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“It looked like you two were flirting?”

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Part 15
“You two — get your asses out here and get that money flowing!” instructed the manager.
“Follow my lead…” Zach said to Steve, leading the way out onto the stage where Brad, Blake, and Leroy were front and center, dollar bills in hand. “When I bend over, slap my ass.”
On cue, Zach bent over and Steve slapped Zach’s bare ass hard. Zach hoped this little tease would get the guys turned on, especially Blake. The two boys danced over to where the guys were seated. Zach sat down on Brad’s lap, and Steve sat on Blake’s lap. Both boys started grinding on the guys as Leroy watched.
“Um, we didn’t pay for lap dances guys…” mumbled Blake.
“This one’s on us…” grinned Zach, switching across to also give Leroy some attention.
The three guys shoved dollar bills in the jocks of both Steve and Zach and the boys eventually went back up on stage and finished their set.
“Okay, I didn’t think those two could get me going like this…” growled Leroy, adjusting his uncomfortably hard cock.
“That’s what we have to live with all the time!” nodded Blake .
“You have to admit, Zach is a hot little piece of ass…” added Brad, looking for the bartender to order another drink.
“Just remember, he’s off limits…” cautioned Leroy.
“Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the show?” grinned Zach, emerging from backstage with Steve at his side. “I wanted to introduce Steve to everyone…”
“Nice to meet you all…” grinned Steve, shaking their hands as the introductions were made. When he shook Blake’s hand, Steve locked eyes with him and took a little longer with the handshake than the other two. Blake saw out of the corner of his eye that Brad had noticed the long handshake between him and Steve. Blake quickly pulled his hand back.
“Do you guys know each other?” Brad asked.
“Steve works out at the same gym as I do…” shrugged Blake.
“We have to get ready for our next set, guys…” said Zach. “You’re sticking around for a bit?”
“We’ll try…” nodded Blake. “If not, we’ll see you at home.”
“I’m headed to the bar for another drink…” announced Brad “Does anyone want anything?”
While Brad was up at the bar he saw Zach grabbing some water.
“You’re looking quite hot out there tonight, Zach…” smiled Brad, walking to the bar with Zach.
“Thanks, Brad, I’m glad that you guys are here to see me in action…” grinned Zach, wrapping his arms around Brad and giving him an affectionate hug.
“So, how much longer do you guys want to stay?” asked Brad, returning to the table where Blake and Leroy were sitting.
“Hey, Brad can I talk to you for a minute?” said Blake. Brad followed Blake to the back of the bar. “So, I saw you over there talking to Zach for a while, and then I saw him hugging you.”
“What are you getting at, Blake?” demanded Brad.
“It looked like you two were flirting?” suggested Blake. “Have you been fooling around with Zach?”
“Blake, you’re making something out of nothing…” dismissed Brad.
“Nothing?” repeated Blake. “Brad, the kid’s just wearing a g-string and you’ve got your hands all over him!”
“What did you see?” demanded Brad. “Me hugging our roommate! What about your handshake with the slut from the gym? You can’t tell me that you haven’t been fucking around behind my back!”
“Hey, guys…” interrupted Leroy, seeing that the discussion between Brad and Blake was escalating into an argument. “Let’s just head out and we can finish this conversation tomorrow, when everyone is thinking more clearly?”
“I’m done talking…” snapped Brad, grabbing his coat and the car keys. “You can be such a douche, Blake. Think about that while you’re walking your ass home!” Brad turned around and walked out.
“Hey, Leroy, sorry about all of this…” apologised Blake. “Want to share a cab home?”
“Sure, mind if I finish my drink?” asked Leroy.
“Of course…” nodded Blake. “I’m going to go talk to Zach for a minute.”
Blake saw Steve at the end of the bar, talking to a few other guys.
“Have you seen Zach around?” asked Blake.
“I haven’t seen him in a while. Is everything ok?” asked Steve.
“I might have fucked up big time…” admitted Blake. “I was fucking Zach on the side, while I was also fucking you.The problem is, Brad and I are supposed to be monogamous.”
“Blake, you didn’t fuck up…” said Steve. “Zach seduced you — both you and Brad.”
“What did you say?” asked Blake.
“Zach seduced both of you…” repeated Steve. “He told me. That’s been his agenda all along.”
Blake’s head was spinning. He walked back to the table where Leroy was waiting for him.
“Leroy, can you find Zach and have him stay with you tonight?” asked Blake.
“Sure. Why?” asked Leroy.
“Because Brad and I have to talk some things out, and we don’t need Zach there…” explained Blake, grabbing his coat and heading outside.
“Where did everyone go?” asked Zach, coming over to check why Leroy was by himself.
“Hey, buddy, how about you come home and stay with me tonight?” suggested Leroy. “Brad and Blake have some things they need to work out, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to go home tonight.”
“What’s going on?” asked Zach. “I hope I haven’t fucked everything up between them?”
“Probably best if we just give them a bit of space…” advised Leroy. “Don’t worry, plenty of room at my place for you.”

Can I call you Uncle?
Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the 15th instalment — read earlier episodes here.

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Matty J is doing it just for the fans

Fuelling our fantasies.



Image supplied

I caught up with Matty J to talk fantasies, underwear, and life on JustFor.Fans.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I started with posting pictures of myself wearing different kinds of underwear on Instagram. One of my followers suggested I should look into setting up a JustFor.Fans page, so that I could post content that wasn’t allowed on Instagram.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

No real heroes or inspirations as such, I have a few favourite models and porn actors I follow on social media – like Drew Dixon, Igor Kolomiyets, and Johnny Rapid. But my all time favourite porn actor and the one I first took an interest in is Brent Corrigan.

What sort of content do you generally feature on your JustFor.Fans channel?

Mostly it’s just solo work – me in front of the camera. But lately, I’ve been getting into a bit more exhibitionism – like wanking in public bathrooms and gay cruising spots, and getting under-stall hand-jobs from anonymous strangers.

I’m still growing the channel, so I haven’t got a specific type of content. I’d like to try and keep things varied on there, to keep the fans interested.

What’s your ultimate JustFor.Fans fantasy?

Maybe a full-on orgy scene? I’m not too sure. It would definitely have to be something involving two or more other guys, maybe something outdoors or semi-public, with a risk of being caught.

Can we talk underwear?

Love me some underwear! I always get a semi when browsing that aisle in a department store.

I’m a big fan of briefs on other guys – they’re form-fitting and perfectly frame everything down there. Anything from the bright colours of Aussiebum or Marco Marco, to simple classic styles.

I’m in briefs every day. I wear them to the gym, to work, to wherever.

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

Focus on creating new content for my followers on Instagram and JustForFans. Engaging with the followers more, and see where it goes.

I just recently got over 1,000 followers on Instagram, and so I’m just excited for what the new year could bring.

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