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“I definitely would love to be able to travel at least the United States and fuck and be fucked by at least 5 guys in every state”




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Intercontinental lust

Tommy Fields crossed continents to be able to develop his career in porn.




While in Cape Town, South Africa, Tommy Fields was struggling to find other performers in his home town, so he decided to pack his bags and move to Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal.

We caught up with the JustFor.Fans model to talk about his move, career and plans for the future.

The Tommy Fields | Photo supplied

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

I’ve always been a really sexual person. An avid slut, so to speak. And porn has always been a part of that, and a part of how I have come to understand myself sexually.

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

I’m a really big fan of the work Helix studios has done. Some of their work has a unique and rather artistic touch to it. For me, I admire and am inspired more by the directing of the film than the models themselves, even thought they do play a big part in selling the fantasy.

What sort of content do you generally feature on your JustFor.Fans channel?

I try to make more interesting videos when I can.

You know, different lighting, set up, angles, and being top or bottom. I also just like making videos of my kinks, whether that’s anon, group, etc. My videos are honestly just me having fun and trying to film it in creative ways.

The Tommy Fields | Photo supplied

What’s your ultimate JustFor.Fans fantasy?

JustFor.Fans didn’t really have any performers in Cape Town, which is where I just moved from, for me to film with so I would say my ultimate JustFor.Fans fantasy right now would be to get a few guys together and just have fun and film it!

Can we talk underwear?

I love this question. Thongs, Thongs, Thongs, Thongs!

I literally wear thongs every day unless I’m going commando. I just like the way they feel in-between my cheeks and they way they hold everything in the front together while letting my cheeks breathe. They are also the perfect undies to wear while getting fucked. As for other guys, I think I like anything as long as the cut is right.

The Tommy Fields | Photo supplied

What are some of your goals and aspirations for the months ahead?

Having now moved to Portugal, I really want to meet more like-minded, sex forward people.

Aside from that, I want to get involved in cam shows. Theres nothing I love more than putting on a show and seeing my audience enjoy themselves. I’m also looking forward to possibly getting involved with gay porn studios! It’s all so exciting.

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