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Peter Connor (image supplied) Peter Connor (image supplied)


Peter Connor: “I’m a normal boy.”

Peter Connor (image supplied)



I caught up with Peter Connor to talk about porn, underwear, and fantasies.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

It all started on Instagram — I was in a photo posted by friend and brother Jean Favre while we were training together in the gym.

Tim Kruger messaged Jean to ask who I was, and a few minutes later Tim contacted me.

I’d never considered porn before that, but that’s how Peter Connor was born.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

No. I’m a normal boy, but I’m sufficiently extroverted and confident that I can perform when required.

But the performance is different from who I am as a real person — I keep things very separate.

What do you enjoy most about performing a live show at a club?

It’s the joy that you feel from the people who come to see the show — I enjoy their enjoyment.

Who are some of your gay porn heroes or inspirations?

Tim Kruger is someone who can make you feel at home when you’re on the set. He’s very easy-going.

Jonathan Miranda has a great positive energy, and he’s extremely creative in his live shows — plus he’s very handsome. I’ve worked with him in Berlin and Madrid, he always gives everything.

What’s your ultimate gay porn fantasy?

An orgy where I’m the centre of attention, surrounded by handsome boys who all want a taste of chocolate.

Can we talk underwear?

I like sexy but discreet underwear. I go for white underwear if possible, because I associate white with hygiene and purity.

I don’t like jockstraps or anything like that, although I’ll often wear them for work when I’m filming or performing live.

What are some of your goals and ambitions for the remainder of 2018?

To be better every day. It doesn’t matter what job you have or the money you earn, to be the best version of myself is the greatest fortune I could have.


With enough effort and dedication, everything else will take care of itself.

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Joel Someone is living his gay porn fantasy



Photo by Tom @Cooltompix
Photo by Tom @Cooltompix

I caught up with Joel Someone to talk about porn, sex, and underwear.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

It was my dream to shoot with Treasure Island Media — something about the fearlessness of their exploits inspired me at a young age. Gay sex meant fear to me, as long as I could remember.

The longer I waited to seek out my sexual identity, people were pushing me away from my passions to things that were more stable. I was attempting to live a hetero-normative life, against my own inner desires.

Honestly, porn saved my life. I wasn’t happy with my direction and career, I love porn — it was a natural transition.

Photo by Malexposure

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

The act of creating porn is exhibition, so I would say — Yes, absolutely. In my own personal life, I enjoy sexuality that’s honest and playful. It’s hard for me to put titles on what I find to be exhibitionism.

I’m more an exhibitionist with my speech — I love talking explicitly with people who are truthful about their desires.

Photo by Benjamin Fredrickson @benjaminfredrickson_studio

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

  • Rocco Steele was someone I admired from a very young age. His appearance inspired me to start working on my fitness.
  • Ron Jeremy taught me that you can be the nicest, kindest, most professional man, and you can build a career out of your great interpersonal skills. Having a large penis obviously helps.
  • Cutler X — because he’s a sweet and lovely person, but can still fuck like a demon. He was never corrupted by a persona.
  • Armond Rizzo was the first time I was deeply attracted to someone who was very boyish — up until that moment I chased ‘daddy’ type guys. He made me want to become more of a dom-dad.
  • Buck Angel altered my perception of what masculinity was. Seeing him made me search deep for what my inner gender was, which made me appreciate the masculinity of bottoming or being a vessel for another man.
  • Marco Napoli is the man I’m seeing, and he really is inspiring me. To see the dedication of leaving the past behind and starting fresh. He’s on this journey with me, and it’s nice to have someone to share this roller-coaster with.
Photo by Theo Sickels @champagneginger

What’s your ultimate porn fantasy?

My greatest fantasy is having sex with twins. During different parts of my life, this fantasy kept reoccurring. Just recently, I was able to fulfil my fantasy with the Morgan brothers. I was really aroused by the silent connection the two had with one another while they were being brutalised by 17 men — the symmetry of their bodies as each boy was placed in a pose and then fucked.

They were very quiet during this event, you could see the concentration on their faces. I thought it would be odd to see two brothers being fucked at the same time, but after the experience I was amazed to see the very cool close bond they had with each other.

Photo by Marco Napoli @marconapolinyc

Can we talk underwear?

I love bikini-cut with a pouch, or jockstraps — always in black. I love anything that cups my balls and lifts my cock up.

At the gym, I usually have gym shorts with a lining already sewn in.

On other men I like to see fresh clean underwear. Mine occasionally are musky from my balls. I like having a boy telling me that mine need to be changed.

Photo by Tom @Cooltompix

What are some of your goals and objectives for the months ahead?

I’ve really enjoyed the partnerships I’ve made with several studios. I’m happy to have a good relationship with them and to be trusted to work with talented performers. I want to develop more partnerships with studios and performers.

I enjoy working inside and outside the porn industry. I love acting and creating — this platform has offered me the ability to do both. My favourite activity is discovering and working with talent on Instagram.

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Photo by Master Ming @kinkbaku
Photo by Tom @Cooltompix
Photo by Malexposure
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