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The post-surf shower just got interesting

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Part 5
When Shane’s mother found out that his job involved little more than providing sexual services for his boss, she flipped out. Shane had been having Skype sex with McKinley. It was a weekend, his mother had been out, he didn’t hear her come home. Shane was in his bedroom, Skyping with McKinley, McKinley was telling him exactly what to do. When Shane’s mother had walked in he’d been caught in the undignified position of fucking himself with an enormous dildo while twisting the nipple clamps he was been wearing. The thing that his mother seemed most shocked by was the chastity cage that he was wearing over his cock.

It had all taken some explaining. Shane’s mother was fairly understanding and broad-minded, and it all probably would have been okay except when she realised that McKinley was Shane’s boss, that McKinley was controlling him sexually, that the only reason that McKinley had hired him was so that Shane could service his sexual needs whenever he wished.

Shane’s mother decided that it was time that Shane took a break from life in London. She insisted that he move down to Newquay in Cornwall, where he could live with his father. Shane protested, but the decision was made.

Life with his father in Newquay was a lot quieter for Shane than what he’d been used to. Having left school early, there weren’t many jobs that he could apply for, so he ended up working in the Co-op supermarket. It wasn’t the most exciting job in the world, but it gave him some pocket money and it left him enough free time to go surfing every morning.

Shane had his routine pretty much sorted — he’d wake up early each morning and head down to the beach with his board. A couple of hours of quality surfing, and then he could shower in the beach-side changing rooms and then head straight to the supermarket for his shift.

It was early on a Monday morning, and Shane was out on his board as per usual. The surf was pretty flat, so Shane seemed to be spending most of his time sitting on his board, bobbing up and down on the rolling sea, waiting for a decent break. While he was waiting for some waves, Shane noticed a guy jogging along the beach — it wasn’t anyone that he recognised. The jogger looked to be in his mid-thirties, dark hair, he was just wearing a pair of short running shorts, his top was off. He looked to be in good shape. Shane watched him as he jogged off into the distance.

Eventually, Shane gave up on the surf and headed into the beach. In the changing rooms, he stripped off his wet-suit and stepped into the open showers. Just as he began to wash the sand from his body, in walked the jogger. The jogger had his rucksack with him and pulled out a bottle of body wash. He pulled off his trainers, stripped off his running shorts, and stepped into the shower next to Shane. The jogger acknowledged Shane with a nod, Shane nodded back.

Shane was impressed by the jogger’s lean and defined physique, but even more impressed by the size of the thick cock that hung between the jogger’s legs. Squeezing out some body wash, the jogger began to soap himself up. Shane peeled down his speedos and hung them on the shower tap, he tried to discreetly bring his cock to life, worried that he looked a bit small in comparison to the jogger.

“Um… could I borrow some of your body wash?” asked Shane, looking for a way to make conversation with the jogger.

“Sure…” smiled the jogger, using his foot to push the bottle of body wash across the floor towards Shane.

“I haven’t seen you around here before…” observed Shane. “Do you normally jog on this beach?”

“No, I just arrived into town…” replied the jogger.

“I’d be happy to show you around…” offered Shane. “You know, make sure that you feel welcome…”

“That sounds like a pretty good offer…” smiled the jogger. “Is it always this quiet around here?”

“Yeah… it’s pretty dead mid-week…” confirmed Shane.

“So, it’s pretty unlikely that anyone else is going to come in here, while we’re… showering?” asked the jogger.

“There was no one else on the beach…” confirmed Shane. “I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be just you and me.”

“Good…” grinned the jogger. “Because I want to fuck you so bad.”

Their bodies crunched together, their mouths connecting, their tongues wrestling, as their hands explored each other. The jogger turned Shane around so that he was facing the shower wall. They continued to kiss — Shane turning his head over his left shoulder so that their mouths could meet, the jogger’s body pressed against Shane’s back. The jogger chewed on Shane’s ear, kissing and chewing down his neck. Shane felt the jogger’s mouth beginning to move across his shoulder and down his back, the jogger was kissing every inch of Shane’s skin as he lowered himself down onto his knees. The jogger kissed each of Shane’s ass cheeks before placing a hand on each ass cheek, spreading them apart so that he could could press his face into Shane’s ass crack.

The jogger kept Shane’s ass cheeks spread so that he could give his mouth and tongue full access to Shane’s fuck-hole.


“Oh yeah…” moaned Shane, feeling the jogger’s tongue making contact with his boy-hole. “Fuck yeah…” moaned Shane, as he felt the jogger slurping and chewing on his cunt, the probing tongue beginning to push inside him. The jogger continued to chew hungrily at Shane’s fuck-hole, pushing as much saliva as possible up inside, getting his cunt loose, getting it ready.

Eventually the jogger seemed satisfied with his pre-work and he stood behind Shane and smeared a squirt of body soap over his rock hard cock. He then stuck a couple of soapy fingers up into Shane’s ass, keeping his boy-hole loose and open. The jogger placed the head of his cock against Shane’s cunt. Shane reached behind him and felt the size of that cock, the size of the thick cock-shaft. He looked behind him into the eyes of the jogger and nodded.

“Fuck me…” urged Shane.

Shane faced the wall and closed his eyes. The head of the jogger’s cock pushed inside Shane’s soap-slick fuck-hole.

“Oh… fuck yeah…” moaned Shane. The jogger pushed in a bit further, and then withdrew his cock slightly, and then pushed forward again. He pulled his cock back, and then pushed forward. Each time he pushed forward his hard cock went a little bit further, a little bit deeper inside Shane’s cunt.

“There…” grunted the jogger. “I’m all the way in — feel my balls against you, kid?”

“Fuck yeah…” nodded Shane. “Give it to me… fuck that cock into me…”

The jogger began to move his hips backwards and forwards slightly, using the movement to create a small momentum. Pulling his cock back slightly and then pushing it all the way back in, pulling back and then pushing all of the way back in. With each stroke of the jogger’s cock he was pulling back further and then pushing back deeper, harder — again, and again, and again. As the jogger’s rhythm built he was soon pulling his hard cock back almost all of the way out of Shane’s cunt and then slamming it back in so hard that his large swinging balls slapped against Shane’s ass — pulling right back and then slamming it all the way in. The jogger had his hands on Shane’s shoulders and was using his entire body to slam his cock as hard as possible into that tight young boy-hole.

Shane was lost in the intensity of their fucking — he arched his back, pushing back against the jogger’s driving cock, every fibre of his body quivering with pleasure.

“You like this cock in your ass, kid? You like being fucked?” growled the jogger.

“Uh huh…” nodded Shane.

“Lie down on your back…” instructed the jogger. Shane almost gasped with shock as he felt the jogger withdraw his cock from his stretched fuck-hole. The jogger guided Shane down to lie on his back on the hard tiles of the shower floor. The jogger pushed Shane’s knees back towards his chest — exposing his boy-hole to the renewed assault that the jogger was about to deliver.

Shane looked up into the jogger’s eyes — he could see the raw lust, he could see the naked desire.

“Fuck… you are one hot piece of work, kid…” growled the jogger. The jogger quickly placed his hard cock against Shane’s fuck-hole and drove it all the way in.

“Ungh…” moaned Shane, his body once again full of cock, impaled on the jogger’s enormous shaft. The jogger was more forceful this time, holding Shane by the ankles he used long deep-dick strokes to fuck Shane’s cunt as hard and as deep as possible, the sweat beginning to coat his body as he repeatedly drove his hips forward, slamming his cock deep inside the boy.

The jogger had almost reached his limit, he could feel the cum boiling up inside him, he could feel his balls beginning to tighten, getting ready to unleash their load.

“I’m getting close, kid” warned the jogger. “I’m getting really fucking close!” The jogger kept fucking Shane’s ass, kept driving his cock backwards and forwards, deep inside. “Oh fuck!” grunted the jogger. “Oh fuck! Here it comes! Here it comes! Get ready for my fucking load! Fuck! Ungh! Yeah — take that fucking load!” The jogger arched his back, driving his cock as deep as possible inside Shane’s ass, holding it there while he emptied his cum inside the boy.

The jogger remained in that position, his cock buried deep inside Shane, his hands firmly on Shane’s ankles while they both regained their breath. Grinning down at Shane, the jogger began to move his hips slowly, gently sliding his cummy cock in and out of Shane’s stretched boy-cunt. The jogger eventually withdrew his softening cock from Shane’s cum-sloppy fuck-hole and moved around so that he was kneeling next to Shane’s head, his greasy cock next to Shane’s mouth.

“Clean it up, kid…” encouraged the jogger. Shane opened his lips and took the softening cock into his mouth, nursing on it, tasting the remnants of the jogger’s cum.

Removing his cock from Shane’s mouth, the jogger bent down and lifted Shane up onto his feet. They turned the showers back on and helped wash each other clean.

“I’d better get going…” said the jogger, drying himself off and getting dressed. “It won’t look good if I’m late for work on my first day.”

“Sure, no worries” replied Shane. “I’ve got to get to work too.”

“Do you surf every morning?” asked the jogger.

“Yup, I’ll be here tomorrow…” confirmed Shane. “Do you jog every morning?” The jogger nodded. “Good” grinned Shane. “I’ll see you here tomorrow.”

The jogger jumped in his car and drove off. Shane tried to move as quickly as possible, but it took some time to pack up his wetsuit and tie his surfboard onto the roof-rack of his car. He sped along quickly to make it to the supermarket just in time before his shift started.

“Morning, Mrs Cotton!” Shane said brightly to his supervisor, as he rushed into the store.

“Just in time, Shane, just in time!” she admonished with a smile on her face, as she finished touching up her lipstick in the staff-room mirror.

“The surf was just too good this morning!” beamed Shane, still on a high from his encounter with the jogger.

“Hurry up, Shane, the boss has called a staff meeting for everyone before the store opens this morning…” urged Mrs Cotton.

“A staff meeting?” asked Shane. “What’s it about? We’ve never had a staff meeting for the whole store before?”

“I don’t know, Shane, stop asking silly questions…” admonished Mrs Cotton. “Hurry up and put your bag away — we’ve got to get out there now.”

Shane pushed his rucksack into his locker and Mrs Cotton bundled him and the rest of her check-out clerks out onto the shop floor where everyone was assembling for the meeting.

A lot of people worked at the Co-op supermarket in Newquay, and it wasn’t really set up for them to hold staff meetings like this. Shane was stood near the back and couldn’t see very well. The store manager, Mr Simons, stood up on a chair so that he could address the assembled staff.

“Good morning, everyone…” began Mr Simons. “I won’t keep you long as I know that everyone has a lot of work to do before the store opens this morning, but I just wanted to call everyone together for a few quick announcements.”

Shane was already bored by this meeting, it was highly unlikely that any of these announcements would have any impact on him.

“Firstly I wanted to let you know that after twenty years of working with the Co-op, I have decided to retire…” continued Simons. There was a stunned silence from the assembled staff, Simons was an institution at the store — no one had suspected he was thinking of retirement. “There will of course be a hand-over period, but I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce to you today the man who will be taking over as the manager of this Co-op supermarket. Please make him welcome — your new boss, Geoff Stevenson.”

The assembled staff began to clap their hands warmly, acknowledging the announcement of the retirement of Simons and welcoming the new boss Stevenson. Simons stepped down off the chair and up onto the chair stepped Stevenson. Shane strained his neck to catch a glimpse of their new boss. He saw the dark hair, he saw the impressive physique — he saw the jogger who had fucked him in the shower at the beach that morning. Shane’s head was spinning.

“Are you alright, love?” asked Mrs Cotton, concerned that Shane suddenly looked a bit pale and distracted.

“Thanks, Mrs Cotton, I’m fine…” reassured Shane with a weak smile. Shane tried to hold it together while the staff meeting was wrapped up. As he walked to the check-out to start his shift, he caught the eye of the new store manager. Stevenson recognised him and gave him a wink. Things at work had just got a whole lot more interesting.

Riding the Waves
We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the fifth instalment.

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The men of Edgar Murillo



Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)

I caught up with artist Edgar Murillo to admire the men that have been inspiring his work.

When did you discover and begin to explore your passion for art and illustration?

I discovered it from birth. I was born deaf and it was difficult for me to communicate with my family, so I used papers and pencils to draw to be able to communicate something. I draw every day, and I’m very happy.

How would you describe your style of illustration?

Honestly, I don’t know what my style is – I draw different types of drawings and I keep making more drawings with new styles. The important thing is that people like it a lot.

Who are some of your heroes or artistic inspirations?

SilverJow, Kimjunggius, and Nesskain – you must follow him!

Are the men you draw hyper-masculine?

Yes – I’m a pogonophile – I love furry!

The inspiration comes from my imagination, friends, movies, and social networks. The majority of men that I draw are from Barcelona, others from America.

Do you accept commissions?

Not yet. I’m focused on making movies, and several other projects.

What do you expect people to feel when they look at your work?

Hypnotised! Some people have told me that they find my drawings arousing.

Dive into the world of Edgar Murillo

Follow Edgar Murillo on Tumblr

Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)
Art by Edward Murillo (image supplied)

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