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Deimos by Class Comics (image supplied) Deimos by Class Comics (image supplied)


The hellishly sexy tales of Deimos

Deimos by Class Comics (image supplied)



If you’re fan of erotic comics, then it’s likely that Deimos from Class Comics is going to be high on your list of fantasy encounters.

The good news is that Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser and the team have delivered more demon action with the release of Deimos: Tales of the Taro Demon.

This latest release in the adventures of Deimos contains two stories.

First up is King Deimos — written and illustrated by Patrick Fillion.

King Deimos gives us the story of an ancient clan of Gargoyles who have lost their monarch — they’ve come seeking a new king in Deimos. Naturally, the strange creatures don’t give our hero much choice in the matter. Like it or not, he’ll become their new ruler. Ripped from the comfort of his bed, Deimos is brought before Gargo, the oldest and wisest of the Gargoyles, there to face a coronation and a pounding he will never forget.

The next story is Demon Sport — written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by Leon De Leon.

In Demon Sport, Deimos heads to the mansion of the demoness Minerva and demands to fight in her underworld-famous arena. Our hero wants to win fabled weapons of mystical properties to aid in his battle against the forces of Hell, but first, he’ll have to pay for his admittance — with his body. Deimos is poked, prodded, jerked, milked, used and abused by dozens of Minerva’s guests for days until finally the Taro Demon is permitted to fight for his weapons and his very life in the savage arena.

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Who is going to be at Hard On in London?

The pigs are ready for action.



Image supplied

We’re only days away from the next Hard On event in London – Saturday 19 January is when the men will be hitting Bloc South in Vauxhall, and they’ll be hitting it hard.

One of the many things we enjoy about an event like Hard On, is getting involved in the build-up – figuring out who is going to be there, feeling the energy and excitement building.

At Saturday’s event, the music will be provided by Brent Nicholls and the entertainment that has been booked is Aymeric DeVille and Marco Napoli.

If you’ve been to Hard On, you’ll appreciate that the shows are always fairly interactive, and Aymeric has apparently requested a load challenge. So, that should get the party going.

Marco Napoli has helpfully confirmed that his load is probably going to be among the first that Aymeric takes on the night.

We’re particularly excited that Marco is going to be bringing some company to London for the event – his boyfriend Joel Someone will be there, for support.

Who else is going to be having some fun? Here’s who we’ve spotted so far:

Just repeating this because it’s important. Aymeric Deville – load-challenge.

See you there!

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