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A leather festival that’s right up our alley




Its official name is the Up Your Alley Fair, but San Fran locals generally just refer to this event as Dore Alley.

First held in 1985, Dore Alley is an annual leather and fetish event held on the last Sunday of July. It’s run by the same organisation as the Folsom Street Fair which is held annually in September.

Niko Reeves at Dore Alley
Niko Reeves at Dore Alley | Photo: Darryl Pelletier (supplied)

In the services of Mainly Male, San Francisco local Niko Reeves pulled on his camouflage booty-shorts and combat boots to report from the front-line.

Dore Alley is described as Folsom Street Fair’s dirty little brother — is Dore Alley more of a pig-fest than Folsom?

Yes, Dore Alley is much more of a pig-fest than Folsom. The fair is like a preview before Folsom comes along, but it’s so fun. You see a lot of nudity, public sex, and of course leather.

I got there early, and stayed until it closed. This is definitely something that everyone should try at least once. It’s a lot of fun.

How big of an event is Dore Alley?

I’ve been going to Dore Alley Fair for years, it’s getting bigger every year.

There are always thousands of people there — locals as well as tourists from around the world.

Who goes to Dore Alley?

As the event gets more popular, it’s attracting a lot of different types of guys — there’s a lot of hot daddies, and guys in leather. It’s a lot of men.

Niko Reeves at Dore Alley
Niko Reeves at Dore Alley | Photo: Darryl Pelletier (supplied)

Did you go to any of the parties that happen around Dore Alley?

It’s a big weekend for parties. I went to Powerhouse bar and chilled there for a while. I also went to The Eagle.

If I was planning a trip to San Fran, is it worth trying to include Dore Alley in my itinerary?

Yes — absolutely. Dore Alley is an experience of a lifetime. It’s a chance to wear all of the leather that you want, and also to see all the hotties wearing their leather. It’s at events like Dore Alley that you’ll make great memories.

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Places & Parties

Gear up for RECON LONDON

RECON LONDON, 24th May – Vauxhall, London




One of Recon’s most popular fetish parties in London is back and a bit earlier than usual.

Every year, in December, Recon takes over Fire’s arches for its popular RECON LONDON. This year, Recon decided to not wait a whole year and presented us with an extra edition on the 24th of May.

We caught up with Matt Groves, Brand Events Manager for Recon, to bring you all the details about the party.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Who are the guys that go to this kind of party?

All kinds really, If I had to generalise I would say that the guys who attend our parties are open minded and perhaps a little more sexually adventurous.

The crowd can range from first timers who are curious to see what a fetish event is like to hardcore fetish veterans.

It’s a great mix of people into all different types of kinks and fetishes. There is a real diversity with the guys who attend our events, and my experience is that lots of fetish guys are really friendly.

If I hadn’t been to a Recon party before, but I was a bit curious, how serious is the dress code? What would be a good entry-level approach for this type of event?

When it comes to the dress code, we’re open to all fetishes: leather, rubber, skinhead, military and sports.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Whatever you feel sexy in really, sports wear is a good entry level approach, you don’t need to break the bank to gear up- lots of guys like to come in Lycra, cycling shorts and wrestling singlets, and you can’t go wrong with a jockstrap and harness. If you like the look of rubber, I fully recommend investing in a pair of shorts and seeing how

What sort of locker facilities are there? Do I have to wear my fetish gear on the tube?

You would be surprised how many people do travel in their fetish gear!

There is a coat check and an area for people to change before and after the party- If you don’t fancy traveling on the underground in a jockstrap and harness 😉

What will you be wearing?

I’m a rubber guy so I’ll probably be in a rubber top and shorts. It can get pretty hot and steamy in some places especially if your running round the venue , I learnt many years      ago that wearing the bare minimal has advantages. I’ll also be wearing my custom Recon harness and a smile.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

Could I just go and have a few drinks and a dance, or is it pretty much a sex party?

It can get as sexual as you want it to get. Lots of guys like to gear up and just have a drink and a dance, and some guys will head to the play spaces and will be there all night!

I would recommend going to explore, we’ll have a large darkroom, a sling room and bondage area. As well as a pup area and wet area for guys into watersports.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

If you are a smoker, some of the best conversations I’ve had with guys are in the smoking area.

What do you hope that people feel when they’re attending the Recon event on 24th May?

I hope that people feel comfortable and included in the scene.

I always want people to have a good time, but I want people to feel that when coming to a Recon event that their fetish identity is valid and supported.

RECON LONDON | Photo supplied

The event is an opportunity for lots of guys to explore their own sexuality, kinks and fetishes and meet like minded guys but it’s also a place to to have fun and be open minded.

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