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Hands-on in the showers after training

Photo by MOHAMED mohamedbenkada on Unsplash



Part 7
The flight from Los Angeles to Toronto was fairly quick and painless, but Coach Frazer was pleased to get his excited team of water polo players onto the bus and checked-in to the hotel.

The team from California State had travelled to Toronto for an annual match that they played against the University of Ontario. It was also the last match that they would have before the finals of the national league, so it was important that the team put in a strong performance and really got in the right headspace as they worked towards the nationals. Ontario were a strong team, but with the form that California had coming into this match, Coach Frazer was feeling pretty confident.

As he was handing out the room keys, the Coach called his players together for a quick reminder of the logistics of the trip.

“Alright, boys…” shouted the Coach. “It’s an early start tomorrow, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep — if I see anyone yawning in the morning you are going to be off the team, okay? The bus is going to be leaving here at 6 AM sharp. If you are late for any reason, then you are going to be off the team. This is serious water polo. We have got to get serious about every aspect of our game. This is my serious face. Got it?”

“Got it, Coach…” smiled Dean, the captain of the team.

“Mikey, Tom — you’re both with me…” said Dean, collecting the keys from the Coach. “We’ve got a triple room.” The players all made their way into the lifts and upstairs to find the rooms that they’d been allocated.

“It’s only 9 PM…” grumbled Tom, throwing his kit bag onto one of the beds. “I’m not going to be able to go to sleep yet.”

“True…” agreed Dean. “But you heard the Coach — he’s treating this as a practice run for the finals of the nationals, so he’s not going to be amused if we don’t show that we’re taking this seriously. We could watch some tele for a while?”

“I’m going to have a shower…” announced Mikey. “I’m all sweaty after that flight.”

Mikey grabbed his wash bag and headed into the small bathroom. He stripped off his team tracksuit and turned the shower on to get the warm water running through. Mikey studied himself in the mirror. He had a fairly small frame — wide, strong shoulders but his chest was still developing, and he wished that his legs were a bit bigger. He was lean and strong, but he hoped that his body was still growing — he felt small compared to most of the other guys on the team. Except for one part of his body. One thing that definitely wasn’t small was his cock.

Mikey always thought that it probably looked bigger in comparison to his small frame, but the size of his cock always turned heads in the changing rooms. Soft, as it was now, it hung down, pendulous between his thighs, curled over his big, low-hanging balls. He took hold of the shaft of his cock and rubbed the generous foreskin backwards and forwards a couple of times, enjoying the feeling of getting naked after being cooped up on the flight and the bus to get to the hotel. Mikey tested the water and stepped under the cascading shower, enjoying the feel of the warmth washing over him. He needed to take a piss and so pissed in the shower as he always did. He used his soft cock to direct his stream, up across his chest, he liked feeling the heat of his piss against his skin, he pissed up into his face, opening his mouth to taste it — salty, earthy. It turned him on. His cock began to harden and he was tempted to jack-off, but he guessed that the other guys would also be wanting a shower, so he quickly soaped himself up, scrubbed himself clean, and got out of the shower to dry off.

Mikey wrapped a towel around himself and opened the bathroom door to head back out into the bedroom that he was sharing with the team’s captain Dean, and the team’s goalkeeper Tom. Dean was sat on one of the beds and Tom was on his knees, sucking Dean’s cock.

“Jesus, boys… you don’t waste any time!” laughed Mikey. He wasn’t totally surprised, he knew that both of these guys liked to have a bit of fun, they liked to fool around. Things often got pretty hands-on in the showers after training, and these two were generally the ringleaders.

“There was nothing on the TV…” grinned Dean. “Tom suggested that the best way to relax and get to sleep early would be to help each other get off.”

“That is actually fairly logical…” agreed Mikey. Tom remained focused on Dean’s cock, slurping his mouth eagerly up and down the captain’s thick shaft, taking the cock as far into his throat as possible.

“Do you want a hand to get to sleep too?” Dean asked Mikey.

Mikey dropped his towel and stepped closer to Dean.

“I guess that would be a yes…” smiled Dean, reaching out and taking hold of Mikey’s cock. Impressed as always by the massive cock that swung between the legs of his skinny teammate.

Dean wrapped his fingers around Mikey’s cock-shaft and began to slowly ease the foreskin back and forth across the cock head.

“Jesus, I love your cock…” admired Dean, transfixed by watching Mikey’s loose foreskin sliding backwards and forwards. Mikey quickly began to get hard, the blood pumping into his cock, making it thicker, making it longer. Dean pulled Mikey’s foreskin forward and extended his tongue to toy with the bunched up skin covering the cock-head. Fresh from the shower, Mikey tasted clean. “Minty?” smiled Dean.


“That’s my body-wash…” grinned Mikey.

Dean opened his mouth and took the head of Mikey’s cock inside, Mikey moaned with pleasure as Dean’s wet mouth began to envelope him, Dean’s tongue swirling around the head of his cock.

“You like that, do you?” asked Dean. Mikey nodded. Dean returned his mouth to Mikey’s cock, taking more of it into his mouth, using as much saliva as possible to get the shaft of Mikey’s cock spit-slick and wet. Mikey placed his hands on Dean’s head, just for balance, pushing his hips backwards and forwards so that his cock could slide smoothly in and out of his captain’s mouth.

Mikey looked down and saw that goalkeeper Tom had begun to multi-task, working his mouth on Dean’s cock and also reaching down behind himself, pushing his fingers in and out of his own ass, pleasuring himself.

“Jesus, you’re a slut, Tom!” laughed Mikey. Tom took his mouth off Dean’s cock to look up and smile at Mikey.

“Yup…” grinned Tom. “I reckon that if you’re going to stick that fucking monster in my cunt then I need to try and get as loose and ready as possible.”

“Well, that is an offer too good to refuse!” laughed Mikey. “Maybe Dean should fuck you first? Open you up a little?”

Tom quickly got up off the floor and positioned himself on his hands and knees on one of the beds.

“Ready!” he announced. Dean stood up next to Mikey.

“You are one eager little cock slut…” laughed Dean. Tom wiggled his ass in invitation.

Dean moved into position behind Tom and bent forward to rim his smooth boy-hole. He began gently by kissing and licking. As Tom began to push his ass back against Dean’s face, Dean began to spit, to bite, to chew, to slurp his tongue into Tom’s hungry hole.

“Yeah… eat that fucking ass…” encouraged Tom. “Get my cunt nice and wet… ready for your cock!”

Dean adjusted position, spat a mouthful of saliva into the palm of his hand and smeared it over the head of his cock, before lining his cock up against Tom’s fuck-hole. As Tom felt the head of Dean’s cock make contact, he tried to relax his body as much as possible. Dean pushed forward, just the head of his thick cock pushed into Tom’s ass. Tom exhaled, the air escaping from his lungs as his body adjusted to be being penetrated by Dean’s cock.

“Okay, buddy?” asked Dean.

“Yeah… give it to me…” nodded Tom.

Dean pushed his hips forward, driving his cock deeper inside his teammate. He worked slowly, pushing in and pulling out, forwards and backwards, working his cock further into Tom’s fuck-hole.

“That’s it, Tommy… it’s all the way in now…” confirmed Dean, his cock fully implanted, balls deep.

“Fuck me, Deano…” grunted Tom. Dean began to withdraw his cock and then slide it back in, withdrawing until only the tip of his cock remained inserted in Tom’s ass, and then sliding it back all the way in.

Dean quickly began to build momentum, building a steady rhythm, thrusting his hips, slamming his cock so hard and deep that his balls were slapping against Tom’s ass. Tom was lost in the waves of pleasure that were washing over his body, moaning and grunting loudly as Dean relentlessly fucked his ass.

“Stick your cock in his mouth, Mikey…” instructed Dean. “Give him something to chew on or the neighbours will start to complain.”

Mikey grinned and did as he was told, sliding his long cock between Tom’s eager lips, closing his eyes and biting his lip with pleasure as Tom’s tongue slurped around the head of his cock and slid forward down his shaft.

“See…” smiled Dean. “He likes that! I can feel his ass muscles clenching around my cock, milking the cum out of me…”

“Are you ready to cum?” asked Mikey. “Are you going to cum in his ass?”

“Yeah… I’m nearly there…” growled Dean. “Do you want me to cum in his ass? Make his cunt all sloppy for you? Make it creamy so that you can fuck my cum into him?”

“Fuck yeah…” moaned Mikey, turned on by his captain’s dirty talk. “Fill him up!”

Dean intensified his thrusts, slamming his cock in and out of Tom’s stretched fuck-hole, the sweat dripping down his chest.

“Oh fuck…” grunted Dean. “Oh fuck… Yeah… Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck yes!” He arched his back and drove his cock as deep as possible inside Tom as he felt the cum begin to shoot from the end of his cock, filling Tom’s cunt with his load.

As his orgasm subsided and he began to catch his breath, Dean slowly slid his cock in and out of Tom’s cummy hole.

“Ready to switch?” Dean asked Mikey.

Tom remained in position on the bed on his hands and knees while his two teammates traded places. Dean presented his greasy cock to Tom, who lapped up the last remaining strands of cum that coated Dean’s cock, nursing on the softening shaft, tasting his own ass juice as he sucked on his captain’s cock. Meanwhile, at the other end, Mikey used the head of his hard cock to wipe up some of the cum that was leaking from Tom’s stretched cunt so that he could push it back inside him, using that cum as lube so that Tom could take the length and the girth of Mikey’s monster cock. As Mikey pushed his cock into Tom’s ass, he heard Tom moaning a little, but the sound was muffled as Tom’s mouth was busy sucking Dean’s cock.

Mikey kept pushing his cock deeper. Some of Dean’s fresh cum began to leak out of Tom’s stretched fuck-hole, dripping out around the shaft of Mikey’s cock. Mikey swiped it up with his finger and smeared it back into Tom’s fuck-hole, wanting to keep it as wet and sloppy as possible.

“How’s that ass feel?” asked Dean with a grin. “How’s it feel fucking that whore-hole, all full of cum?”

“Feels fucking amazing!” grunted Mikey, slamming his cock back and forth into Tom’s ass.

“Is he taking all of your cock?” asked Dean. “Every inch of it?”

“Yup…” grunted Mikey. “It’s in as far as it can go.”

“That is an ass that has been well trained…” smiled Dean. “It was the coach that really broke Tom in, showed him what a total slut for cock he really was.”

“I can’t last much longer!” warned Mikey, feeling the cum boiling up inside him, aching for release.

“Do it, Mikey!” encouraged Dean. “Breed that hungry hole!”

Mikey slammed his cock into Tom and instantly felt as if his cock had exploded inside his teammate’s ass, his body shuddering with the force of his orgasm as his cum flooded Tom’s stretched boy-cunt.

“Yeah… that’s it” admired Dean. “Mix our loads together… mix up that batter in his sloppy fuck-hole.”

After slowly continuing to fuck Tom’s cum-filled cunt for a few more strokes, Mikey gradually began to withdraw his cock.

“Swap places again?” suggested Dean, Mikey nodded. Tom opened his mouth and eagerly accepted Mikey’s greasy cock between his lips, slurping on the cummy leftovers that had been fucked from his ass. Dean got down behind Tom and brought his mouth to Tom’s puffy boy-hole, licking at the cum that was spattered over his ass, lapping at the cum that was leaking from his teammate’s fuck-hole, pushing his face forward so that he could insert his tongue as deeply as possible into his friend’s freshly-fucked, cum-filled boy-cunt.

Eventually all three boys collapsed down onto the bed in each other’s arms, kissing each other, tracing their fingers over each other’s body in their blissful post-orgasmic haze.

“Mmmm… I am definitely going to sleep well now…” smiled Tom.

Play Hard
We are serialising Play Hard on Mainly Male. This is the seventh instalment in the serialisation. Read previous instalments.

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“Do you think tan-lines are sexy?”



Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Part 7
It was a sunny, summer’s day in Newquay and Shane and Jason were sunbathing on the beach after spending the morning surfing. Shane and Jason had coordinated their shifts at the supermarket so that they could have the day off together. It was a Thursday, so they pretty much had the beach to themselves, and they’d found a secluded spot behind the sand dunes that was sheltered from the light breeze that was blowing.

“I wish we could do this every day…” sighed Shane.

“I know, right?” agreed Jason. “Surfing and sunbathing — why can’t someone pay us to do that?”

“Do you think tan lines are sexy?” asked Shane, lifting up the leg of his swim-briefs a little to check whether he had much of a tan.

“Definitely…” nodded Jason. “I love it when a guy is really tanned but then has a white ass with a really defined line where his swim-briefs have been.”

“Yeah… totally, that’s fucking hot…” agreed Shane. “But an all-over tan can be pretty sexy too — like Brazilian guys, they always seemed to be tanned head to toe.”

“How many Brazilian guys have you been with?” laughed Jason.

“None, actually…” smiled Shane. “But I’ve studied them closely online — they all seem to have all-over tans and huge cocks. So sexy.”

“Maybe we should work on our all-over tans?” suggested Jason.

“What — get naked here?” asked Shane.

“Why not?” grinned Jason. “There’s no one else around — let’s do it!”

Jason winked, undid the waist tie of his swim-briefs, hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down and off.

“Your turn!” declared Jason. Shane quickly followed suit and soon both boys were lying naked on their towels. “I like this…” giggled Jason. “Feels good to have sun on my ass. Makes me horny.”

“Everything makes you horny!” laughed Shane. “You’ve constantly got a hard-on!”

“Yup! nodded Jason. “Check it out!” Jason rolled over onto his back and proudly displayed his hard cock to Shane. Shane also rolled onto his back and grinned as his hard cock also sprang into view.

“So, are we going to just lie here with our hard cocks, or are we going to do something about it?” asked Shane. Jason rolled over on top of Shane and brought their mouths together in a deep passionate kiss, their bodies grinding together as their tongues wrestled.

“You boys want some company?” said a voice suddenly, coming from somewhere above them. Shane and Jason immediately broke off their kissing in surprise and looked up — there was a guy standing above them up on the sand dune. He looked to be in his early 40s, masculine and muscular, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Don’t mind me…” smiled the guy, realising that he’d startled the boys. “Looks like you’re having fun. How about we have some fun together?”

Shane looked quickly at Jason and could see that they were both thinking the same thing.

“Sure…” grinned Shane. The guy quickly walked down the sandbank to where they were and stripped off his clothes, revealing his hairy, powerful chest, and a long, fat, hard cock.

“I’m Frank…” said the guy. “This is my cock. How about you get acquainted?” Frank put his hands on the back of Shane and Jason’s necks and bent them over to bring both their mouths down to service his hard cock.


Shane and Jason eagerly went to work, licking and sucking, slurping up and down the shaft of the hard cock, enjoying the feeling of their lips mashing together and their tongues entwining as the hard cock pushed between their faces.

“That’s it, boys… fuck… you sluts sure now how to work a cock…” moaned Frank. “Who wants their ass fucked first?” Both Shane and Jason immediately put their hands up while continuing to suck Frank’s cock. “So you’re both little cunt-boys are you? Whores for cock?” The boys nodded happily, turned on by Frank’s domineering and aggressive attitude. “On your hands and knees — show me those fuck-holes.”

Shane and Jason quickly positioned themselves on their hands and knees on their towels on the sand. Frank used one hand on the ass of each boy, prodding and probing with his fingers.

“Fuck yeah… such sweet boy-cunts…” admired Frank. Shane and Jason kissed, thrilled at the way that their sunbathing had turned out, loving the way that Frank was toying with their asses. After lubricating and loosening the boy’s asses with his spit and his fingers, Frank arranged them so that Shane was on his hands and knees and Jason was lying on top of him — their exposed asses lined up one on top of the other. Frank lined his cock up first against Shane’s spit-slick fuck-hole pushing it forward powerfully, pushing it in all the way.

“Ungh!” grunted Shane, feeling himself filled with Frank’s cock. After a few quick, hard thrusts Frank pulled his cock out of Shane and lined himself against Jason’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Jason, as Frank slammed his cock into him.

Frank began alternating his attentions — a few thrusts into Jason and then slamming his cock into Shane, ramming his cock in and out of Shane’s boy-hole before switching back to Jason and repeating it.

“So fucking hot…” growled Frank. “Two fucking boy-cunts… sluts… whores for cock… fucking taking my cock… going to get my load… oh fuck… fuck… here it comes…”

Frank could feel the cum boiling up inside him, he was so turned on by his encounter with Shane and Jason that he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Oh fuck yeah… get ready boys… Ungh! Fuck! Fuck!” Frank pulled his cock out of Shane’s stretched fuck-hole and sprayed a huge load of cum over both of their asses, ropes of sticky white cum coating both of their fuck-holes. “Fuck yeah…” growled Frank as he fucked his cock back into Shane, and then back into Jason, using the head of his cock to swab up the cum so that he could push it deep inside the puffy boy-holes that he’d just fucked.

Eventually, Shane and Jason disentangled themselves and collapsed down onto their towels while Frank wiped himself up, got dressed and headed off down the beach.

“That was fucking hot!” laughed Shane, wrapping his arms around Jason and pulling him close for a tender kiss.

“Totally” nodded Jason happily. “We should definitely work on our all-over tans more often!”

Riding the Waves
We’re serialising Riding the waves on Mainly Male. This is the seventh instalment.

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Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

Read more from Gareth Johnson

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