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Andrew Harper (image supplied) Andrew Harper (image supplied)


“We all have a bit of exhibitionist in us…”

Andrew Harper (image supplied)



I caught up with Twitter buddy Andrew Harper to talk about getting naked.

How long have you lived on the Isle of Wight?

I’ve lived on the island all my life apart from a couple of years when I moved to Brighton.

When did you discover and start to explore your passion for being nude?

Being nude has always been normal to me. My parents used to take me to the nudist beach with them, and we’ve always been a very open family and not shy around each other.

What is it about being nude that you enjoy?

Being nude just feels normal, being free of any restrictive clothes. We’re all born naked.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

I wouldn’t say that I’m an exhibitionist, but have no problem with being seen nude. We all have a bit of an exhibitionist in us.

Is the Isle of Wight a good place to be a nudist?

The island is a great place to be able to get naked. We have two nudist beaches here, and a sun club, plus there are a host of other places to be at one with nature. One of the nudist beaches is a bit of a hike to get to, but so worth it.

Do you connect with other guys who are nudists?

I have a few friends that are nudists. Plus it’s always good to meet new guys at the beach.

Do you go on naturist vacations?

I haven’t yet been on a nudist vacation, but it’s on my to-do list for sure. I usually find somewhere to be naked when abroad.

What’s your ultimate nude fantasy?

England’s rugby team, naked with me.

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Can we talk underwear?

Junior has over 800 in his underwear drawer. Is that a record?



Junior (image supplied)
Junior (image supplied)

I caught up with Twitter-buddy Junior from Belgium to talk about his addiction to underwear.

When did you first become interested in men’s underwear?

I think it was because my mum made me wear those old-looking classic white briefs, while the other kids in school were wearing more colourful briefs and boxers — I wanted to wear that too.

One day, I was about 10, my mother and I went shopping for new clothes. I saw these cool white briefs that had a wide rainbow coloured waistband. I got a few of them and I loved them, and didn’t want to wear anything else anymore. I think that’s when my interest in underwear started.

When did you first realise that you had a sexual connection with men’s underwear?

A few years after I got those rainbow waistband briefs, when I was about 15, I could buy my own clothes. The underwear section in the store was my favourite place to be. I got hard seeing all those lovely, beautiful and cool undies. I bought a lot.

The boys in school became jealous because they wore baggy boxers or boxer briefs while I wore trunks and hipsters. I loved wearing other boys’ undies when they left them in the changing rooms.

How have you explored that sexual connection or fetish over the years?

Underwear is a big part of my life. When I see a guy bend over, I always try to see what he’s wearing.

One thing is for sure — I like clean, neat, new underwear. I don’t mind cum stains, but my fetish stops when they’re too smelly or dirty, or a really old pair.

Why is Twitter a good way to share your interest in underwear?

On Twitter you can share photos that are seen as ‘inappropriate’ for other platforms. My Instagram account was deleted for posting a photo of an underwear bulge.

It’s also a good way to interaction with other users.

How do you connect with other guys with a sexual interest in men’s underwear?

Twitter,, and Grindr are all good places to connect with other guys who are into underwear.

I like to go to underwear parties, or date men who have the same interest.

Is there a level of exhibitionism with your underwear fetish?

I guess so. When I’m on the beach, I don’t mind wearing my undies to lay down my towel — I walk around a bit before putting on my swim-briefs. Same at the gym, I’m the one walking, chatting, and talking the longest in my underwear in the locker room. I don’t mind wearing thongs or jockstraps in the locker room, which is unusual in Belgium. I also like to show off my underwear waistband above my jeans.

Do your friends or family know about your passion for underwear?

I think most of my friends and family know. I’m the one always shopping for special underwear. When they want to give me something for my birthday or Christmas, they mostly give me gift cards to buy underwear.


How many pairs of underwear do you own?

I think I have about 800 pairs. But around 600 I keep in my drawers — the others are in my archive boxes. I have about 200 trunks and boxer briefs, 200 briefs, 100 jockstraps, 50 thongs, and 50 novelty ones.

Which are your favourite brands of underwear?

I have a lot of favourite brands. In the past it used to be HOM, Aussiebum, ES Collection, Calvin Klein and XTG. Now I like Garcon Model, Andrew Christian, Pistol Pete, Marco Marco, Addicted, and Alexander Cobb.

Which styles of underwear do you prefer?

I love to wear all styles — even baggy boxers. But if I have to order them it would be tanga briefs, briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps, then thongs.

What are some of the next steps in exploring your fetish?

Meeting new men who have the same passion for underwear as I do. I can talk and chat with guys on Twitter and other websites, but I’d like to get in touch with more guys in Belgium who have the same interest as me. Perhaps one day I’ll host my own underwear parties.

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