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PrEP activist Phil Samba teamed up with Leon Lopez of Brown Boy Productions to create a series of #PrEPchats. The clips feature men of colour talking about PrEP and was proudly supported by iwantPrEPnow.

We went behind the scenes to ask them some questions.

Exclusive: Behind the scenes

Why are projects like this important?

“I know that a lot of men of colour are not taking PrEP”, says Phil.

While looking into the statistics of PrEP trials from all over the world, Phil Samba was able to identify that only a minority of the participants were men of colour, in particular black males.

Men of Colour Talk About Prep – Phil | Credit: Brown Boy Productions

Blaize is a British-born of Afro-Guyanese descent and one of the participants in this campaign. The marketing communications professional came across PrEP via the British website IWantPrEPNow. He’s one of the very few black men he knows taking it.

He feels that there is a lack of content targeting black and minority communities regarding sexual health.

Men of Colour Talk About Prep – Blaze | Credit: Brown Boy Productions

Representation in media: Why is it important?

Born in the Philippines and UAE-raised is currently residing in London. The set designer is one of the participants in this series. In our behind the scenes interview, Duane makes a bridge between representation and levels of engagement.

“A lot of media that we see concerning sexual health is mainly centred around the experience of white gay men which you know is clearly not my experience or something that I can fully engage with.”

Men of Colour Talk About Prep – Duane | Credit: Brown Boy Productions

Andrei was born in Barbados and raised in the UK with family of British, Bajan, and Indian origin. He recognises the lack of representation.

“There’s not enough black representation of individuals who are taking PrEP and open about speaking about it, and sharing their experiences”

Men of Colour Talk About Prep – Andrei | Credit: Brown Boy Productions

Blaize points out that statistics prove that the message is not reaching the communities effectively.

“Although HIV rates in the UK in general are falling, within ethnic minority communities, and with gay black men especially, they’re still rising”.


“I don’t see a lot of South Asian men in advertisements or campaigns linked to LGBT issues” says Fahad.

Men of Colour Talk About Prep – Fahad | Credit: Brown Boy Productions

The only way to increase the levels of engagement is by making all communities feel included and represented.

Now is the time to have these conversations

Duane believes that now is the time to have these conversations.

“People are having conversations about race and I feel like using that momentum to also break down stigmas regarding the intersection of race and sexuality and healthcare”

With this project, Phil hopes that people of all demographics, sexualities and genders to learn more about PrEP and to understand it from different people’s perspectives.

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Life & Health

Who’s down for some CommuniTEA?

Impulse London is spilling the tea live this evening




CommuniTEA invites 12 members of the London’s LGBTQ to have (and spill) some tea on 5 major topics: consent, sex, drugs, mental wellbeing and community.

The event, organised by Impulse London, will happen this evening at the Shoreditch Treehouse in London.

From 8:30pm (London Time), you will be able to join the live Q&A on Impulse London’s Facebook page. We will also share the live stream below and on our social media so you don’t miss a thing.

Meet the panel

Phillip Dzwonkiewicz

Crowned Mr Gay England 2018, he has been using this platform to spread the message of #HIVDoesntDefineYou. Pear Mentor and Leader at Positive East as a Peer Mentor.

Phoebus Ebbinni

He runs a podcast exploring what it means to be sexual by interviewing people in the sex industry about their experiences and insights.

Shahmir Sanni

Digital consultant, whistle blower and activist.


International Performance and Circus Artist

Cairo Leo

Actor/Model/ Spoken Word Artist & Transgender Activist

Victoria Gigante

Activist , member at Stonewall

Phil Samba

Social activist – Strategic lead – #PrEP4QueerMenOfColour @TeamPrepster

Connor Young

Freelance writer, has worked for Attitude, Gay Times & Vogue

David Stuart

Gay men’s wellbeing champion and Chemsex Specialist

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