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No turning back for Dillon Diaz

“I want to get my dick wet in this industry!”




I caught up with Dillon Diaz to talk about getting started in the gay porn industry.

What led you to start exploring a career in gay porn?

I started working as a go-go, stripper, and erotic dancer in the spring of 2018, as a new adventure for myself. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone as much as possible and grow from the experiences. I met lots of people this year that helped open my mind and supported me through the process. Everyone from club owners, to promoters, other dancers doing what I do, and also some porn stars.

Dillon Diaz open jeans
Dillon Diaz. Photo: Mark Daniel Bagang

It was after meeting guys like Andrew Fitch, Skyy Knox, Johnny Knox, Dolf Dietrich, Kris Karr, and Hans Berlin that I started to consider it as an option for myself. My perception of what it was like to work in adult entertainment and be a porn star totally changed when I met these guys. I saw that they had normal healthy lives, normal healthy relationships, and a great income.

I got to do live performances with a couple of these guys at club bookings, and I loved it. I realised that I could be a porn star too. So, with the help of my new sexy mentors, I started to send my photos to some of the gay porn production companies out there. I’ve received a great response, and I believe I’m close to setting a date for my first scenes.

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

I’d describe myself as an introvert with exhibitionist tendencies. Before I started working in this industry, I avoided nightlife all together. I wasn’t into the bar or club scene with its crowds and loud music. I need lots of space and me-time.


But what I found is that even though I’m in the middle of the crowd, I’m still apart from it. I’m usually on a stage or a box, and it gives me a little height and distance where I can be by myself and be on display. The loud music became therapeutic. I got lost in the music and found a new me, or a side of me that I didn’t know was there and I like it.

Dillon Diaz towel
Dillon Diaz. Photo: Mark Daniel Bagang

It’s really not bad having all eyes on you. It’s kind of hot to be the centre of attention. I found my inner-performer on stage in the gay bars of NYC. Progression has always been important to me, and going into gay porn feels like a natural progression from dancing. It’s onward and upward for me — no turning back.

Who are some of your gay porn heroes or inspirations?

I’m about to show my age. I remember rubbing it out to Tyger Tyson and the other guys of Latino Fan Club. Back then, those guys looked like the guys that were giving me a hard time in school. It was hot to see them all fucking each other.

Today, my heroes are the guys I’ve met and who are helping me to get to where they are — or at least in the same neighbourhood. Andrew, Skyy, Dolf, and Hans — they’re my friends, mentors, and gay porn heroes.

What’s your ultimate gay porn fantasy?

There are so many! I’m looking forward to being directed and producing some hot scenes for everyone to enjoy, but I’d like a good interracial group where I get to flip fuck.

Can we talk underwear?

When I’m not performing, I wear just a basic and comfortable brief of any kind — from a boxer brief to a bikini brief, I like my goods kept close. When I’m performing, I like to change it up and be creative. I’ll look for options with sheer panels, cut outs, interesting textures and colours. Then, of course, I accessorise the whole look to completion.

Dillon Diaz yellow underwear
Dillon Diaz. Photo: Mark Daniel Bagang

At the gym, it’s either no underwear or I’ll wear a jockstrap.

When it comes to other guys, I like them to wear anything that’s flattering to their body. But, if I could choose it for them, I’d pick a nice jockstrap.

What are some of your goals and ambitions for the months ahead?

I want to get my dick wet in this industry and make more contacts, growing as a performer.

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David Marshall is supporting charities using his OnlyFans page

Unfortunately not all charities are ok with it




Sex is unfortunately still looked down upon. Therefore many charities try to steer clear from it as much as possible.

David Marshall, a professional wrestler, personal trainer, and model from Perth – Australia, tried to donate $5,000AUD he raised via his OnlyFans page to Australian suicide prevention charity Beyond Blue. The charity rejected the donation due to ‘violation of their policy’.

The idea to raise money to Beyond Blue came after a long chat with someone that has been clean for five years through AA.

David Marshall
David Marshall | Photo: Joel Devereux

After his father passed away two years ago, Marshall became aware of the lack of support and research available for people from older generations.


“They’re stuck with the harden-the-fuck up attitude” described the model.

In a short period of time, the professional wrestler was able to raise more than $5000AUD for the suicide prevention charity.

The charity’s attitude hurt him

Back in December 2018, after an interview with Gay Star News, it came to the charity’s attention how he had raised the money. Beyond Blue contacted Marshall to inform him that they could not accept it because the collection violated their policies.

“They gave me the option to make it an anonymous donation and not to mention my fundraising for them, or they could give the money back,” he told Mainly Male.

David Marshall Pump Underwear
Marshall raised over A$5000 for the charity on OnlyFans | Photo: Erikson A. Nygaard

The charity have also asked Marshall to remove all mentions of the charity from his social media profiles. The charity claimed that all fundraising activities should be registered.

“To hear that a charity didn’t want me to give them my extra cash was a slap in the face – to have it thrown back at me hurt a bit,” he reveals to us.

“You can’t spread awareness in silence”

Determined to keep his promise and give back to society, Marshall called Sydney-based not-for-profit Black Dog Institute. The facility undertakes research into the prevention, early intervention and treatment of depression and bipolar disorder.

David and his dog Ronnie | Photo: David Marshall (instagram)

After checking their policies, the not-for-profit was happy to accept the donation. Marshall decided to double the amount and donated a total amount of $10,000AUD.

“I think we’re now sitting at around $13,000AUD donated in total,” he proudly reveals to us.

In the future, the professional wrestler will keep looking for more ways to give back to Black Dog. He is also determined in producing more content for his OnlyFans page.

By signing up to David Marshall’s OnlyFans page you will not only have access to exclusive content from the model but also supporting the Black Dog Institute.

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