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Launched in 2018 in Greece, Walking Jack promises to bring us long lasting underwear strong enough to withstand an active man’s lifestyle.

The Core Collection, the first of the brand,

was designed in Greece and manufactured in Portugal with high quality fabrics.

The first collection of the Greek brand

The colour palette features black, white, and blue and the styles include briefs and boxer-briefs. The products are designed in Greece and then manufactured in Portugal.

Daniel Tsetkov wearing a white pair of briefs from the Core Collection by Walking Jack | Photo: Omega Fitness Photography

Interview with the founder

In an interview with Mainly Male, Thanos explained the reasons behind the new underwear brand.

“We saw a void in the market for underwear…” explained Thanos. “A void for underwear that feels comfortable and looks contemporary at the same time.”

“Our inspiration is travel, nature, and the great outdoors…” continued Thanos. “Our aim is to offer underwear that makes you smile and looks great on.”

There’s obviously a lot of competition in the men’s underwear market, so I was keen to understand the target segment for Walking Jack.

Daniel Tsetkov for Walking Jack
Daniel Tsetkov wearing a black pair of briefs from the Core Collection by Walking Jack | Photo: Omega Fitness Photography

“Our market is men that look for comfort and contemporary style in their underwear…” explained Thanos. “It’s men of all ages and all backgrounds with one thing in common – a good sense of style. Our customer cares for the environment as much as we do. He loves to travel, meet new people, and has an open mind.”

Guys have a fairly intimate connection with their underwear, so I asked Thanos what he hopes that guys feel when they’re wearing Walking Jack.

“We hope they feel the positive energy that everyone involved in the process of making our underwear puts into it…” replied Thanos. “We aim to rapidly increase our collection to include more colours, more prints, more shapes, and more sizes. We want as many men to feel that they belong in the Walking Jack brand. We hope they enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoy making it!”

Dive into the world of Walking Jack

Click “See gallery” to see the sexy promotional shoot by Omega Fitness Photography with Daniel Tsetkov for Walking Jack

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Style & Trends

Lads in lace for L’Homme Invisible

The Anapos Line of underwear and club-wear takes masculinity in an exciting direction.




L’Homme Invisible

French fashion brand L’Homme Invisible has released a new campaign for its Anapos Line. This underwear and club-wear collection is made from striking blue fabric featuring organic shapes that evoke the waves of the ocean.

L’Homme Invisible
L’Homme Invisible (image supplied)

This collection includes three underwear styles and a t-shirt. The Anapos underwear comes in String Striptease, Slip Sexy Back, and V Shorty Push-up.

All styles are lined with a lightweight, semi-transparent, super-soft fabric in beige colour.

This protective fabric lets your skin shine through the transparent lace while the contoured pouch draws attention to where you want it.

L’Homme Invisible
L’Homme Invisible (image supplied)

The T-shirt is made from the same fabric to match the underwear, and features a V-neck in black trim.

This tee can be worn as a set with the underwear, but also for a night out if you want to add some colour to your ensemble.

L’Homme Invisible
L’Homme Invisible (image supplied)

The campaign was photographed in New York. The model is Philip Fusco.

The Anapos collection of L’Homme Invisible is available online and from specialist retailers.

Click ‘See gallery’ to see all photos from the campaign.

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