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“If you ever need some company…”

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



Part 1

It was early on a Friday afternoon and Shane was bored. His mother was at work, and he had the house to himself. But he had nothing to do, and no one around to entertain him.

Shane had promised his mother that he’d make an attempt at cleaning up his bedroom. There were piles of clothes that he could no longer remember if they were clean or dirty, books from school that he’d been meaning to revise, and random collections of stuff that looked like it was probably junk but must have seemed important at one time or another. Shane sighed as he made an attempt at trying to sort out what needed to be kept and what could be thrown away.

While rummaging through his school books, Shane came across the business card of Peter McKinley. Shane studied the card for a moment, it instantly brought back the memories of his encounter with McKinley.

It had been a long, slow train journey from Cornwall back to London. Shane was bored of sitting on the train, bored of the idea of having to return to London. Having spent his summer vacation staying with his father down in Newquay, the thought of returning to London, returning to school, was filling him with dread and apprehension. Sat in a window seat, his headphones on, immersed in his music, Shane couldn’t really remember when the man had got on and sat next to him. At some point the man had tapped Shane on the shoulder.

“I’m just going to the toilet…” said the man. “Can you keep an eye on my bag, please?”

“Sure…” nodded Shane. It was only as the man was getting up out of his seat that Shane realised how attractive the man was — he looked to be in his early 40s, tall, a strong build, his dark hair neatly styled, he was wearing an expensive suit that was tight in all the right places, and he smelled good, he smelled really good.

Shane was at that age where his hormones were on full throttle, and the rhythmic motion of the train already had Shane fairly juiced up. The realisation that he was sitting next to a sexy guy instantly had his cock stirring. Shane tried to adjust his chubbed-up cock, trying to get comfortable, but that only seemed to make things worse. His cock was now rock hard — trapped and uncomfortable in his tight briefs. Shane knew that there was only one way to relieve the situation, he had to jack off.

Shane tried to conceal his bulging crotch as he made his way unsteadily down the rocking train carriage. There was only one toilet cubicle, and it was occupied — Shane assumed that it was the man who was sitting next to him. He stood outside the toilet, waiting. Suddenly the toilet door opened and the man was standing there.

“Oh, hey…” nodded Shane, feeling awkward and trying to conceal his hard-on. “I, um… I needed to use the bathroom too…”

“I can see why…” winked the man, looking pointedly at Shane’s crotch.

Despite Shane’s best efforts to conceal his hard-on, it was obvious that his hard cock was causing a tent in his sweatpants. Shane’s cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“No need to be embarrassed, kid…” smiled the man. “Happens to us all. Listen, if you want a hand with that thing… I’d be happy to help you out?”

“Um… sure…” nodded Shane, unsure really what he was being offered or what he was agreeing to. Without waiting for any further encouragement, the man pulled Shane towards him, back into the toilet cubicle of the train, locking the door behind them.

The man grabbed Shane’s body, pulling him close, his hands immediately dropping to Shane’s ass and firmly grabbing his ass cheeks, feeling them, massaging them through the loose sweat pants that Shane was wearing.

“Great ass, kid…” admired the man, growling into Shane’s ear. Shane was rock hard now, being manhandled by this sexy, older, masculine guy was playing right into all of Shane’s favourite fantasies. Shane felt the man chewing on his ear, it sent shivers of pleasure running through his body.

The man dropped to his knees and freed Shane’s hard cock from the constrictions of tight briefs and grey sweatpants. Shane’s cock bounced free, inches from the man’s face.

“Yeah… that’s a nice-looking cock you’ve got there, kid…” admired the man, reaching out and wrapping his hand around Shane’s cock-shaft. The man began to slowly jack his hand backwards and forwards, sliding Shane’s generous foreskin up and down, admiring the long and thick cock-shaft. Feeling the man’s hand on his cock was electric, Shane let out a moan of pleasure as the man continued to slowly jack his cock.

“Someone’s horny, aren’t they?” smiled the man, looking up at Shane. The man continued to slowly move his fist backwards and forwards, pushing Shane’s foreskin back and then pulling it forward, slowly pushing it back and slowly pulling it forwards. It felt good, really good. Shane could feel himself going a little weak at the knees.

The man leaned forward and flicked his tongue across the head of Shane’s cock, pulling Shane’s foreskin forward so that he could gently toy with it with his tongue.

“That’s some sweet tasting pre-cum…” smiled the man, licking his lips. The man opened his mouth and took the head of Shane’s cock between his lips, swirling his tongue around the edge of the sensitive cock-head before letting it slide across his tongue and push down towards the back of his throat.


“Oh yeah…” moaned Shane, lost in the pleasure of having his hard cock expertly serviced. The man continued to slurp and suck on Shane’s cock, taking the cock deep into his throat, holding on to Shane’s hips to help steady himself as Shane pushed his cock in and out of the man’s mouth, steadily increasing momentum and intensity until Shane was slamming his cock into the back of the man’s throat.

It didn’t take long until Shane began to reach the point of no return, he could feel the cum beginning to boil up inside him.

“Fuck… I’m going to cum…” warned Shane. But the man didn’t slow down, didn’t miss a beat, just kept deep-throating Shane’s cock, taking the entire shaft as deep into his throat as possible. “Fuck yeah…” gasped Shane, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” As the cum began to shoot from his cock, Shane closed his eyes and pushed his cock deep into the man’s throat, the man continued sucking and slurping, eagerly swallowing every drop, lapping up every strand of cum that coated Shane’s cock-shaft.

When the man eventually allowed Shane’s softening cock to slide from his lips, Shane pulled his sweat pants back up.

“You taste great, kid…” winked the man.

“Thanks…” smiled Shane. “You really know how to suck cock.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice…” grinned the man. “You can call me anytime, kid…” winked the man, reaching into his wallet and pulling out one of his business cards. “Anytime you need some company…”

Shane tucked the business card into his pocket and they returned to their seats. It wasn’t long before the train arrived into Paddington station and they went their separate ways.

But now, alone in his bedroom on a Friday afternoon, turning that business card over and over in his hand, reflecting on that horny encounter on the train, Shane began to wonder whether he should perhaps give McKinley a call.

“Peter McKinley, Vice President…” read Shane, studying the business card. Shane could feel his cock already getting hard at the thought of meeting up with the cock-sucking businessman from the train. “Well, he did say to give him a call if I ever needed some company…”

Riding the Waves

We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the first instalment.

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Arts & Culture

Giving a voice to gay Arab men



Samer Bo (image supplied)
Samer Bo (image supplied)

I caught up with author Samer Bo to talk about writing erotic gay fiction in Egypt.

What led you to start writing erotic gay fiction?

I was forgetting what was happening. I noticed that when someone asked me about what happened to me the previous week, I couldn’t remember the details.

I think forgetting was my defence-mechanism for all the pain and trouble.

So, I started by writing my diaries, which ended to be quite erotic sometimes. Then that moved to erotic fiction.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your stories?

Inspiration comes from my personal experiences and sometimes my friends’ experiences. Other times, I just meet a guy or watch a movie, and it inspires me to write a story.

Who are your target audience?

I write for myself before anyone else. I’d love all gay men to read and get aroused by my stories.

But I guess I do write for minorities — people who don’t usually get represented in media, porn, or erotic stories. I want people to see themselves represented in my novels.

What sort of feedback do you get from your readers?

I get a lot of positive feedback from people in the Middle East who finally find a voice speaking to them. Some see me as a role model — a type of Egyptian guy that they never see in the media.

Do your friends and family know that you write erotic gay fiction?

Only some close friends know. I’m not in touch with my family anyway. Samer is my real name, but I changed my last name to Bo.

Have you had any negative reactions to the gay erotic fiction that you write?

I only tell people about my writing if I know that they’re either gay or gay friendly. So I haven’t had negative reactions in that respect.

However, I have had multiple incidents of homophobia. I was arrested once.

Son of the President isn’t an erotic story, how did that story come to you?

That story is based on the real-life story of an older friend that I met a few years ago. I told him about my erotic stories, and he asked me to write an erotic story inspired by his experiences.

However, I felt that if I wrote it as erotica, it would take away from the essence of the story. So I left it as non-erotic story.


What do you hope that people feel when reading your stories?

First of all, aroused from my erotic stories. Plus, I want people to feel represented.

Gay Arabs are not represented in any kind of media. We’re being suppressed and discriminated against. A lot of gay men in the Middle East feel that being gay is wrong, and that homosexuality is a sin.

This is my small way to help those men feel better about themselves.

What are some of your goals and ambitions for the remainder of 2018?

More stories, maybe some non-erotic ones. I’m also helping a friend of mine to change his non-erotic short story into a play.

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