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Thinking about getting a Prince Albert?




What led you to decide to get a PA?

I’d always liked the look of a dick with a PA, I still do. Even the initial small gauge piercing ring looks great on a cock. I’d been fucked a few times by guys with PAs, and it felt really good inside me. I wanted the guys that I had sex with to experience the same with me.

Were you nervous?

All the guys I’ve spoken with about it agree that it takes a while to pluck up the courage to visit the piercer to get the deed done. For me, it was a good six months between deciding to have a PA and actually getting it done. On the particular day I got it, I hadn’t planned to do it that day, I just decided during the morning at work to pop into town and get it done. A bad move as it turned out!

Jack Pierce's Prince Albert
Jack Pierce‘s Prince Albert | Photo: supplied

The piercer applied numbing spray to my uncut head, and we waited for 10 minutes. Nervous and anticipating the upcoming pain, I lied and told him there was still feeling there. More was sprayed on.

With me watching and holding my now semi-erect penis — apparently a common occurrence according to my piercer — the needle was swiftly pushed through the head and the ring followed it and was fastened. Painless, thanks to the numbness of my cock.


Back at work less than an hour later, my decision to have the piercing done in the middle of my work day was shown not to be the best idea — the bleeding started and the numbness wore off. I headed home early.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing process took about four weeks, with the easing of a month of pissing broken glass. It may have been sooner, but as with many recipients of this particular type of piercing I was keen to try it out. Learning to piss with an additional hole down there is also something I hadn’t planned for. Thankfully, I have a foreskin to help direct the streams.

The usual morning glory proved to be painful for the first couple of weeks, but that didn’t stop me from using it for its desired purpose within the first week. In retrospect, with the size of the ring put in it wouldn’t have made a considerable difference to the recipient, despite the ring being unencumbered by a condom. I had sex with the ring in before I had tried masturbating.

What size gauge have you currently got in?

I’m currently sporting a 0 gauge or 8mm ring. This has an internal diameter of 28mm, with a 12mm ball.

After the initial sizing up to a mere 4mm after six months, I had a period where I was satisfied with the size and didn’t feel the need to increase. I’ve had the PA for 15 years now, and had a period of a few years where I had no ring in at all thanks to a partner who didn’t like it. The things we do for love!

Jack Pierce's Prince Albert
Jack Pierce‘s Prince Albert | Photo: supplied

Once that relationship was over, I decided to try to reopen the piercing myself. I bought a new ring, and it went in without the need to visit a piercer. Thankfully, the hole was still open. Since this rediscovery, I’ve sized up from 4mm to 6mm to 8mm every six months. Will I size up again? Probably.


What sort of maintenance is required?

Maintenance during the healing process is vitally important to prevent infection, but it’s not rocket science.

After sizing up, it can be a good idea to apply a little lube every now and then to ensure the new, larger ring runs through the hole smoothly while the natural stretching takes place.

Once healed, very little maintenance is required. It just becomes part of your regular genital hygiene, and should always be washed after a sexual encounter to prevent a UTI. A larger ring on a big cock can reach the parts other cocks can’t reach, so this last post-sex procedure is pretty important.

Be prepared for the ring not to be as clean when it comes out as when it went in, especially after a rough session.

What sort of reaction do you get from guys?

Even today, this type of piercing doesn’t seem to be too common — lots of guys tell me that I’m their first. The presence of the ring can put some guys off, especially with the size of ring I have in at the moment.

Guys who are experienced with a PA are adept at taking the ring orally, without the fear of damaging teeth. The wearer of the ring must be prepared to have the frequency of oral sex decreased if, like me, they’re unwilling to remove the ring.

Jack Pierce's Prince Albert
Jack Pierce‘s Prince Albert | Photo: supplied

As an experienced top who isn’t accustomed to inflicting pain on a guy — unless requested — I always prepare a guy’s ass for the experience. Being girthy down there anyway, it’s something which is a part of my sexual routine. Once inside, I’m told that the ring adds to the experience and can be used to massage the prostate. A hands-free ejaculation from the recipient is a common occurrence.


Do you always fuck with it in?

I always fuck with the ring in. I won’t remove it — guys I meet are aware of the presence and size of the ring before we fuck, so I ensure that it’s not a surprise to them when the jock comes off.

Jack Pierce‘s Prince Albert | Source: Twitter

There has been the odd occasion where my cock has had a lot of action during a weekend — especially where un-lubed holes have been involved — and I can be a little sore. To help this, I prefer to size-down the jewellery as opposed to go ring-free. It really does feel strange without a ring in there.

If someone was thinking about getting a PA, what advice or guidance would you give them?

I’ve never regretted having my piercing, the initial discomfort is soon forgotten. The benefits of having a ring in the end of your cock are many. The addition of a ring makes a good-looking cock look even better. The orgasm you get when masturbating is heightened considerably, so it’s something a guy who usually bottoms should also consider. The sexual experience for both the owner of the ring and the recipient is improved to the point that you will never want to fuck without it.

If you’re thinking of taking a needle down there, my advice would be to just go for it. What have you got to lose? Pay close attention to the healing hygiene process, which is as easy as dangling your dick in a glass of sea-salted water once a day for a few weeks. Plus, you should be prepared for the knowing wink you’ll receive at the airport metal detector.



The Cum Dump Phenomenon

Master Jerry helps us understand it.




gay gangbang fantasy
Image sourced from photo library

The continuing evolution of the sexuality of gay men is endlessly fascinating. There’s obviously enormous diversity in the attitude and outlook of gay men in terms of sex.

The reality of being a cum-dump probably has a proud history that stretches throughout time, but embracing it as a sexual identity feels like a relatively new phenomenon.

On social networks like Twitter, and also on dating apps, a large number of users are now identifying themselves as cum-dumps.

Studios like Treasure Island Media and SX Video were among the first to embrace the fetishisation of cum. But, in recent years, many more porn studios seem to have embraced the trend.

cum blowjob threesome
The concept features heavily in our porn feeds.

A quick search on the video sharing website Pornhub presents you with more that 300 results. The most popular video has more than 1 million views.

It left us wondering, how did it all start?

To help us understand the phenomenon, we interviewed Master Jerry, a Twitter resident expert on cum dumps.

What is a Cum Dump?

Although self-explanatory, we thought it would be a good idea to start with a definition of the term.

Cum-dump is used to describe a man that wants to have as many men as possible cumming in his mouth or asshole. Because the fetishisation of cum is the sexual force behind it, men usually don’t use condoms.


Master Jerry simplifies the term by describing a cum dump as “a guy who’s willing to take all loads – no questions asked”.

The Evolution of Cum Dump

This is a concept that probably emerged from the nihilistic bug-chaser sub-culture, where the rush from no-condom sex was fuelled by the fear of catching a life-threatening infection. Thanks to medical advances like TasP and PrEP, and the reduction in HIV transmission rates, many gay men now feel empowered to embrace the cum-dump experience and identity.

With the fear and danger out of the equation, the appeal of being a cum-dump now comes from a symbiosis between power and control.

“I love sloppy 20ths. I also love being in control”, reveals Master Jerry.

Although there is an element of control, Master Jerry’s dynamic usually doesn’t involve any BDSM kind of fetish kink, “It’s about both cum dumps and the tops having fun”.


From underground to mainstream

When you’re looking at a gang-fuck scenario, the guy in the centre of the action is the cum dump – taking multiple loads of cum in the ass.

“Cum is the best lube – bar none”

Proud of his cum dumps, Master Jerry created is own hashtag on Twitter – #MasterJerryCumDump.

Master Jerry CumDump
People proudly share their ‘cum dump’ photos| Photo: Master Jerry (supplied)

People from all over the world, including some famous names in the gay adult industry, use it to tag their best ‘cum dump’ pictures.

“My cum dump stable star is MuscleDaddyBottom on BBRT. Also Xybbbottomguy on BBRT is one of my popular stable cum-dumps”.

When asked what was his ultimate cum dump fantasy, Master Jerry replies:

“I’ve pretty much lived my ultimate cum dump fantasies. But I guess that something I’d like to explore is setting up eight cum dumps side-by-side, taking all loads. I’d also like to take a couple of hot cum dumps out into the streets and whore them out to random guys in downtown alleyways.”

Find out more about Master Jerry and join his stable:

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