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We’ve always been a fan of the sport of rowing, but the Warwick Rowers consistently take it to the next level with stunningly beautiful calendar shots.

They always bring their A-game to Insta — here’s some of our recent favourites.

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Isaiah Shade is gay for slay

Class Comics takes us on an erotic demon hunt.



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Continuing to set the standard for erotic gay comics, Class Comics has released Isaiah Shade is Gay for Slay.

Written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion, this is Issue #1 in the chronicles of Isaiah Shade – a favourite character finally getting his own full-length adventure.

The year is 1982. Through the sacrifice of his wife Abby, sexy straight hunk Isaiah Shade finds himself newly imbued with tremendous mystical power which he now uses in his quest to save his spouse from Hell. But Isaiah’s mission proves infinitely more complicated as his biggest weapons are his perfectly chiselled body and his juicy uncut cock. Luckily, he has absolutely no problem using the weapons he has at his disposal.

Our hero makes his way to Cape Elizabeth, in Maine, where he meets a real estate agent named Mr Flores. It seems that Flores has a property that’s in desperate need of cleansing — the sort of cleansing only Isaiah can provide.

Isaiah is pure catnip to demonic entities, and he has no problem using his physical assets to lure them into the ultimate trap. Every defeated demon provides new information, and Isaiah hopes beyond hope that he’ll find a way to save his beloved.

But this time, Isaiah will face one of the most twisted souls history has ever produced making our young hero question his ability to succeed, or even survive.

Further complicating matters, Isaiah’s beginning to realise that he’s enjoying all the gay sex, and things get even more intense with the arrival of young Deimos.

Are the Taro Demon’s incubus powers influencing Isaiah, or are they simply awakening Isaiah’s own unexplored cravings?

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