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Christopher Price was crowned Mr Gay Wales 2018 and is now ready to take the Y Ddraig Goch (Welsh Dragon) to Warsaw.

The nine-times World Kickboxing Champion is ready to compete for the Mr Gay Europe title and knock-out the judges with his charm and charisma.

Christopher Price | Photo: Facebook

With his campaign, oneTeamoneGoal, the 26-year-old is ready to kick homophobia out of contact sports.

How did you come across the Mr Gay Wales competitions and what made you apply?

I was aware of the competition because I know the previous winners of Mr Gay Wales.

The reason I applied for Mr Gay Wales 2018 was to raise awareness within the sporting industry. With the platform, I could reach out to help more people than I could have without the title.

Christopher Price is Mr Gay Wales 2018 | Photo: twitter

What was the selection process like?

It was fairly straightforward. I applied in February, and after several interviews and application I was selected with my campaign in June 2018.

What does it take to become Mr Gay Wales?

You have to have the drive and passion to make a difference within the LGBTQ community.

You have to be someone who wants to give back to the community, as well as supporting others along the journey. It takes time, commitment, and love.

What changed in your life since you won the competition?

More people look up to me as a role model and a voice.

I’ve been given opportunities to attend Pride events, to stand tall and voice my campaign, where before I didn’t have this platform.


Chris at Newcastle Pride | Photo: twitter

You have been world kickboxing champion nine times. How does being gay go down in the kickboxing world?

Being gay in the kickboxing industry is like any contact sports.

You have the haters and the homophobic comments and online abuse from others teams and spectators, but my teammates have embraced the fact I am a gay man and don’t see me as any less of a man than a straight man within this sport. They’ve supported me.


Tell us about your campaign?

So my campaign is called oneTeamoneGoal. The slogan for it is #TheProudGame.

I’ve set up my campaign to help others within the contact sports industry.

If I can step out and be proud and face the world, so can anyone else when they believe and stand tall.

I aim to set up support groups so others out there don’t feel alone – where they can talk to someone about the issues or the fears they have if they are steeping out. I also want to highlight the implications of being proud and out in the sporting industry.

Christopher’s campaign – oneTeamoneGoal | Photo: Facebook

You’ll be representing Wales at Mr Gay Europe competition in Poland. How are you preparing from that?

I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation to explain to the judges and other delegates about my campaign, and why I should be crowned Mr Gay Europe 2018.

I’ve gained more understanding and knowledge of LGBTQ Law and current affairs throughout Europe. Most importantly, I’m going to embrace the competition and enjoy it with all the delegates from around Europe, as each and every one of us deserves it with our individual campaigns, all of which set out to make a difference.

Next stop: Warsaw, Poland! What would you like to achieve at the Mr Gay Europe stage?

The support and backing of the judging panel, and for them to see and believe in my campaign like I do.

Also, to help not only the UK but other countries who need the support and backing that my campaign can bring with the right guidance and help.


Christopher Price | Photo: twitter

Any message you would like to leave to our readers?

Remember, love is power and together standing as a unity a difference can be made. OneteamoneGoal.


To vote for Christopher visit the Mr Gay Europe’s page.

Follow Mr Gay Wales on Twitter to know more about his campaign.

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Daddyhunt — the hunt continues



Daddyhunt (image supplied)
Daddyhunt (image supplied)

Exploring the dynamics of inter-generational dating and relationships, web-series Daddyhunt is back with a new series.

I caught up with Casey Crawford — General Manager of Daddyhunt and an Executive Producer of the series — for a behind-the-scenes look at Season 3.

Are you surprised by the success of the Daddyhunt series?

Daddyhunt was wonderfully surprised by the positive reaction to Season 1 of Daddyhunt: The Serial, especially the incredible amount of requests for more episodes. We credit that success with the fact that the show deals with real-world issues and challenges. We continually try to portray the dynamics of inter-generational relationships and other topics in authentic ways, and I think that resonates with our viewers.

The BHOC — Building Healthy Online Communities — partnership began with the second series of Daddyhunt, what was the audience response like to the incorporation of health messages in the series?

The BHOC partnership grew out of conversations that our CEO, Carl Sandler, had with Dan Wohlfeiler of BHOC. Carl and Dan both realised that a public-private partnership could reach the people that Dan’s organisation was targeting with their public health messages.

The audience response has been overwhelming positive. On YouTube alone, the Season 2 episodes and public services announcements have been viewed more than 8.8 million times. We’ve also received countless messages on our social media channels thanking us for incorporating health messages into the show and educating people about these important topics.

Season 3 of the series includes a more diverse cast. What was the casting process?

Dan and I started talking about what a Season 3 might look like right after releasing Episode 1 of Season 2. We knew that we wanted to reach a more diverse audience, and that meant including greater diversity in the cast. Once we figured out the story-line, the casting fell into place.

For example, viewers that watched Seasons 1 and Season 2 will remember AJ’s relationship with the two Antonios. We knew for Season 3 that we wanted to show Antonio and Antonio on the screen, and so crafted a way for that to happen with the story-line.

You’re tackling slightly more complicated health messages in season 3 — is that difficult from a creative perspective?

Any time you’re tackling complicated topics, it creates challenges in the creative process. We wanted to keep the series light and authentic and not come across as preachy, but we also wanted to educate people about important health issues facing our community. I’d like to think that we got the balance right.

Is the series an effective way to attract more users to the Daddyhunt app?

The series does attract more brand awareness for Daddyhunt, and we do experience an uptick in downloads of the app or joins via the website. Inter-generational relationships are becoming more common, and when you do a good job of portraying those relationships in an authentic way, people take notice.

Daddyhunt is a community where we want everyone to feel welcome regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or HIV status — we make that clear with the issues that we tackle in the series. It’s an effective tool for introducing people to Daddyhunt and encouraging them want to join the Daddyhunt community.

What do you hope that people feel when watching the Daddyhunt series?

Our goal is for people to come away from the show with a sense of hope. We’re living in challenging times. In the series, we see that all relationships go through ups and downs, but it’s how you learn and grow from the low moments that will make the relationship stronger in the end. So, ultimately, if people see that inter-generational relationships can work, and that HIV-positive and HIV-negative people can be in a relationship, we’ve accomplished some of our goals.

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