles to daddies!” laughed Brad.
“Good boy…” winked Blake, ruffling his fingers affectionately through Zach’s hair.
Blake came in behind Zach and started to rub his arms and back, reaching down grabbing his ass. Brad came in and started to make out with Zach.
“Blake needs some attention too, boy…” suggested Brad, turning Zach around to face Blake. While Zach and Blake were kissing hungrily, Brad ripped off Zach’s gym shorts and got down on his knees and spread Zach’s ass cheeks apart and started eating Zach’s boy-cunt.
Blake unzipped his shorts, grabbed Zach’s head and guided him down on his shaft. Pushing down till his cock-head hit the back of Zach’s throat, making him gag.
“Take it!” Blake commanded, as he held Zach’s head down to teach him how to take a real man’s cock. Brad spat on his hard cock and positioned his cock-head to the opening of Zach’s cunt, then he thrust in full force.
“Ah, fuck, yes, fuck me, Uncle Brad!” Zach yelled.
“Get that boy’s cunt nice and opened up for my cock…” Blake barked at Brad. Brad pulled out and Blake slid in, giving Zach only seconds to recoup from the pounding that he was getting from Brad.
“Awww fuck yes!” yelled Zach. Brad decided to get on top of Zach and lower his ass down in Zach’s face. Zach immediately started eating Brad’s juicy cunt.
Brad reached up and started to play with Blake’s nipples while he fucked Zach. At this point, Blake grabbed a hold of Zach’s cock and started stroking it.
“Oh shit, I’m close, Uncle Blake!” yelled Zach. Brad was so turned on he grabbed his cock and was ready to blow also. Zach was the first to shoot, tensing up he shot some nice thick ropes all over his chest hitting Brad’s hand. Brad couldn’t hold back he let loose a huge load, his load hitting Blake in the Belly.
“Clean it up good, boy….” instructed Brad, pushing his cock into Zach’s mouth. Blake couldn’t hold back anymore. He picked up his intensity and grabbed Zach’s legs tight.
“I’m going to breed you, boy! Ah yeah fuck!” grunted Blake as he drained his huge nut sack, filling up Zach’s ass. Blake left his cock in Zach, as he scooped up the cum on Zach’s chest he smeared it all over the boy’s mouth. Blake pulled out and went down and started kissing Zach, Brad followed. The taste of Brad and Zach’s load mixed with sweat tasted so amazing.
“Welcome to the family, kid…” grinned Blake. “Welcome to the family.”

Can I call you Uncle?

Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the 18th and final instalment - read earlier episodes here.

Read more from Gareth Johnson

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Meet Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp

A masterclass in pup-play.



Image supplied

By Sandy Pianim – Brand Director of Recon

You may recognise this Daddy-Pup duo from out and about on the fetish scene, their kink friendly, sex education YouTube channel – Watts The Safeword or their other online “sexploits”. It’s fair to say these guys are fetish connoisseurs. We caught up with them in the Mr S Leather studio in San Francisco to discuss their relationship and all things BDSM.

The conversation starts at the beginning. “The pup came along at a time in my life when I was in transition of a relationship, and he taught me all about puppies. He’s been the best companion I’ve had ever since…” shares mrKristofer, when talking about how they met almost five years ago.

PupAmp goes on to explain that they met at IML and knew of mrKristofer’s online bondage work beforehand. mrKristofer remembers the moment, “I was tying up boys for demos and he was skulking around hoping to get tied up. He had such a sexy ass I was like… Do you want to get tied up?!”

In the beginning their Daddy-Pup relationship was very open and all about casual play. They didn’t refer to themselves as dating or boyfriends, it was just about affection and taking care of one another. “There was definitely some love involved there.” PupAmp says, describing how they started. mrKristofer emphasises that there was a lot of love, but he was a little standoffish. “I told him that I wasn’t ready for another relationship and he said, ‘That’s ok, I’m just a puppy. I’m here to make you happy.’ I thought, now that I can do!”

Over time they evolved into what they are today. They’ve had poly family relationships where other guys have come in and out. They’ve even had relationships independent of each other but, mrKristofer describes PupAmp as his rock, stating “Nobody argues with the puppy, puppy is always right.”

Conducting an open relationship of any kind can be tricky but PupAmp gives this piece of advice. “FOMO exists, there’s always going to be jealously here and there. It’s a matter of being really good at communicating. I think kinksters statistically are better at doing [this], and just being able say how something makes you feel and being able to work past that. We’re not built for monogamy.”

With that in mind, we were intrigued to find how and what they used Recon for. Both are very particular when viewing member profiles, using what they find there to make informed decisions about whether to engage. “I tend to look at a person’s pictures first and foremost” says PupAmp, “Their descriptions, [then] if they have friends or people you can reference.” For him, all of this information comes together to get a sense of how credible a player they are. mrKristofer agrees with this tactic but adds “…It is where I get most of the people I play with.”

A word of warning before you hit the cruise button on mrKristofer’s profile, though: have variety in your photos, and if they feature any bondage, make sure it’s not sloppy. Asked for a bad example he states “[A] single granny knot to a chair at the wrong pressure points. You can determine someone’s skill level.” Then explaining why good bondage matters, “BDSM is such a special experience. It’s a power control thing. That’s what I find sexy, tying someone down or being tied down. You are giving the other person complete control to do anything.”

PupAmp recalls how he learned bondage through watching kinky porn. His younger self always wished there was some sort of fetish figure that he could look up to for advice and guidance. Being a child of the internet, he wanted to see gay, kinky, sex positive content creators. The lack of this type of content inspired him and friend, Bolt to create their own YouTube channel, Watts the Safeword – which has found huge success.

When Bolt moved to Seattle, mrKristofer stepping up to co-host Watts the Safeword and to share his unique take on fetish. They have guests and viewers reach out to them, picking topics for them to discuss in their videos. They’ve effectively created the supportive online community that a young PupAmp always craved. Their ability to make educational fetish content for all – regardless of gender and sexuality – empowers viewers and provides them with the tools to go forth and explore their own kinks. The couple are doing their bit to make the scene as visible as possible, which can only further the fetish community as a whole.

When asked what we can all do to strengthen the community, mrKristofer smiles “Having a puppy has taught me to be more accepting of other people’s kinks. I come from an older background where it’s ‘This is the way you do leather and anything outside of how we learned to do leather is wrong.’ We need to be more accepting that everyone has different kinks and fetishes. It’s grown exponentially over the last few years and we have to accept all of it.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Originally published in Recon Issue_01. Available in print and digitally via

Words by @That_Sandy

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