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Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


How to be fashionable at a pool party

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash



A few years ago, I found this helpful guide on WikiHow on how to really bring your A-game to a pool party. It’s pretty much become my pool party manifesto, I follow it religiously. This is the kind of thing that should be taught in schools.

  1. Carry a cute beach bag, stripes or polka-dots are best.
  2. Put on a bikini or swimsuit that looks good on you.
  3. Have a funky beach towel to lie on and make it quite big, as other people might want to chat and sit on your towel.
  4. Cover up with summery layers. Try a cute skirt/wrap or short shorts over your swimsuit. You could also try a little bolero or string top over your swimsuit.
  5. Put on some waterproof mascara if you want.
  6. Make sure you shave before you go.
  7. Get summery beach hair by encouraging natural waves. Take a shower, put in some hair gel or hair spray, and scrunch your hair. You can also get curl cream.
  8. Accessorise! Try to avoid loose jewellery though, you don’t want it to fall off. Try some glittery hair clips, earrings, and any other jewellery that you don’t mind getting wet. Big bracelets are cool.
  9. Have a hot pair of shades! Try to wear some designer sunglasses if you have the money. If not, there are plenty of cheaper imitations of the real deal. Always get big, chunky ones.
  10. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Try a spray on - they go on easier AND give your skin a nice shimmer/shine! Sometimes a scented sunscreen like coconut can be fun, and will be pleasant relief from the regular smell.
  11. Wear a cute pair of flip-flops.
  12. Make sure everything - Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Towel, Beach Bag, Nail Polish, Jewellery, and Flip-Flops - are all in BRIGHT, summery, and funky colours. You’ll be a total beach babe!
  13. Get out there and socialise!

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Sweat, sex, and sports socks.



#AASSSOXX (image supplied)
#AASSSOXX (image supplied)

I caught up with Matt, co-owner of Polish sports-fetish brand #AASSSOXX, to talk sport, sex, and socks.

When did you establish the #AASSSOXX brand?

I met Slawek at the beginning of 2017. It started as usual — Grindr, fetish, sex and finally love — what we have now is amazing! We work together and we have our own clothing brand.

Everything was possible because there was also another thing that we have in common — a passion for fashion. Slawek started designing clothes years ago, he was constructing male clothes. I always tried to sew something at home.

So, starting from an inspiration of gear and clothes to have sex in and play with, we started designing, creating, and sewing a collection.

Our debut fashion show was during the finals of Mister Gay Poland 2017.

What makes sports gear sexy?

Picture this — there’s a guy standing before you, he’s just finished his workout, his sweaty shirt is highlighting every muscle in his chest and abs, his shorts are slightly revealing this one and only shape, and on top of that, white socks contrasting with his dark-haired legs. This is just everything that’s the best!

Sports gear is synonymous with a perfect body, muscles, a masculine smell, power, domination. It’s the quintessence of testosterone.

Have you always had a sportswear fetish?

Forever. It probably began in the high-school locker-room. It’s not surprising really, you’re young, your hormones are boiling, and you’re in the locker-room sitting with your classmates after gym — everyone is naked or nearly naked, you can watch their bodies, you can smell how sweaty they are.

You want to have sex with them, but you know you can’t, you know that you’ll never be able to do anything with them. So, you wait — you wait until you’re alone, and you can just smell the socks and boxers that are lying around everywhere.

A total turn-on.

Who are the guys who buy your products?

They’re guys just like us — guys who are totally into sports socks. Everything we do is authentic. All of the clothes that we create have to turn us on before we will include them in our collection. We’re the models in our almost-explicit fetish photo-shoots.

#AASSSOXX is the first Polish LGBTQ clothing brand. We want to expland — as well as sportswear, we want to create casual clothes for all LGBTQ people, not just guys who have a sportswear fetish.

Our newest, most versatile collection is called Pride — we’ll be presenting this at the Mr Gay Europe 2018 event, which will be held in Poland.

Which are your most popular products?

Our ultimate best-sellers are the KINKY Pants and the KINKY shorts. I’m not surprised that these are so popular — when Slawek first saw the fabric, he just went crazy about it!

We’re very proud that almost every piece of clothing — the fabric, the design, the construction — is made by us in our small but growing workshop. It’s ‘almost’ because we can’t make the socks ourselves — you need a really huge machine to make them, so our socks are made for us by one of the best manufacturers of sport socks in Poland.


Which famous sportsman or celebrity would you like to dress in #AASSSOXX gear?

The biggest celebrity who wears these clothes everyday is my boyfriend. But knowing him, he would choose Zayn Malik or David Beckham — luckily for me, they’re both unavailable.

Dressing them is one thing, obviously we’d have to start by taking some measurements…

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