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We’ve always been big fans of the work of Rocco Steele, so the announcement that sex toy specialists Perfect Fit Brand have teamed up with Rocco to create a special line of products has got us dreaming of good times to come.

Launching in January 2019, the range will include toys that will allow men to live the fantasy of sex with a larger cock, as well as products designed specifically to fit men who are naturally hung big.

“I believe there is a void in the community right now…” said Rocco. “Men like me are ageing in an era where being gay is as mainstream as it’s ever been in our history. I’m very excited about my partnership with Perfect Fit. I believe that the combined reach that we both have could make an impact and help guide men, young and old, to embrace the many diverse sexual interests.”

“We, too, are very excited about our collaboration with Rocco…” adds Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. “We admire his like-minded commitment to keeping man-to-man sex hot, smart, fun, and frisky, regardless of age.”

Rocco Steele photographed by (image supplied)
Rocco Steele photographed by (image supplied)

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