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“I set out to seduce them both…”

Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash



Part 17
The Uber pulled up in front of Leroy’s place, Zach and Leroy get out and walked toward the house.
“Hey, Leroy, thanks for letting me stay here tonight, but I don’t have any clothes to change into…” said Zach. “Do you have any I can borrow?”
“Sure, kid…” smiled Leroy, opening the door and leading the way inside. “Go grab a shower and I’ll round up some of my old clothes for you.”
“Thanks, Leroy, I really appreciate all you’ve done for me…” said Zach. “Not many guys would do for me what you three have.”
“It’s the least we can do…” winked Leroy. “The bathroom is down the hall on the right, you’ll find towels in the cupboard and a new toothbrush in there also. I’m going to shower off also. When I get out I’ll make us something to eat.”
Zach headed into the bathroom and closed the door. He looked at himself in the mirror, wondering if he’d fucked up everything by seducing both Blake and Brad, wishing he’d been able to listen to his head instead of thinking with his cock.
“Hey, Zach, I have some clothes for you here…” shouted Leroy, while Zach was still in the shower.
“Come on in!” shouted Zach. Zach peered around the shower curtain as Leroy opened the bathroom door. Leroy was naked apart from a small towel wrapped around his waist.
“I’ll just leave the clothes here by the basin…” said Leroy. “Catch you in the kitchen, I’ll throw in a pizza.” Leroy went to the kitchen and threw a frozen pizza in the oven and opened a bottle of wine for him and Zach to share. After what had happened he guessed Zach could probably do with a drink.
“Hey there, is that second glass for me?” asked Zach as he walked into the kitchen. “The pizza smells good, I’m starving!”
“Pizza will be ready in a few. Do you want to talk about what happened with Brad and Blake, or would you prefer not to?”
“I didn’t set out to ruin anyone’s relationship…” sighed Zach.
“How have you ruined their relationship?” asked Leroy.
“When I moved in with the guys, I set out to seduce them both. They were so hot I couldn’t help it…” confessed Zach.
“You know what, kid, what’s done is done…” shrugged Leroy, taking the pizza out of the oven and slicing it up. “Don’t worry about the guys, they’ll work things out. Until then you can stay here as long as you need.”
“Thanks, Leroy…” smiled Zach, munching into a slice of pizza.
“Can I ask you a personal question?” asked Leroy, opening another bottle of wine and topping up their glasses. “What is it about Brad and Blake that you found so irresistible?”
“Um… I’m not really sure…” shrugged Zach. “It’s always been guys that have been a bit older that have caught my attention.”
“In what way?” asked Leroy.
“I knew I was gay when I was five, but I couldn’t talk about it to anyone in my family. I came out at 16 and that’s when I got kicked out.” explained Zach. “I went and stayed with my uncle for a while. He’s my Dad’s younger brother - tall, dark hair, muscular…”
“He sounds dreamy…” winked Leroy.
“Exactly…” nodded Zach. “He was the first guy that I ever seduced.”
“Your Uncle?” asked Leroy.
“Uh huh…” nodded Zach.
“What do you mean that you seduced him?” asked Leroy. “It must have been a two-way street?”
“I wanted him to want me…” shrugged Zach. “I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t put the moves on him, then the thought would never have crossed his mind. He’s straight, married, got kids… Well, he was married.”
“How did you go about seducing him?” asked Leroy.
“He worked from home a lot…” explained Zach. “Whenever he and I were alone in the house, I’d make sure I was wearing as little as possible - usually just a pair of running shorts, but as I got bolder I just started wearing a jockstrap.”
“He didn’t tell you to put some clothes on?” asked Leroy.
“He probably did…” shrugged Zach. “But I was determined to get what I wanted. They had a swimming pool in their backyard, and I’d always pester him to come and have a swim with me. Whenever I got him in the pool I’d jump on him and wrestle him, just doing anything to get as close to him as possible, to get him to notice me.”
“I think that’s pretty normal for teenagers?” suggested Leroy.
“Things crossed a line one day when we were swimming…” continued Zach. “He was wearing a loose pair of shorts. While we were wrestling, I pulled his shorts off and threw them onto the side of the pool. He retaliated and did the same thing to me. I jumped on his back and wrapped my legs around his waist. My feet brushed against his hard cock - that’s when I knew that I had him.”
“How did that play out?” asked Leroy.
“Once I realised that he was hard, I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist and used the insoles of my feet to grab onto his cock, I was jacking his cock with my feet while we were still in the water…” continued Zach. “He said something like - Have you found what you were looking for, you little slut…”
“He called you a slut?” asked Leroy.
“Yeah…” nodded Zach. “It turned me on so much hearing him say it, that he knew what I was, what I wanted… He carried me over to the edge of the pool. He lay down on one of the sun-lounges and told me to show him what I could do. I’d never touched another guy before, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do…”
“He let you do anything you wanted?” asked Leroy.
“Yeah…” nodded Zach. “I started off by sucking his thick cock. He was rock hard, I could hardly wrap my mouth around it. He was the one that told me to suck on his nipples - I hadn’t thought of that, but as I was lying on top of him, sucking and chewing on his nipples, I could feel his thick cock resting against my ass… I was sliding my ass up and down the shaft, pushing back towards it. He asked me if I thought I could take his cock in my cunt…”
“He called your ass a cunt?” asked Leroy.
“Yeah…” nodded Zach. “I had no idea if I was going to be able to take it, but I was determined to try. That first time really stretched me to the limit, but every time he fucked me it got easier…”
“He fucked you a lot?” asked Leroy.
“He was fucking insatiable…” grinned Zach. “Every morning, as soon as the kids had gone to school and his wife had gone to work, he was straight into my room slamming his thick cock into my cunt. Sometimes he’d come into my room in the middle of the night to fuck me.”
“Jesus…” nodded Leroy. “So, what went wrong?”
“His wife came back home one morning…” shrugged Zach. “She’d left something behind that she needed for the office. She found her husband balls deep in the gay nephew. Obviously, I needed somewhere else to stay - that’s when I found Big Brother, Little Brother.”
“It doesn’t sound like you were completely at fault in that scenario…” observed Leroy.
“I guess not…” shrugged Zach. “But I knew that I was fucking around with other people’s lives but I went ahead and did it anyway, because I was thinking with my cock. Have you ever done something like that?”
“Um… maybe…” admitted Leroy.
“Spill it!” insisted Zach.
“Well, some things happened between Brad and me that really shouldn’t have happened…” began Leroy. “But, like you, I was thinking with my cock and not with my head.”
“You and Brad?” said Zach. “Fuck, that’s hot! Tell me what happened?”
“It was after the first time that he’d played racquetball against you…” explained Leroy. “He was so turned-on and horned-up that he came into my office needing to let off steam. So I… helped him to let off some steam…”
“It was because of me?” asked Zach. “Is it wrong if that makes me feel good?”
“Possibly…” grinned Leroy. “But I know what you mean. When it happened, I knew that I was kind of taking advantage of Brad, but I really wanted it to happen so I just went with it. Come on, it’s getting late. I’ll tell you the rest of that story some other time.”
“Leroy, can I sleep with you tonight?” asked Zach.
“I was hoping you were going to say that…” winked Leroy. “Another example of when I’m thinking with my cock and not my head.”

Can I call you Uncle?

Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the 17th instalment - read earlier episodes here.

Read more from Gareth Johnson

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Meet Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp

A masterclass in pup-play.



Image supplied

By Sandy Pianim – Brand Director of Recon

You may recognise this Daddy-Pup duo from out and about on the fetish scene, their kink friendly, sex education YouTube channel – Watts The Safeword or their other online “sexploits”. It’s fair to say these guys are fetish connoisseurs. We caught up with them in the Mr S Leather studio in San Francisco to discuss their relationship and all things BDSM.

The conversation starts at the beginning. “The pup came along at a time in my life when I was in transition of a relationship, and he taught me all about puppies. He’s been the best companion I’ve had ever since…” shares mrKristofer, when talking about how they met almost five years ago.

PupAmp goes on to explain that they met at IML and knew of mrKristofer’s online bondage work beforehand. mrKristofer remembers the moment, “I was tying up boys for demos and he was skulking around hoping to get tied up. He had such a sexy ass I was like… Do you want to get tied up?!”

In the beginning their Daddy-Pup relationship was very open and all about casual play. They didn’t refer to themselves as dating or boyfriends, it was just about affection and taking care of one another. “There was definitely some love involved there.” PupAmp says, describing how they started. mrKristofer emphasises that there was a lot of love, but he was a little standoffish. “I told him that I wasn’t ready for another relationship and he said, ‘That’s ok, I’m just a puppy. I’m here to make you happy.’ I thought, now that I can do!”

Over time they evolved into what they are today. They’ve had poly family relationships where other guys have come in and out. They’ve even had relationships independent of each other but, mrKristofer describes PupAmp as his rock, stating “Nobody argues with the puppy, puppy is always right.”

Conducting an open relationship of any kind can be tricky but PupAmp gives this piece of advice. “FOMO exists, there’s always going to be jealously here and there. It’s a matter of being really good at communicating. I think kinksters statistically are better at doing [this], and just being able say how something makes you feel and being able to work past that. We’re not built for monogamy.”

With that in mind, we were intrigued to find how and what they used Recon for. Both are very particular when viewing member profiles, using what they find there to make informed decisions about whether to engage. “I tend to look at a person’s pictures first and foremost” says PupAmp, “Their descriptions, [then] if they have friends or people you can reference.” For him, all of this information comes together to get a sense of how credible a player they are. mrKristofer agrees with this tactic but adds “…It is where I get most of the people I play with.”

A word of warning before you hit the cruise button on mrKristofer’s profile, though: have variety in your photos, and if they feature any bondage, make sure it’s not sloppy. Asked for a bad example he states “[A] single granny knot to a chair at the wrong pressure points. You can determine someone’s skill level.” Then explaining why good bondage matters, “BDSM is such a special experience. It’s a power control thing. That’s what I find sexy, tying someone down or being tied down. You are giving the other person complete control to do anything.”

PupAmp recalls how he learned bondage through watching kinky porn. His younger self always wished there was some sort of fetish figure that he could look up to for advice and guidance. Being a child of the internet, he wanted to see gay, kinky, sex positive content creators. The lack of this type of content inspired him and friend, Bolt to create their own YouTube channel, Watts the Safeword – which has found huge success.

When Bolt moved to Seattle, mrKristofer stepping up to co-host Watts the Safeword and to share his unique take on fetish. They have guests and viewers reach out to them, picking topics for them to discuss in their videos. They’ve effectively created the supportive online community that a young PupAmp always craved. Their ability to make educational fetish content for all – regardless of gender and sexuality – empowers viewers and provides them with the tools to go forth and explore their own kinks. The couple are doing their bit to make the scene as visible as possible, which can only further the fetish community as a whole.

When asked what we can all do to strengthen the community, mrKristofer smiles “Having a puppy has taught me to be more accepting of other people’s kinks. I come from an older background where it’s ‘This is the way you do leather and anything outside of how we learned to do leather is wrong.’ We need to be more accepting that everyone has different kinks and fetishes. It’s grown exponentially over the last few years and we have to accept all of it.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Originally published in Recon Issue_01. Available in print and digitally via

Words by @That_Sandy

Join Recon by signing up for free on or download the app for IOS and Android via

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