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Stark Bollock Naked in London

Jamie HP (image supplied)



I caught up with Jamie — the man behind Jamie HP events — to take a look at what’s coming up in the months ahead.

How would you describe the style of events that you organise?

Fun, sexy, and for most guys. We host a number of different club nights, including Stark Bollock Naked — every Sunday, easily the largest naked club event in the UK. We also host spa-based parties, and monthly fetish events such as our notorious Horse Fair where willing mares are partnered with dominant stallions without ever seeing their faces.

What sort of guys go to a Jamie HP event?

Gay and bisexual men of all types, sizes, and ages from 18–80. Guys who are looking for a good time. It’s essentially only their sexuality that they all have in common.

How many guys do you normally get coming along to your events?

This varies from party to party, but you could expect nearly two hundred at one of the spa parties, while we regularly see over 400 through the doors for Sunday’s SBN.

Some guys come to almost all of the parties we have on, others cherry-pick events more suitable for them.

Are your parties all about sex? Could I just come along and dance if I didn’t really feel like hooking up with anyone?

Of course you can, and we have some of London’s best DJs — including Tony Latex, Lee Harris, and Matt Unique — keeping the dance floors going. You don’t have to be involved in everything that happens to a have a good time.

How strict are you with dress-codes for the various themes?

We realise that having to buy loads of gear can be expensive, and that it’s often awkward to carry around, so in most cases the dress codes are simple — naked, underwear, sports, and perhaps something more traditional for the Horse Fair. Obviously, you’ll want to fit in, and we think the dress codes are sexy and add to the fun of the party.

Are your events just in London?

We’re always reviewing fresh ideas and venues for parties, with lots of options to consider at the moment, although we don’t have any definite plans. We’d love to come to Manchester, so if anyone has any ideas we’ll be there.

What are some of the upcoming events that we should be putting in our diary?

This July we Team up again with Recon for Deconstruction which is the finale of their really successful Fetish Week. Then in September we team up with Orange Nation once again for another Sex Circus. Also, there’s SBN every Sunday. With the growing success of TFN Saturday, as of July that’s going to be every Saturday night.

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Places & Parties

Gear up for RECON LONDON

RECON LONDON, 24th May – Vauxhall, London




One of Recon’s most popular fetish parties in London is back and a bit earlier than usual.

Every year, in December, Recon takes over Fire’s arches for its popular RECON LONDON. This year, Recon decided to not wait a whole year and presented us with an extra edition on the 24th of May.

We caught up with Matt Groves, Brand Events Manager for Recon, to bring you all the details about the party.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Who are the guys that go to this kind of party?

All kinds really, If I had to generalise I would say that the guys who attend our parties are open minded and perhaps a little more sexually adventurous.

The crowd can range from first timers who are curious to see what a fetish event is like to hardcore fetish veterans.

It’s a great mix of people into all different types of kinks and fetishes. There is a real diversity with the guys who attend our events, and my experience is that lots of fetish guys are really friendly.

If I hadn’t been to a Recon party before, but I was a bit curious, how serious is the dress code? What would be a good entry-level approach for this type of event?

When it comes to the dress code, we’re open to all fetishes: leather, rubber, skinhead, military and sports.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Whatever you feel sexy in really, sports wear is a good entry level approach, you don’t need to break the bank to gear up- lots of guys like to come in Lycra, cycling shorts and wrestling singlets, and you can’t go wrong with a jockstrap and harness. If you like the look of rubber, I fully recommend investing in a pair of shorts and seeing how

What sort of locker facilities are there? Do I have to wear my fetish gear on the tube?

You would be surprised how many people do travel in their fetish gear!

There is a coat check and an area for people to change before and after the party- If you don’t fancy traveling on the underground in a jockstrap and harness 😉

What will you be wearing?

I’m a rubber guy so I’ll probably be in a rubber top and shorts. It can get pretty hot and steamy in some places especially if your running round the venue , I learnt many years      ago that wearing the bare minimal has advantages. I’ll also be wearing my custom Recon harness and a smile.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Could I just go and have a few drinks and a dance, or is it pretty much a sex party?

It can get as sexual as you want it to get. Lots of guys like to gear up and just have a drink and a dance, and some guys will head to the play spaces and will be there all night!

I would recommend going to explore, we’ll have a large darkroom, a sling room and bondage area. As well as a pup area and wet area for guys into watersports.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

If you are a smoker, some of the best conversations I’ve had with guys are in the smoking area.

What do you hope that people feel when they’re attending the Recon event on 24th May?

I hope that people feel comfortable and included in the scene.

I always want people to have a good time, but I want people to feel that when coming to a Recon event that their fetish identity is valid and supported.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

The event is an opportunity for lots of guys to explore their own sexuality, kinks and fetishes and meet like minded guys but it’s also a place to to have fun and be open minded.

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