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Guys are really into gay cuckold fantasies




When I was researching for an article about gay cuckold fantasies, I came across the Twitter account of Cuckold Husband.

I’m a curious person, so I reached out to Cuckold Husband to dig a bit deeper.

When did you discover and start to explore a gay cuckold fantasy?

Like most people, I honed in on my fetish through porn. I discovered my interest in BDSM and foot fetish. I discovered that I was submissive. But I always kept returning to cuckold porn. I never watched other forms of straight porn, but straight cuckold porn was the only outlet that had the power dynamic that I identified with. Gay cuckold porn is non-existent.

Promo shot from “Last Will and Fuck – Part 3” from – one of the few cuckold themed movies available | Source: Twitter

How would you define a gay cuckold?

I think being a cuckold is mostly self-identification. Some people think of it as simply being a sub or being denied orgasm.

For me, it’s a gay man whose partner has sex with other men — with or without the cuck’s approval — and this causes erotic humiliation and shame to the cuckold.

Meme created by cuckold husband | Image supplied

Why is the cuckold scenario something that fuels your fantasy?

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this scenario that appeals to me so strongly. I’ve always been monogamous-minded, and I’m completely monogamous to my husband. Him seeking sexual pleasure from others challenges that. To me, it’s taboo and exciting.

There’s also lots of BDSM aspects to this — being denied orgasm, being humiliated, being compared to a more masculine male.

An added element for me is that I’m 98 percent top, and having another man provide more satisfaction to my husband than I can is incredibly hot for me.

Meme created by cuckold husband | Image supplied

How long have you been running your Twitter profile dedicated to gay cuckold fantasies?

I started my Twitter account about two years ago, as a companion piece to my Tumblr. I never expected that I’d have so many people interested in the content that I post. I have 28,000 followers on Tumblr.

What sort of feedback and engagement do you get from your followers?

I get mixed reactions from people on social media. The main one is from other gay cuckolds who are glad that they’ve found an outlet. Many think that they’re the only ones who feel this way or have this fetish. It’s not very common in the gay community. A lot of what I talk about online is real life applications of the fetish and our fantasies. Including aftercare.

Meme created by cuckold husband | Image supplied

I also have some people message me with criticism. People who criticise me for the fetishism of ‘cheating’. The most of criticism I’ve heard is from gay men who feel like the fetish shouldn’t belong with gay men, that it’s too hetero-normative, that it relies too much on the expectation of monogamy, and that queer people should not feel the sexual shame that a lot of us cuckolds exhibit.

Have you ever explored your gay cuckold fantasies in real life?

I have, and it’s gone great! Although, my experiences are not as prolific as the fantasy I portray online. My husband and I got married young, and were monogamous for the first ten years of our relationship. We intended to remain that way.


Although I’ve had cuckold fantasies since my late-teens, I didn’t share them with my husband. I thought they were too weird or that he wouldn’t understand them. As he grew older, his sexuality blossomed, and he started talking about the potential of opening up our marriage. That’s all the nudging I needed!

Meme created by cuckold husband | Image supplied

I sent him a couple articles about cuckolding in general, and gay cuckolding specifically. I told him how much I identified with that. He surprised me by quickly falling in love with the role of ‘hot husband.’ It gives him a sense of power and desirability.

In our marriage, he’s free to have sex with other men. But I’m not. We do have rules in place — for us, it’s important that the interactions with the ‘bulls’ is a physical one and not an emotional or romantic one. Plus, I get to hear all the juicy details, or I get to watch.

What’s your ultimate gay cuckold fantasy?

Coming home from work locked in my chastity cage. I open the front door, I can hear my husband moaning upstairs and the bed creaking. I enter the bedroom to find my husband being pounded by an alpha stud.

Meme created by cuckold husband | Image supplied

The bull ties me up, gags me, and continues to fuck my husband right in front of me, and I’m forced to watch. They both humiliate me verbally, including SPH — small penis humiliation. My husband is looking straight at me and is obviously having the time of his life.

After the other guy leaves, my husband unties me and teases me while I rim him. He tells me how much bigger and better the other guy was.



Hot Guys

Jay Alexander: a proud ‘power-vers’

A wild to mild 50/50 top and bottom.




Jay Alexander fanny pack jjmalibu
Jay Alexander (edited)

While doing some ‘research’ on JustFor.Fans I came across Jay’s profile.

His charm and charisma immediately caught my attention. Fun and passionate, Jay treats his fans with intensely hot videos that range from delicious solos to steamy gang bangs.

Jay Alexander JJ Malibu outfit
Jay Alexander sporting a sexy J.J. Malibu outfit | Photo: XxjayAxX (Twitter)

I caught up with Jay Alexander to talk inspirations, underwear, and fantasies.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I’ve always been interested in the industry. I’ve done plenty of nude modelling in Atlanta and New York, so I felt it was time to step in and see how things played out.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

Definitely. I’m very comfortable with myself and my body. I’m not one to strive for attention, but just me doing what I want draws people in.

Jay Alexander Bum JJ Malibu
Jay’s peachy bum | Photo: XxjayAxX (Twitter)

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

I’ve had many of those throughout the years, but they do change all the time. François Sagat and Andy Star are my current inspirations.


What’s your ultimate porn fantasy?

To be gang-banged by some of the best. I think that’s a fantasy many bottoms dream of. I pride myself on being a ‘power vers’.

Can we talk underwear?

I like to wear briefs, and occasionally jock straps. As long as they have a comfortable fabric, I’m game. I like the same on other guys.

Jay Alexander white underwear
Jay Alexander giving us with ‘Envy’ | Photo: XxjayAxX (Twitter)

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

I’m currently bulking and trying to build a more muscular body. I’m just trying to get bigger. I have a few tattoos that I’ll be getting, and I’m also diving back into my first love, which is painting.

Follow Jay Alexander:

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