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How to predict the World Cup winner

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I caught up with Jack Burke from Hims to talk football and penis size — he’s put together a handy comparison chart that ranks the World Cup football teams by the average length of their penis.

Do we know why average penis size varies between countries? What are some of the factors that influence penis size?

Weight, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, genetics, and cardiovascular disease can all affect the length and strength of your penis.

Are there any surprises in these results? Some of my Portuguese friends are asking for a re-count. I’m also surprised by Russia’s low-ranking?

I was shocked that nations like Poland, Serbia, and Russia weren’t higher. But Portugal was the real surprise.

In the results that we’ve seen so far at the World Cup, are we seeing any correlation between penis size and football prowess? Could a large penis be a disadvantage in football?

Colombia — the biggest — lost to Japan — the smallest — on day five of the World Cup. Russia, who has scored the most goals so far this tournament, is ranked 28th out of the 32 teams. As of now, the top five countries have yet to win a game.

In my experience, when it comes to penis size, it’s a poor workman who blames his tools. Do guys spend too much time worrying about the size of their penis and comparing dick-sizes with each other?

Anyone can score some goals as long as you know how to use the skills you were given.

In football and in live, at the end of the day it’s performance that matters. Do you have any hints or tips as to how I can bring my A-game to the bedroom, whatever my penis size?

Focus on the positive. If you want to boost your confidence, check out our products to take your performance off the field to a new level.

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How do you masturbate?



Image sourced from stock image library.
Image sourced from stock image library.

I caught up with Twitter buddy Suffolk Lad and asked him a few personal questions.

Can you remember the first time you jacked-off?

I’d probably just turned 13. I can remember I was still sharing a bedroom with my brother. We had bunk beds. I remember I was rubbing my hard penis on the duvet.

How did you feel when you first jacked off?

The very first time I came was quite a shock.

Did you talk about it with anyone?

It was never spoken about. Wanking felt like my dirty little secret. I never discussed it with anyone. That was over 20 years ago — it’s just how things were.

Did you try any different techniques in those early years?

I tried a few different ways but ended up sticking with what gave me the most pleasure.

Can you remember the first time you talked to someone else about jacking off?

The first time I spoke about wanking was with a guy that I met online — we’re great friends now. We chatted for ages about the pleasure it gave us and how we did it. Obviously we had a bit fun from there.

What’s your preferred way to jack-off currently?

I enjoy I straight forward wank. I play with myself a bit — balls, nipples — and I have a bit of porn to hand. Then I just bust one out — it’s the best way.

What jack-off hints or tips would you give a young guy just starting to explore his sexuality?

Enjoy yourself. It’s all about self-pleasure. Do it as you feel you need to. There’s no right or wrong way.

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