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“Maybe I’ll only date water polo players?”

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash



Part 5
Coach Jim Frazer kept a close eye on his squad of water polo players as he put them through their paces at training. He was proud of his boys, they were a good team, they’d worked hard, they were playing well.

His training plan was all about building up to the finals of the national league — only a few months away. California State were on track to be there, they were already shaping up as favourites, winning matches both home and away, continuing to develop as a team, playing at a level that was a step above their competition.

In order to keep the team on their toes, Coach Frazer had entered them in a local tournament that was being held in Berkeley that weekend. It was a round-robin tournament against teams from across the region. It would be a different style of play to what his boys were used to, the teams that they’d be playing against would be older, more experienced, playing a more physical kind of game. His boys would be faster and have better skills, but it would be good experience for them to know how to respond to teams that played with a bit more aggression. Coach Frazer was looking forward to seeing how they handled it.

He blew his whistle loudly to signal the end of the training session, watching proudly as the tired players swam to the edge of the pool and pulled themselves up out of the water.

“Alright boys — good work!” shouted the coach. “Don’t forget — this weekend is the tournament. Get plenty of rest, keep the diet sharp, I’ll see you at the pool on Saturday — bright and early for the team talk and the warm up! Now hit the showers!” The team quickly packed up the goals and the balls that they’d been using for training, and headed to the showers to wash the chlorine from their bodies.

When Mikey got back to his dorm room he was hungry. Having burned off a lot of energy at training, all he could think about was food, all he could think about was refuelling his body. He really wanted pizza, but he heeded the warning of the coach to keep the diet sharp, so he quickly cooked up some pasta and stirred a tin of salmon through it for a quick carb and protein hit.

“That looks disgusting!” laughed his roommate, David, as Mikey brought his meal back into their dorm room.

“I don’t think it’s going to taste very good either…” agreed Mikey. “But, apparently, this is what top water polo players eat.”

“You’re obsessed with water polo…” smiled David. “Don’t you ever think about anything else?”

“Um.. not really…” replied Mikey, after reflecting for a moment. “Is that bad?”

“Not necessarily bad…” shrugged David. “But, I guess it just limits your conversation a bit if all you’ve got to talk about is water polo. How are you going to meet a nice boyfriend if you don’t have anything else to talk about?”

“Maybe I’ll only date water polo players?” suggested Mikey.

“That does have some logic…” laughed David. “Anyway, what are you doing this weekend?”

“Playing water polo…” replied Mikey quietly.

“I give up!” laughed David. “I’ll let you eat your smelly pasta in peace — I’m going to sleep.”

When Coach Frazer got home after training, he hung up his wet Speedo to dry, stripped off his tracksuit and pulled on a pair of comfortable gym shorts. He quickly flicked through the television channels, but there was nothing on that particularly grabbed his interest. He pulled out his phone and opened Grindr. This app had totally changed the way that he hooked up with guys — you could quickly scan who was close by, who was online, who was up for some fun.

The coach was always a bit horned-up after a training session — watching all of those hot young guys, thrashing around the pool in just their small, tight Speedos, their smooth, muscular physiques, they had a youthful energy that the Coach found incredibly appealing.

None of the Coach’s usual fuck-buddies were online, but there was a new profile nearby that caught his interest. “SpeedoLvr” was the guy’s screen name. The little green dot in the bottom left hand corner of his profile picture showed that he was online. SpeedoLvr wasn’t showing his face in the thumbnail profile pic, but his body was on display and his body looked good. SpeedoLvr was only 2,200 feet away according to Grindr.

“Hey…” typed the Coach, beginning the familiar negotiations that these encounters required.

The Coach left his phone on the kitchen table while he grabbed a can of beer from the fridge. By the time he got back to his phone there was already a message waiting from SpeedoLvr.


“Hey…” was the reply. A face pic from SpeedoLvr arrived soon after. He was a good-looking guy. SpeedoLvr’s profile didn’t give an age, but the Coach guessed that he was probably in his late 30s.

“Haven’t seen you on here before?” typed the Coach.

“Just moved here…” replied SpeedoLvr. “Up for some fun?”

“Sure…” replied the Coach. “Now?”

“Yup…” the reply came back quickly. “Your place?” The Coach quickly shared his location details with SpeedoLvr and the deal was done.

In preparation, the Coach pulled on a fresh pair of Speedos under his shorts and put on a tank top. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. SpeedoLvr was even better in person than he had been in the photo. They didn’t bother speaking but immediately locked lips, mashing their mouths together, their tongues wrestling as they ground their bodies together — feeling the muscular hardness of each other.

Stumbling into the living room, SpeedoLvr pulled the Coach’s tank top up and over his head, quickly dropping his mouth to suck on each of the Coach’s nipples, chewing and biting, drawing moans of pleasure from the Coach.

“Oh yeah — fucking chew those nipples…” grunted the Coach, feeling SpeedoLvr’s teeth nipping at his body. SpeedoLvr dropped to his knees and pulled the Coach’s shorts down to his ankles.

“Oh fuck, man…” growled SpeedoLvr. “Those Speedos are hot!”

“Thought you might like these…” grinned the Coach, as SpeedoLvr rubbed his face into the smooth, tight, black lycra that barely contained the Coach’s hard cock.

SpeedoLvr quickly stripped off his own clothes and revealed that he was also wearing a Speedo under his shorts — bright blue.

“Yeah… nice one…” admired the Coach. “Fucking hot Speedos!” The Coach undid the cord tie on the front of his Speedos and pulled them down to hook them underneath his balls so that his hard cock could bounce free. SpeedoLvr took hold of it and began to slowly stroke it, pulling the generous foreskin back and forth while admiring the length, admiring the thick fatness of the Coach’s cock.

SpeedoLvr extended his tongue and pulled the Coach’s foreskin forward so that he could toy with it, pushing it around, pushing his tongue into it.

“Yeah — that’s it…” encouraged the Coach. “Suck it now…” SpeedoLvr opened his mouth and slowly took the head of the Coach’s cock inside, using plenty of saliva to get it wet as he ran his tongue around the cock-head.

Opening wider, SpeedoLvr began to work his mouth forward, taking more and more of the Coach’s cock-shaft into his mouth, feeling it push down towards his throat, breathing through his nose so that he could easily take the big cock in and out of his mouth, sliding across his tongue.

“Yeah… that’s it, cocksucker…” urged the Coach, loving the feeling of the guy’s wet mouth slurping and worshipping his big cock.

Ready to shift things up a gear, the Coach dropped down to his knees and pulled SpeedoLvr’s cock out of his Speedos. It was a nice sized cock, a good solid eight inches, it felt good in the Coach’s hand as he jacked it. The Coach then positioned his body so that they could move into a sixty-nine position, both of them still wearing their Speedos but both of them able to to wrap their mouths around each other’s hard cocks. The Coach was lying on top and he thrust his cock down the throat of SpeedoLvr while wrapping his lips around SpeedoLvr’s cock, tasting the pre-cum that had already begun to flow. The Coach loved sucking cock like this, it was almost as if you were sucking yourself — the more effort you put in, the more pleasure that you were able to give the other guy, and the more pleasure that you received in return.

The Coach reached down between SpeedoLvr’s legs and felt for his man-hole — it was sweaty, slippery, the Coach couldn’t wait to taste it. The two men disengaged and the Coach span SpeedoLvr around so that he had access to his ass, pulling the Speedo down so that the guy’s hairy crack was revealed.

“Oh yeah, man… eat my ass!” encouraged SpeedoLvr. The Coach pushed his face forward and his mouth made contact with SpeedoLvr’s hairy hole. “Ungh yeah…” moaned SpeedoLvr, feeling the Coach’s tongue begin to swirl saliva around his man-cunt, pushing inside him, chewing and biting and getting him wet. SpeedoLvr ground his ass back against the Coach’s eager face. “Yeah… get my hole wet… get it ready for your cock… can’t wait to feel your big cock slamming into my cunt…”

The coach loved it when guys got really verbal, it turned him on to hear just how desperate they were for cock, when they showed him that they were total cock-whores, wanting to be used. The Coach tested SpeedoLvr’s hole with one of his fingers — it slid in easily. He added another finger — the guy’s fuck-hole felt wet, loose, ready, the definition of a man-cunt that was made to be fucked. The Coach lined his hard cock up against SpeedoLvr’s hairy hole, resting the head of his cock against the spit-slick opening. Feeling the contact, SpeedoLvr looked back over his shoulder:

“Do it, man…” he urged. “Stick it in me!” The Coach pressed forward with his hips, feeling the initial resistance of the guy’s ass soon begin to yield and accept the hard cock that was forcing its way inside. “Ungh…” moaned SpeedoLvr, biting his lip as he was penetrated by the Coach.

The Coach paused for a moment while the guy’s body adjusted, while he relaxed, and then he pushed forward again.

“Oh yeah…” moaned SpeedoLvr, “Fuck that big cock into me!” With one forceful thrust of his hips the Coach slammed the rest of his cock all the way into SpeedoLvr’s ass.

“Fuck yeah — take that fucking cock!” growled the Coach, feeling his balls slap against the guy’s ass as he slammed his cock into him. The Coach grabbed the guy by the hips and began to fuck him mercilessly, slamming his cock in and out of the guy’s fuck-hole. “You like that?” growled the Coach. “You like my big cock in your cunt? Slamming into you? Fucking you?”

“Oh, fuck yeah…” moaned SpeedoLvr, his chest on the floor and his ass in the air to give the Coach maximum access to his hole. “I fucking love it… Fuck me with that big cock… tear that hungry hole up… fucking use my ass…”

The Coach could feel the cum boiling up inside him, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take much more. He was so intensely turned on, and the feeling of SpeedoLvr’s ass muscles milking his cock with every stroke was pushing him over the edge.

“Fuck… I’m going to cum…” warned the Coach, driving his cock hard and deep into the guy’s ass with every stroke.

“Yeah… give it to me…” urged SpeedoLvr. “Feed that hungry hole… give me your fucking load!”

The Coach arched his back, drove his hips forward as far as possible, and grunted loudly as the cum began to flow from his cock.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” grunted the Coach, his body wracked with waves of pleasure as his cum flooded SpeedoLvr’s stretched cunt. SpeedoLvr reached down and took hold of his own cock and quickly jacked himself off, spilling a big load of cum on the floor beneath him.

As the Coach caught his breath, he began to slide his cock slowly in and out of SpeedoLvr’s cum-sloppy fuck-hole, pulling it all the way out and watching the cum begin to leak out, wiping it up with the head of his cock and then pushing it back inside, fucking the cum back in. SpeedoLvr turned around so that he could take the Coach’s cock in his mouth, eagerly cleaning every drop of cum that coated the greasy cock.

“That was fucking hot!” grinned SpeedoLvr, kissing the Coach deeply, their tongues sharing the heady taste of cum and ass.

“Welcome to the neighbourhood…” grinned the Coach.

Play Hard
We are serialising Play Hard on Mainly Male. This is the fifth instalment in the serialisation. Read previous instalments.

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“Do you think tan-lines are sexy?”



Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Part 7
It was a sunny, summer’s day in Newquay and Shane and Jason were sunbathing on the beach after spending the morning surfing. Shane and Jason had coordinated their shifts at the supermarket so that they could have the day off together. It was a Thursday, so they pretty much had the beach to themselves, and they’d found a secluded spot behind the sand dunes that was sheltered from the light breeze that was blowing.

“I wish we could do this every day…” sighed Shane.

“I know, right?” agreed Jason. “Surfing and sunbathing — why can’t someone pay us to do that?”

“Do you think tan lines are sexy?” asked Shane, lifting up the leg of his swim-briefs a little to check whether he had much of a tan.

“Definitely…” nodded Jason. “I love it when a guy is really tanned but then has a white ass with a really defined line where his swim-briefs have been.”

“Yeah… totally, that’s fucking hot…” agreed Shane. “But an all-over tan can be pretty sexy too — like Brazilian guys, they always seemed to be tanned head to toe.”

“How many Brazilian guys have you been with?” laughed Jason.

“None, actually…” smiled Shane. “But I’ve studied them closely online — they all seem to have all-over tans and huge cocks. So sexy.”

“Maybe we should work on our all-over tans?” suggested Jason.

“What — get naked here?” asked Shane.

“Why not?” grinned Jason. “There’s no one else around — let’s do it!”

Jason winked, undid the waist tie of his swim-briefs, hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down and off.

“Your turn!” declared Jason. Shane quickly followed suit and soon both boys were lying naked on their towels. “I like this…” giggled Jason. “Feels good to have sun on my ass. Makes me horny.”

“Everything makes you horny!” laughed Shane. “You’ve constantly got a hard-on!”

“Yup! nodded Jason. “Check it out!” Jason rolled over onto his back and proudly displayed his hard cock to Shane. Shane also rolled onto his back and grinned as his hard cock also sprang into view.

“So, are we going to just lie here with our hard cocks, or are we going to do something about it?” asked Shane. Jason rolled over on top of Shane and brought their mouths together in a deep passionate kiss, their bodies grinding together as their tongues wrestled.

“You boys want some company?” said a voice suddenly, coming from somewhere above them. Shane and Jason immediately broke off their kissing in surprise and looked up — there was a guy standing above them up on the sand dune. He looked to be in his early 40s, masculine and muscular, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Don’t mind me…” smiled the guy, realising that he’d startled the boys. “Looks like you’re having fun. How about we have some fun together?”

Shane looked quickly at Jason and could see that they were both thinking the same thing.

“Sure…” grinned Shane. The guy quickly walked down the sandbank to where they were and stripped off his clothes, revealing his hairy, powerful chest, and a long, fat, hard cock.

“I’m Frank…” said the guy. “This is my cock. How about you get acquainted?” Frank put his hands on the back of Shane and Jason’s necks and bent them over to bring both their mouths down to service his hard cock.


Shane and Jason eagerly went to work, licking and sucking, slurping up and down the shaft of the hard cock, enjoying the feeling of their lips mashing together and their tongues entwining as the hard cock pushed between their faces.

“That’s it, boys… fuck… you sluts sure now how to work a cock…” moaned Frank. “Who wants their ass fucked first?” Both Shane and Jason immediately put their hands up while continuing to suck Frank’s cock. “So you’re both little cunt-boys are you? Whores for cock?” The boys nodded happily, turned on by Frank’s domineering and aggressive attitude. “On your hands and knees — show me those fuck-holes.”

Shane and Jason quickly positioned themselves on their hands and knees on their towels on the sand. Frank used one hand on the ass of each boy, prodding and probing with his fingers.

“Fuck yeah… such sweet boy-cunts…” admired Frank. Shane and Jason kissed, thrilled at the way that their sunbathing had turned out, loving the way that Frank was toying with their asses. After lubricating and loosening the boy’s asses with his spit and his fingers, Frank arranged them so that Shane was on his hands and knees and Jason was lying on top of him — their exposed asses lined up one on top of the other. Frank lined his cock up first against Shane’s spit-slick fuck-hole pushing it forward powerfully, pushing it in all the way.

“Ungh!” grunted Shane, feeling himself filled with Frank’s cock. After a few quick, hard thrusts Frank pulled his cock out of Shane and lined himself against Jason’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Jason, as Frank slammed his cock into him.

Frank began alternating his attentions — a few thrusts into Jason and then slamming his cock into Shane, ramming his cock in and out of Shane’s boy-hole before switching back to Jason and repeating it.

“So fucking hot…” growled Frank. “Two fucking boy-cunts… sluts… whores for cock… fucking taking my cock… going to get my load… oh fuck… fuck… here it comes…”

Frank could feel the cum boiling up inside him, he was so turned on by his encounter with Shane and Jason that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Oh fuck yeah… get ready boys… Ungh! Fuck! Fuck!” Frank pulled his cock out of Shane’s stretched fuck-hole and sprayed a huge load of cum over both of their asses, ropes of sticky white cum coating both of their fuck-holes. “Fuck yeah…” growled Frank as he fucked his cock back into Shane, and then back into Jason, using the head of his cock to swab up the cum so that he could push it deep inside the puffy boy-holes that he’d just fucked.

Eventually, Shane and Jason disentangled themselves and collapsed down onto their towels while Frank wiped himself up, got dressed and headed off down the beach.

“That was fucking hot!” laughed Shane, wrapping his arms around Jason and pulling him close for a tender kiss.

“Totally” nodded Jason happily. “We should definitely work on our all-over tans more often!”

Riding the Waves
We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the seventh instalment.

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Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

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