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The most popular sex toys for gay guys?

“Every man should experience prostate stimulation…”



I caught up with Steve Callow, CEO of Perfect Fit Brand — they make sex toys.

What was the first sex toy you ever used?

The first toy I ever used, I made myself! I was always a very mechanically-oriented guy. I won science fair awards, and would build things all day long. After puberty, I started playing around making masturbation devices out of bicycle inner tubes and electric motors. I even made a dildo one day out dipping a dowel into melted wax — that’s how they taught me how to make candles in school!. For years that dildo was in my closet!

I was 20 when I bought my first sex toy — it was at the Pink Pussy Cat in NYC, from a lady behind the counter. I was so embarrassed to be in the store. Everything was behind the counter. My eyes were wide open with fascination. Not knowing what to buy, I bought the smallest thing I saw. It was a tiny tiny butt plug — about the size of my finger. The lady kept asking me if I was sure, she said it would be too small. I bought it anyway.

What made you decide to go into the sex toy business?

I didn’t come from this industry. As a kid, I grew up in Halifax, Canada, where I worked in yachting chandleries and auto-part stores. That’s how I paid my way through university. However, in university I started a computer business, which I developed into a network specialty company. I was lucky to be pursued by the partnership that became Accenture — the world’s largest consulting firm. By the time I was 25, I was already a senior manager at Accenture in Toronto.

I ended up in New York City, and then 911 happened. It was a difficult time, and I decided to seek a less stressful life and moved to Florida, with savings and lots of experience. That didn’t last too long as I couldn’t get a green card without the job I had, so I moved back to Toronto. Back in Toronto I had a kind of epiphany one day — I realised I had all the skills to make and market my own inventions and I had some ideas — including the StreemMaster invention, my first product. I jumped in and went for it.

Which is the most popular sex toy for gay guys?

Our Hump Gear line is by far one of the most successful gay sex toys of all time. It’s the world’s first butt plug that can be used for penetration — a fuckable butt plug.

What sort of feedback do you get from your customers?

My favourite was a customer who wrote in to tell me that, after using the Fat Boy Thin, his wife had orgasmed during intercourse for the first time in 20 years.

A lot of the new sizing we’re offering — on everything from cock rings to the trans sex toys we’ve developed — is directly due to feedback from customers. We’re very serious about feedback.

For the Xact-Fit cock rings we did extensive, corporate-style, focus group testing.

What are some of the latest developments in sex toys that gay guys should be looking out for?

We developed a new cock ring sizing system that’s on its way to becoming the standard. We determined that we had to make rings that are only 0.1” apart in sizing to get rings that would fit perfectly. The new rings are call Xact-Fit, and come in fourteen sizes, whereas other manufacturers make only three to five sizes in the same range. We made them not too stretchy, so the rings are effective, but easier to get on and off than a metal ring. Our Play Zone kit contains the nine most-used Xact-Fit sizes for shaft rings, ball rings, and cock-and-ball rings stacked on a mini orange traffic cone. It’s been a huge hit.

Another development to watch for is the evolution of anal toys. Just as we developed the first Tunnel Plugs, which are hollow, the next frontier is vibration and new motor technology. We’re always inventing new products, such as the Buck-Off, The Bumper, and the Play Zone, and we have more innovative products in the works.

If I hadn’t used a sex toy before, but I was interested in trying something out, what would you suggest that I start with?

That’s a very personal thing. Every man should experience prostate stimulation. Also, using a stroker device is a lot of fun.

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Meet the vegan body-builder

Alexander Kosztowny is building mass without harm.



Alexander Kosztowny (image supplied)
Alexander Kosztowny (image supplied)

I caught up with aspiring bodybuilder Alexander Kosztowny to talk fitness, food, and life as a vegan body-builder.

Were you into sports at school?

No. Growing up, I was a heavy-set kid, and not very active at all. In school, I was very academic, and focused mainly on my studies rather than athletics. I didn’t dread gym class, and always worked hard and enjoyed certain sports like tennis and volleyball, but the lack of variety of activities in gym class limited my view on the variety of types of activities out there. If I’d tried a weight lifting class, or yoga, or karate, my attitude may have changed earlier in life. My sister was always active, but I come from a family who are not very big on physical activity or sports. Of course, like most, I wish I’d started earlier, but better late than never.

Can you remember what your first experience of a gym was?

I lost a lot of weight in high school with the onset of puberty, and with the gaining knowledge of nutrition, portion control, and cardiovascular activity. When I went to college, I found myself putting a lot of the weight back on, and knew I had to prevent that. I joined a gym, and hired a personal trainer for the first time to help me get back on track.

I absolutely fell in love with pumping iron. I was able to coordinate working out into being a part of my schedule, as opposed to limiting it only to ‘when I have time’ and having a trainer not only motivated me and taught me technique, but also kept me accountable for my actions. He helped me with adding strength while paying attention to form, and meal planning, The excess weight fell off, and I became addicted.

Now I’m in the gym every day, pushing my body and transforming both my health, my appearance, and my outlook.

When did you decide to get serious about your fitness and bodybuilding?

About four years ago. But I’ve only been super-serious for about a year, and I’ve only been extremely strict in terms of diet for about six months. I’m still a beginner.

What’s your aspiration as a bodybuilder?

To get huge. That’s it.

As someone who’s plant-based, I’d also like to show others what’s possible on a non-traditional diet. That there are other forms of nutrition and protein, and you can build muscle, look great, and have tons of energy without harm.

What’s the difference between your body as it is now and the way that you want your body to look?

I’d still call my self thick or chubby-muscular. The interesting thing about bodybuilding is that there never really is an end goal. You just lift and grow bigger and you’re never quite big or strong enough. I’m just trying to push myself as far as I possibly can. It’s exciting to see the changes you can make that way.

What’s your work-out regime like?

I’m in the gym six or seven times a week. This seems excessive to some people, and I know others who only go three or four times a week, and that works for them. For me, the gym is therapeutic and a stress reliever, as well as a hobby.

I usually spend about one hour doing weight lifting — machines and free weights — and then I wrap up with about 35 minutes of cardio. I focus on one body part per day. It’s a traditional bodybuilding split, so muscles have a chance to rest. This routine works for me — I know some people have luck doing high-intensity, full body workouts, but I like the focus of working each muscle group in isolation.

Do you have a work-out buddy?

Not currently, but I’ve always enjoyed it when I do. It really is vital for really heavy spotting, and the dependability is nice if they’re as motivated as you. If anyone is in Los Angeles and wants to train with me, hit me up!

How important is controlling your diet?


Controlling diet is extremely important. It makes or breaks your progress in the gym. if you lift but don’t eat right, you won’t get anywhere. I’ve seen this happen both for myself and others. When I finally got on the right meal plan, the results happened in no time at all — abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

I eat about five times a day, and I’m plant-based, just like Tom Brady. My diet consists of lots of legumes, lentils, tofu, peas, broccoli, peanut butter, protein shakes, and other natural, nutrient-rich foods that contain protein without resorting to animal products.

Besides the ethical and environmental sides of going vegan, I find I have more energy, need less time to recover, and am less sore, as well as having clearer skin. I count my macros — calories, carbs, proteins, and fats — and eat the same foods every day to stay on track. I’ve pretty much eliminated bread, gluten, alcohol, refined sugars, and beverages besides water from my diet, except for special occasions. I’m super-strict, but do let myself enjoy food.

Are your friends and family supportive of your bodybuilding aspirations?

For the most part. They’re always impressed at my progress and dedication, but I need a lot of willpower when I have a family who loves to cook, bake, and tempt me with treats. That’s why having a partner or workout buddy who is on a similar plan is helpful, if you’re lucky enough to find one. It keeps you on track.

Are you competing?

Nope, and no plans to either. But that may change as I grow bigger.

What are some of your priorities for the months ahead?

I’m currently in the best shape I’ve ever been in, so I want to just keep on progressing. It’s a slow process, and takes a lot of time, so you have to be patient.

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