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Yoshi Kawasaki and friends at Pride in London 2018 (image supplied) Yoshi Kawasaki and friends at Pride in London 2018 (image supplied)


No longer a virgin

Yoshi Kawasaki and friends at Pride in London 2018 (image supplied)



One of the highlights of the Pride in London celebrations this year was running into Zurich-based actor and model Yoshi Kawasaki.

Yoshi confessed that it was his first ever Gay Pride.

What’s kept you from attending Pride events until now?

I simply wasn’t interested in attending Pride before. Growing up in a small town in Japan, I was never familiar with the idea of Pride — I think Tokyo Pride only started around 2012 I believe. I guess I never really understood it, but I always appreciated that Pride brought lots of new hot men into town.

Did London Pride live up to your expectations?

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect at all.

As I landed at the airport, I saw so many people dressed as gay as possible. This was already beyond my expectations. Besides that, I saw so many banners all over the city — in metro, and the stations. I love the fact that people are so open, accepting, and acknowledging of gay people. I wish I could say the same of Japan.

You were walking in the parade with CloneZone — what was it like walking through London as part of the parade?

I’ve never felt so loved and accepted as when I was marching though the city dressed in just my underwear. Walking through London, I felt a real sense of unity.

What did you do after the parade?

I stayed in Soho and went with some other porn actors for a drink. Then I ended up touting for the bar. Of course, I sucked some cocks there too.

Has it made you want to attend more Pride events?

If an opportunity arises again, I absolutely want to experience more Pride events. Maybe the one in Madrid next year? They say it’s the biggest one in Europe.

Maybe next year you’ll be leading the Zurich Pride parade?

I would love to do that! Whoever is organising the Zurich Pride next year, hire me!

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The exhibitionist appeal of a kilt



Image published via Pixabay
Image published via Pixabay

I caught up with my Twitter-buddy Sean to talk about his passion for kilts.

Due to the nature of his work, Sean has to remain anonymous for this interview.

What was your first experience of wearing a kilt?

I started wearing them several years ago, more out of interest than anything else. I’m not Scottish, I have Irish heritage.

The kilt really appeals to me as an item of clothing on many levels — it’s far more comfortable to wear than trousers, and also looks a hell of a lot smarter too. I always wear the sporran, kilt hose, and flashes with it — it’s the complete look.

Is there a sexual element to wearing a kilt for you?

The freedom of it is wonderful, and there’s a real buzz about wearing a kilt — it gives me a lot of confidence, it’s a bit like power-dressing.

I get a lot of positive comments and compliments, from both men and women.

I’m guessing that you’re a bit of a purist when it comes to wearing a kilt — obviously there’s no underwear?

It depends where I am, to be honest. If I’m at home, or out socialising or doing general stuff, then no, never. At work I’m a bit more respectable.

As well as being a kilt-lover, you’re also a naturist. Are those two passions related in any way?

I’d be lying if I said no — its very liberating, and its also the one item of clothing you can wear where it’s almost expected that you’re going to ‘free’ underneath — what’s not to like about that?

How do you explore your love of naturism?

That’s easy — taking my clothes off as often as possible. It’s a fantastic way to be more comfortable and confident about yourself. There are far too many hangups in the world as it is — why add to them?

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

Without a doubt!

What’s your ultimate kilt-wearing fantasy?

It used to be to be able to wear them all the time — so, in some ways I’m living out that fantasy now.

Sean without his kilt (image supplied)
Sean without his kilt (image supplied)

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