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Rocco is a perfect fit

Taking sex toys up a size.

Rocco Steele for | Photo: Charles Thomas Rogers



We’ve always been big fans of the work of Rocco Steele, so the announcement that sex toy specialists Perfect Fit Brand have teamed up with Rocco to create a special line of products has got us dreaming of good times to come.

Launching in January 2019, the range will include toys that will allow men to live the fantasy of sex with a larger cock, as well as products designed specifically to fit men who are naturally hung big.

Rocco Steele
Rocco Steele for | Photo: Charles Thomas Rogers

“I believe there is a void in the community right now…” said Rocco. “Men like me are ageing in an era where being gay is as mainstream as it’s ever been in our history. I’m very excited about my partnership with Perfect Fit. I believe that the combined reach that we both have could make an impact and help guide men, young and old, to embrace the many diverse sexual interests.”

“We, too, are very excited about our collaboration with Rocco…” adds Perfect Fit Brand CEO, Steve Callow. “We admire his like-minded commitment to keeping man-to-man sex hot, smart, fun, and frisky, regardless of age.”

Man Crush

Time to play with Toyfucked87

“I’m a creative, imaginative person, so I try to implement something new in each of my videos.”




I caught up with Toyfucked87 to talk about underwear, fantasies, and life on JustFor.Fans.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I originally started recording myself in 2016, just because it turned me on. Then I went on to various gay roulette cam sites. Whereas most guys would just be jacking off on the roulette sites with only their dick showing, I liked to shock people by being fully decked out in leather gear, or by fucking myself with a dildo with my face showing.

toyfucked87 dildo
Toyfucked87 showing one of his dildos | Photo: Toyfucked87

Some of the cam sites let you see how many viewers you have compared to other people. I would reliably get to number one on those sites, just by doing the stuff I liked to do – that’s when I started to realise that maybe I had something unique to offer.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

I consider directors to be the heart of any production. You can have the hottest guys imaginable in your video, but if there’s no direction or passion or hook, it often just falls flat. Bruce Cam is probably my favourite porn director of all time. The Fallen Angel series is a masterpiece.

Joe Gage is another one.  Yes, I’m a big Titan guy – although, in my opinion, their recent productions are lazy, uninspired, and barely there. If you haven’t seen Mens Room: Bakersfield Station then you need to stop reading this and go do that.

Chi Chi LaRue is another one. I prefer his older movies – Hazed will always be one of my go-tos.

As for porn stars that really get me going, Damien Crosse is my pig-idol, Dred Scott, Brock Masters, Spencer Whitman – particularly his thighs, Peto Coast, Cory Koons – who is criminally underrated, Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, and Marcus Mojo – who I encountered at a bar once and then literally fled from when he said hello because I’m an idiot.

What sort of content do you generally feature on your JustFor.Fans channel?

It’s mostly solo stuff. I live in a small town, where gay guys are afraid to go to the bar, much less appear in porn. If any of you want to fly in and fuck me on video, let me know!

Because he lives in a small town, he usually does solo videos | Photo: Toyfucked87

To keep things interesting, I have a wide variety of sex toys that I use in my videos, including a fuck machine. I’ve been collecting toys since I was 17 years old. I’m into a lot of fetishes, including BDSM, leather, chastity, edging, orgasm denial, and hypnosis.

I’m a creative, imaginative person, so I try to implement something new in each of my videos.  I feel like I’m cheating my audience if I’m just putting out the same types of videos over and over. I put storylines into my videos, I role play various characters, I do voice-overs, I do parody.  I try to push myself to do something different every time I make a video, or at the very minimum improve my recording and editing quality.

Right now, I’m most proud of my Conversion series. It’s a trilogy, in which a straight guy is hypnotised into deepthroating dildos, getting locked in chastity, and is ultimately pounded by a fuck machine.

Being pounded by a fuck machine | Photo: Toyfucked87

My fans have been requesting more hypnosis-themed and pup play-themed videos. So, that’s what they’ll get.

What’s your ultimate JustFor.Fans fantasy?

My ultimate JFF fantasy is getting approximately 7 billion subscribers. That would be nice!

In terms of my ultimate sex fantasy, I’d love to be hooded, chained up, blindfolded, locked in chastity, and then spit-roasted bareback for a day or two, with a large group of men – preferably Damien Crosse, several clones of Damien Crosse, and Alistair from the Dragon Age series – pissing and cumming in me constantly.

Can we talk underwear?

I’m a cyclist, so I find boxers to be the stupidest thing ever. It’s extremely uncomfortable to have your dick just hanging off to one side, constantly brushing against the fabric of the underwear. Maybe some guys are into that, but not me.

I like support, so I much prefer briefs – especially the kind with extra room for your junk. I wear briefs most days.

I pretty much only wear a jockstrap when I’m getting fucked, or when I’m making a video.  I love the look, and it turns me on to wear a jockstrap. Does anyone know where to find those old-fashioned Bike-type jockstraps? Those are my favourites, but they’re impossible to find now.

Wearing a black jockstrap while fucking himself with a dildo | Photo: Toyfucked87

On other guys – any underwear that shows off their ass and bulge is good by me.  Do garters and suspenders count as underwear? Because garters and suspenders are fucking hot.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

I’d like to grow my audience. I feel like I have a significant internet presence, but I also feel like my videos are being under-utilised – like, there are people who are into chastity and hypnosis who would love my videos but who don’t know that I exist. But, I understand that there’s no solution other than consistently making quality content.

I have many video ideas in the pipeline.  My goal is always to successfully bring those ideas into reality. Some ideas don’t pan out. For example, I wanted to do a video of myself riding a dildo on top of my bicycle. Do you have any idea how hard it is to mount a dildo on a bicycle and record with a visible angle all at the same time? Sometimes these ideas are challenges, and sometimes they’re just impossible. But, when it actually works, it’s very satisfying and makes for great content.

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