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Protect yourself from sextortion Protect yourself from sextortion

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Protect yourself from sextortion

Hackers stole huge amounts of cash from guys who watch porn

Protect yourself from sextortion | Photo: Adobe Stock



A group of hackers has found a new way to extort large sums of money from scared internet users.

To demonstrate their capability, the hackers used social media to reveal to the targeted user examples of the information that they claimed had been recorded.

The group claimed that they’d infected the targeted user’s computer with malware, giving them the ability to collect and reveal the porn sites accessed by the user.

Hacker behind a computer
Hackers used social media to scare users | Photo: Adobe Stock

In order to prevent the potentially compromising information being released publicly, the victims were forced to make a Bitcoin payment to the hackers.

In an interview with the canadian broadcaster CBC, David Fraser, a privacy lawyer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, talks about the unhelpful response by authorities — effectively telling the victims that it was their own fault.


Fraser says that victim blaming doesn’t work, and compares it to abstinence-only sexual education — “All you’re doing is making people feel worse…” he explains. This leads to many of cases of ‘sextortion’ going unreported due to the inability of police and other authorities to deal with the sensitive nature of these crimes.

User watching porn being hacked
Hackers threatened reveal user’s intimate photos | Photo: Adobe Stock

How can you protect yourself?

ESET — one of the largest IT security companies in the world — assures internet users that the recent attack was nothing more than a scam and that the attackers had no personal videos from the victims.

The attackers simply used email accounts, passwords, and other personal data that was made public through recent attacks on big companies such as LinkedIn, Adobe, and Yahoo.

sexy guy using computer
The best way to be safe is to be aware | Photo: Adobe Stock

To help users protect themselves from future attacks, the IT security company provides the following tips:

  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Opt for strong passwords.
  • Keep all your devices updated.
  • If possible, use multi-factor or two-step verification.

Interpol’s website advises victims of sextortion to cease all contact with the perpetrator and report the case to the local police, online provider and, in case it occurs via a social network, also alert the administrator. You are also advised to never pay the demanded amount.


Life & Health

Impulse London is bringing sexy to safer sex

Celebrate the #InternationalCondomDay




taofique matt impulse condom campaign 2019

13th February is International Condom Day and Impulse London is celebrating it with the ‘Slip it On Me’ campaign. The charity is looking to remind us that condoms are still an important tool to keep us safe from STIs.

Conveniently the day before Valentine’s Day, the International Condom Day (ICD) was created by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). The foundation’s website describes it as an “innovative and lighthearted way to remind people that wearing a condom can prevent pregnancy and STDs, including HIV”.

kayden gray slip it on me impulse london
Kayden Gray is supporting #InternationalCondomDay | Image: Impulse London

To celebrate the date, the guys at Impulse London stripped off their clothes and created this eye-catching campaign. The highlight of the campaign is the importance of being in control of your sexual life. Sex is something you should enjoy and not fear.

“Being safe is sexy, consent is sexy, your body is sexy!”

Taofique Folarin – Director of Events at Impulse London

Use it or don’t – it is YOUR choice

Nowadays most STIs are easily treatable or manageable and no longer life-threatening, but the symptoms sometimes can be a pain in the ass (literally).


Testing regularly and using condoms are just two of the many possible ways to keep you and your partners safe.

If having bareback sex is something that causes you anxiety then ‘slip one on’. The last thing you want to be while having sex is tense – especially if you’re bottoming.

slip it on me impulse london poster
Sex is something you should enjoy, not fear | Image: Impulse London

Taofique Folarin, Director of Events at Impulse London and one of the models in this campaign, understands that conversations like these “can be tricky to have, but are very important and can be very rewarding” but reminds us that “it is important you do not go against your own truth whilst being open to a conversation”.

“Your sexual health is YOUR priority and YOUR responsibility and it is YOUR decision.”

Taofique Folarin – Director of Events at Impulse London
condom day your body impulse london
YOUR body, YOUR choice | Image: Impulse London

“A piece of rubber may not seem sexy. But the safety it provides (if used correctly) can help prevent not only your body, but your self-esteem and your sex life, from embarking on an unnecessarily painful journey.”

 Kayden Gray – Director of Advocacy at Impulse London

Do you know how to use condoms?

When asked which advice he would give to a young gay guy just starting out, Kayden Gray, Director of Advocacy at Impulse London, replied that “being confused about sex stuff is super normal, especially since sex ed is not always taught or applicable or diverse enough for people who aren’t straight. As far as putting on a condom goes, the instructions come with every condom pack. What’s even more exciting, you can find a lot of tutorials online which will give you a very clear idea how to do it.”

taofique try condom impulse london
Try different condoms to find the one that fits you best | Photo: Impulse London

If you have any doubts on how to use condoms properly or simply want to see a couple of hot guys putting a condom on their dicks take a look at the educational video below created by the New Zealand non-profit organisation Ending HIV:

For more information on how to have a better and safer sex life visit your nearest sexual health clinic.

If you live in London, you can order a free STI test at Sexual Health London. You can do it from the comfort of your home and it’s easy, discrete and free.


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