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Underwear gets interesting

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Obviously, a guy’s underwear has a functional element to it — it holds everything in place.

But underwear is more than just something that you wear under your clothes.

Here’s some examples of what your underwear can do for you.

Communicate a message
Do you like bananas? I like bananas. That’s what this pair of briefs from Andrew Christian says to me.

Feed a fetish
You might be surprised by how many guys love to explore an underwear fetish. An underwear fetish can take many different forms, but Fort Troff is one brand that totally understands the connection between underwear and sex.

Advertise your assets
If you’re flashing the waistband of your underwear, and it says Massive — like these briefs from Andrew Christian — then you better be confident that you can deliver on that promise.

Inspire art
We love this drawing by Nicolas Brunet of model Matt Waters wearing San Marco briefs by Garçon Model.

Nicolas Brunet draws Matt Waters wearing San Marco briefs by Garçon Model

Make a statement
Wear your Pride on your underwear with these rainbow briefs from Andrew Christian.

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Casual comfort to extreme enhancement



Dude Undies (image supplied)
Dude Undies (image supplied)

Not everyone gets to see what underwear you’ve got on, but it can play a crucial role in how you feel and how you project yourself to the rest of the world — your confidence, your attitude, and your state-of-mind.

I caught up Leo Corado of Dude Undies to compare underwear and get to grips with the latest trends in what guys are wearing.

Colourful Choices
‘Colour is a big trend in underwear at the moment…’ explains Corado. ‘Colour isn’t just about being eye-catching, but it can be a subtle way to make the most of what you’ve got — for example, the addition of neon-coloured seams can enhance the contour and shape of the crotch.’

‘Wearing colourful underwear can also help you to project your personality — bright and bold colour choices indicate that you’re fun and outgoing. Fun graphic prints are another way to convey your personality.’

Brands to look for if you’re opting for color in your underwear include JOR, Pikante, Clever, and Candyman.

Bulge Enhancement
‘Some guys feel a bit hesitant about bulge enhancing options in underwear…’ explains Corado. ‘While it’s admirable to be happy with what you’ve got, there’s nothing wrong with presenting your best-self, bringing your A-game to stand out from the crowd and attract a bit of attention.’

‘The old-school strategy was to stick a sock down your pants, but thankfully things have got a lot more sophisticated in recent years. There’s now a lot of options out there — everything from c-rings, slings, pouch pads, or clever construction and design that adds extra bulk to your crotch.’

‘Bulge enhancing underwear isn’t just for guys who feel a bit on the small size, everyone is different and it can just help you feel a bit more comfortable and help to hold everything in the right position. Some of the best brands for bulge enhancement include Pikante, or ErgoWear.

Sexy and Sporty
‘In contrast to some of the softer, lacier underwear trends, the uber-macho sports underwear still remain very popular…’ explains Corado. ‘Sportswear is a really classic style, and that locker-room aesthetic taps into all of our football-jock fantasies.’

‘Sportswear isn’t just for guys who go to the gym — really any shape or body-type can be enhanced with the right sporty underwear. I really like the range from Xtremen — they’re really practical to wear in the gym or when you’re doing something active, but they also look really good and have a very modern and contemporary design.’

‘Jock-straps will always be a favourite, the Ergowear Gym Jockstrap takes a very classic design and delivers everything you could ask for.’

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