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Getting into all sorts of trouble

Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash



Part 5

“Here you go, Zach, this will be your room. The bathroom across the hall is all yours, Blake and I have our own off our bedroom. There are towels in the cupboard, and if you need any extra toiletry items just let us know because we always keep extras…” Brad informed Zach as he gave him the tour of their home.
“A little help please!” yelled Blake from the front door.
“Did you buy the whole store out?” laughed Brad. “This was just supposed to be dinner for three, not for the Queen.”
“You two just grab a bag and head your asses into the kitchen…” grinned Blake, handing grocery bags to Brad and Zach. “I wanted to make a good dinner for our new house guest. But don’t expect this every night…”
“Don’t listen to Blake…” Brad explained to Zach. “He cooks a feast every night, and it always tastes amazing!”
“Thanks, guys, really you didn’t have to do all this, but I want you to know that it means a lot to me…” said Zach. “I can’t remember the last time I was treated this nicely.”
“No problem, now how about you and Brad go throw on a movie or play some hoops or something while I make dinner…” instructed Blake, wanting the guys out of his way so he could focus in the kitchen.
“That sounds perfect…” smiled Brad. “Zach, you up for shooting some hoops?”
“Sure!” nodded Zach. “Let me change into some gym shorts and I’ll be right out.”
“Hey, that’s is nice of you to make this big dinner for Zach…” said Brad, draping his arm affectionately across Blake’s shoulders.
“No problem…” winked Blake. “I kind of like having the kid here already, but I hope this is a good thing we’re doing in the long run. We don’t even know that much about him. How do we know that we’re doing this right? It’s not like we’ve ever parented before?”
“Well, I trust Leroy, and he wouldn’t steer us wrong…” reassured Brad. “Besides, the extra income is giving us some breathing room with our finances.”
“I guess you’re right…” shrugged Blake, not sounding totally convinced.
“Just give it some time and let’s try and make it work…” said Brad, moving behind Blake so he could wrap his arms around him, gently kissing him on the back of the neck, reassuring him.
“Ready?” asked Zach, returning to the kitchen after having changed into his shorts.
“Got to go, the boy is ready!” laughed Brad as he ran after Zach. Blake smiled to himself as he opened a bottle of wine and started on dinner.
“Okay, kid, let’s see what you got…” said Brad as he distracted Zach, grabbed the ball and made a shot.
“Oh, I see… we’re going to play that way…” taunted Zach as he dribbled past Brad and gained a point.
“Not bad, kid, but don’t get too cocky, I almost went Pro…” declared Brad as he popped off another shot for a point.
“How about a little less talk and little more playing…” laughed Zach.
About an hour had passed before Zach called a timeout. “Hold up, I’m going to run in and grab some water, do you want some?”
“Sure, thanks, kid!” gasped Brad, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, and pulled off his sweat-drenched t-shirt. “It’s hot out here…” Zach’s eyes locked on Brad’s bare chest, covered in sweat. Zach followed suit and peeled off his shirt as well before heading inside to get the water.
“Who won?” asked Blake, as Zach came running into the kitchen with nothing but his basketball shorts hanging low on his waist.
“Still going…” grinned Zach. “I’m just grabbing some water. Give us five more minutes so I can beat Brad — I’m down two points.”
“There’s cold bottled water in the fridge, help yourself…” instructed Blake, turning his attention away from his meal preparations to check that Zach had found the water. Blake almost dropped the knife he was holding as he took in the sight of Zach wearing nothing but his gym shorts and sneakers.
“Got it!” declared Zach, as he grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge. He opened one up and took a long drink.
The sweat was running down Zach’s face. Blake’s eyes followed one drop that went down his neck to his smooth chest. It ran between his beautiful pecs and ever so slowly down his perfectly chiseled six-pack abs, only to be lost in the waistband of his basketball shorts.
“That boy is going to get me into all sorts of trouble…” muttered Blake to himself, turning his focus back to the vegetables he was chopping as Zach ran back outside to resume the game.
“Here you go, something to cool you off, old man…” grinned Zach, throwing a bottle of water to Brad.
“Who are you calling old man?” protested Brad. “Aren’t you down by two points?”
Brad was having a hard time focusing on the game, he was constantly getting distracted by Zach, shirtless, showing off his six-pack abs that were covered in sweat.
“I told Blake that I only needed another five minutes to beat you…” declared Zach.
“Less talk, more play…” dismissed Brad.
Zach carefully dribbled the ball as he approached the basket, but suddenly stepped in towards Brad and made contact.
“Foul!” yelled Brad. “What kind of move was that? You can’t just go around grabbing guys balls just because you’re behind and want to win!”
“Relax!” grinned Zach. “I barely grazed them. What are you going to do about it, anyway?” Brad retaliated by grabbing Zach in a bear-hug and started tickling him intensely.
“Stop! Stop!” yelled Zach, laughing hysterically.
In the tussle, they fell on the grass. Brad landed on top of Zach, their bodies crunching together, the sweat on their skin sliding between them. Brad continued to tickle the squirming Zach as he laughed and tried to wriggle out of Brad’s bear-hug.
“You’ve got five minutes to get cleaned up and then it’s dinner time!” yelled Blake from the kitchen.
“Coming!” yelled Brad, immediately releasing his hold on Zach and rolling off the young guy’s body.
“Pretty sure that I won…” winked Zach, taking Brad’s outstretched hand to pull himself up off the grass.
“Because you cheated!” shouted Brad, as Zach disappeared into the house. Brad decided to wait outside for a moment to try and calm his hard cock down. Wrestling with Zach had got him more excited than he’d expected, he hoped that Zach hadn’t felt his boner through his shorts while he was laying on top of him. Plus, he didn’t want to start any dramas with Blake by walking into the house with his hard cock on display.
“This kid is going to get me in all sorts of trouble…” Brad muttered to himself.

Can I call you Uncle?

Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the fifth instalment — read earlier episodes here.

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Beach Boys in the Buff



Antonio En La Playa by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)
Antonio En La Playa by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)

I caught up with artist Marc DeBauch to look at his series of work titled Beach Boys.

When did you discover and start to explore your passion for art?

I started drawing and painting when I was three years old. Before I was five, I remember creating a crayon drawing of the Sinking of the Titanic on the rough plaster of the living-room wall of my parents’ house. It was impossible to remove — my parents weren’t happy with me, but after that they provided me with enough art materials to pursue my creative interests without destroying their home.

Lonnel on the Beach by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)

When did you start specialising in painting naked men and creating erotic art?

It was 36 years ago when I started painting male nudes and selling them in a local gay book store. Then, in 1995, I entered two paintings in the Tom of Finland Foundation’s Emerging Erotic Artists Contest. I was won first place, which opened the door for my art career, as I was immediately approached by galleries and magazines that wanted to feature my art.

This gave me the confidence and notoriety to exhibit and sell my work at erotic art fairs and gay events. At that time, the internet was just emerging, so my friend Andrew created a website for me, which was a fantastic tool to get my art out to people around the world.

Aussie Boy by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)

You’ve written that Tom of Finland is one of the major influences on your work — when did you first encounter the work of Tom of Finland?

I remember seeing Tom of Finland’s art in a porno magazine my friend had in high school. I was just amazed at the sexual tension, outrageous anatomy, and attention to detail in Tom’s art.

This was back in the early 1970s, so gay porn was just emerging legally in magazines and films. At the time, I wasn’t talented enough to draw the human figure accurately. But, I was fascinated enough to want to try. My sister’s boyfriend was a photographer, and he gave me his dark room equipment — back then you actually had to develop film, as there were no digital cameras.

I talked a friend into posing naked for me while jacking off, and I developed the film and made some prints. I was 14 years old, photographing another 14-year-old boy. It was very exciting creating my own porn! Unfortunately, my dad — being supportive of my art — wanted to see the photos, and of course I couldn’t show him. Not only did he not approve of gays, he didn’t want his son to be gay. He would have probably hit me if he knew I was a homosexual creating gay porn! So, I destroyed the photos almost in front of him, while saying — “The photos didn’t turn out and I would show him better work at another time.”

I was scared and freaked out. I knew I was self-censoring. But I also realised that if I was going to create erotic art that I would have to do it in secret. When Tom of Finland began drawing naked men, he also had to make his art in secret. I think most erotic artists learn to be very careful about choosing the right audience to exhibit their work to.

Trevor on the Beach by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from people I know. I’ve been fortunate to see and meet many beautiful men in my life. Capturing their beauty and illustrating them in a unique way, is my goal.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process is different every time I paint. Sometimes an idea for a painting just pops in my head and I try to find model to pose for a photo to match my vision — that’s often the easiest route.

I rarely work from a live model. My paintings take so long to create — I often work all night on a painting — so, finding a model to sit for that long of a period and whenever I want them, is impossible. I use the photos of my models as reference.

Often, I look through hundreds of images and piece things together in a collage. It’s more like a jigsaw puzzle — lots of pieces missing, and my mind fills in those missing pieces with an arm from this model, the chest from another, the dick from another, the face from another, and so on, until I have the entire figure. But then I have to decide how the light and setting will pull all of those puzzle pieces together.

I have dozens of photos that are my references for every detail of plants, animals, rocks, furnishings. I sort through a constant mess of photos — gradually eliminating those references as my brain digests the information and my brush puts it on the canvas or paper.

The paintings that form the Beach Boys series are beautiful — what are some of the challenges in creating beach scenes like this?

Trying to find a balance between the setting and the model is always a challenge. I don’t want the model to overpower the beach, or the beach to feel more important than the model. I want my paintings to have a natural feeling, like you could be at the beach with my models.


Who are the men featured in the paintings of the Beach Boys series?

The men in my Beach Boy series are mostly friends that have modelled for me. Sometimes I find a photograph of a model that someone else has taken, that inspires me to use it as a reference pose to work from, then I find one of the photos of a beach that I’ve visited and I try to recreate a similar pose in a drawing that will eventually become a painting.

What do you hope that people feel when they look at your work?

I don’t want to just give the viewer of my art an erection, I want them to feel like they’re part of the painting, that they want to invite the men in my paintings into their homes, their beds, their dungeon, their car, their locker room, or the bushes for a hot fuck, butt licking, cock sucking, ass spanking good time.

I hope to excite the viewer visually, emotionally as well as spiritually. It’s my goal as an artist and sexually active gay man to paint erotica that continually challenges the views of people who oppose sexual freedom. If my paintings assist the viewer in discovering where they are in the spectrum of human sexuality, then my aim is reaching its target.

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After the Swim by Marc DeBauch (image supplied)

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