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If you want to sex up your underwear options, then check out the new range just released by Jack Ldn.

I caught up with David from Jack Ldn for a behind-the-scenes look at what the team have been working on.

What was your inspiration to launch Jack Ldn?

I’ve been in the fashion industry for about six years — I used to run a small custom design business in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve always loved underwear, fetish, latex — anything with a dark aesthetic. Moving back over to the UK was a perfect location to launch this type of brand, especially being so close to Europe and the connections available. Plus, the variety of scenes and what people are into is really endless.

Jack Ldn. Photo: Darren Black (image supplied)

Why is underwear such a big deal for gay men?

Although we cater to gay men, I’d like to think straight guys would also wear our products. We do have a handful of straight followers and customers. I think gay dudes like to show off their assets and asses a little more.

Would you consider yourself to have an underwear fetish?

I have many fetishes, underwear being one if them. I also have a fetish for not wearing underwear.

Jack Ldn. Photo: Darren Black (image supplied)

Your underwear seems to have a specific point of view — who are the men that you’re creating for?

Jack doesn’t necessarily have a specific ‘man’ in mind. I believe we have a visual aesthetic that men like. I design garments that I like, that I would wear, so it seems to be working so far.

I love that our customers are from all walks of life. Underwear is easily hidden under your clothes, so you really have no idea what someone may be hiding. I love the thought of having your regular businessman, but under his suit has on a kinky lace or jock strap.

Latex underwear could get a bit sweaty on the tube? When is the right time to wear latex underwear?

Whenever you want — a little sweat never hurt anyone! Latex is obviously seen all over the fetish industry and seems to be a staple in peoples’ closets.

Jack Ldn. Photo: Darren Black (image supplied)
Jack Ldn. Photo: Darren Black (image supplied)

With this range of products that you’ve just launched, are the new products taking the label in a different direction or expanding your existing range?

We’re still very much a new brand, only a year old. The last year has been a big learning experience, who our customer is, what they like, how they shop. September will be a mini re-brand for us.

The new imagery that we’ve shot sets a clear tone for the brand — new website, new products, new models, and a launch party coming up soon.

The products are slowly expanding the range, there’s more latex, but soon we’ll also have a larger range of fabric underwear. Latex has been brought over to the ‘fashion’ side recently and used more as a fabric, this is what we try to create at Jack — a brand that crosses over from fashion to fetish.

I guess it all depends on the wearer. Some of our garments could be dressed down and worn casually. It depends how daring you are.

Dive into the world of Jack Ldn

  • Photographer: Darren Black
  • Model : Alvaro Augustus
  • Make-up and hair: Ayesha Bowen
Jack Ldn. Photo: Darren Black (image supplied)

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Welcome to planet Akeron

Sandy Pianim from Recon sits down with body modfication specialists Alex and Yan to talk tattoos and fetish.



Recon members: Akeron. Photo by Joaquin Bielsa for Recon

By Sandy Pianim – Brand Director of Recon

Tattoos & Piercings are a fetish interest we rarely get to shine a light on at Recon. So, when we met this French couple during Fetish Week London 2017 we knew that we’d eventually sit down with them to discuss what it is about body modification that makes them tick. Welcome to planet Akeron!

Alex and Yan are so distinctly different from everything around them in Nice – the sunny city on the French Riviera where they are based and run their tattoo and piercing business, Akeron Body Mod – that their impact is all the more powerful. As rare fetish visitors, we’re greeted with warmth and excitement, though this greeting would extend to all. “We wanted to create a safe space for anyone… for fetish people or not. To offer them the opportunity to do body mods, tattoos, [and] piercings in a non-judgemental place – which is very important and to help people with their journey.” Alex tells us.

It’s evident that the pair have been on quite a journey of self-discovery together and regard themselves as aliens, which is fitting given their appearance.

Recon members: Akeron. Photo by Joaquin Bielsa for Recon

“When I met Yan he only had one tattoo and two piercings” Alex says “So I helped him modify his appearance. I’ve been into body piercing and modification since I was 14 and I got my first heavy body mod when I was 18”

Yan recounts his first piercings “I did my first piercings myself, my labret and naval, I was like 16. [Though] I also had my ears pierced when I was 12.”

We asked them what they like about modifying themselves and Yan explains, “For us it’s not a real fetish, It’s a way of life. We don’t think about it, we live for tattoos and piercings. It’s a passion for us. It’s a way of freedom”

The themes of freedom and self-expression are evident in their desire to have more done. “As you get older you discover yourself and try a lot of things. It wasn’t fashion.” Trying to find the words to describe how they enjoy pushing their limits in English, Yan jokes “We like to stretch holes! Sometimes on Sunday we don’t have anything to do then it’s like ‘Oh why don’t we do some scarification today? OK!’ Or a new piercing or a new tattoo.”

They must have a lot of free Sundays, as they’re covered head to toe with a variety of modifications. This approach also gets us wondering if they had any limits. Alex says, “Everything I said no to when I was younger, I ended up doing anyway, so never say never. We don’t like limits.”

How this lack of limits translates into their sex life seems a salient point, so we ask what their other fetish interests are. Alex discovered his love for rubber and bondage from some guys he met on Recon in Nice about five years ago. He also mentions that he loves deep throating. “I would say it’s my main talent in life!” Yan interjects jokingly, referring to the movie Alien, “And I’m a face hugger!”

If you’re wondering how they manage to have sex with all their piercings, Yan fills us in, “It’s horrible to fuck with all our piercings. You cannot suck. There is always something that goes wrong…” Alex interrupts with his disagreement of this, but Yan continues “He’s lost a lot of piercings. Always losing piercings!” Alex concedes this point. “I used to have some high Monroe piercings with tiny balls when I did them. Maybe one or two days after I got them, Yan was fucking my mouth, the balls came in and it went so bad! He can’t help himself. He likes to make me suffer. He’s a bit of a sadist.”

Not only have they evolved together with regards to their body modification, but Alex continues with telling us how Yan helped him evolve sexually. “When I met Yan, I was mostly top and then he forced me into being a greedy bottom. I discovered anal pleasure with him. I’m very thankful for it because now I enjoy it from both top and bottom. I would never have imagined being here four years ago. It’s constant evolution.”

Alex has a list set out in his mind about what he wants his next evolutions to be. “I want my labret cut again, I would love my conch removed, I would like my eyes touched up, my tongue split a bit more, my nipples removed, my naval removed, and my dick implants with some silicone work. Not silicone injections, silicone implants… bits and ribs. I would like a lot of silicone work on my arms as well and facial scarification, more facial tattoos done… a lot of stuff.”

One might think that even after all they’ve done that the pain associated with these procedures is second nature. They both exclaim, “Of course we feel the pain!” Alex continues, “I don’t enjoy pain at all, I’m just willing to get through it for the results.”

The couple have to deal with people’s perception of them and whilst we hang out we notice people’s reaction to them more and more. Yan reasons, “The fact is that we haven’t invented anything, it’s just modification that has been around for thousands of years.” When they feel like people think they’re odd or scary Alex’s response is, “…I say thank you. It’s definitely not my point to be scary, but if that’s the perception from others then ok, I don’t care.”

One of the most noticeable reasons why people stop and stare could be due to their most dramatic modification: their eyes. “In a lot of sci-fi movies what makes the difference between humans and every animal or extra-terrestrial thing is the eye colour. It definitely changes you. It takes the humanity away, and that’s what I really like about it” says Alex. Yann adds, “The day after, it felt like we were reborn.”

Alex’s shares his view with us. “We don’t live for other people. I can understand their reaction, as they’re not used to seeing people like us, but we’re here to open minds.” Yann adds, “And that we are free, it’s a free country, it’s important for us. Some humans are not free today. People cannot be themselves. We are lucky to be here and to be free, together as gays. We can do what we want so we have to enjoy it.”

We love Akeron’s spirit and energy and encourage people to go to Nice to visit them and their shop or reach out to them on Recon or social media with any tattoo, piercing or body modification questions and queries.

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Recon members: Akeron. Photo by Joaquin Bielsa for Recon

Originally published in Recon Issue_01. Available in print and digitally via


Words by @That_Sandy

Photos by Joaquin Bielsa for Recon

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Recon members: Akeron. Photo by Joaquin Bielsa for Recon
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