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“Getting all sweaty always turns me on…”

Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash



Part 7
“Later, boys — I’m off to work, don’t stay in bed too long!” yelled Brad, as he hurried out the door to work.
“Have a good day…” a groggy Blake muttered from their bedroom.

Blake walked out of the bedroom, naked, to make some coffee and start some breakfast for himself and the kid.
“Oh shit, I should not be out here naked…” Blake reminded himself, quickly grabbing some loose fitting boxer briefs from the bedroom before returning to the kitchen to finish making coffee and breakfast.

While Blake sipped his morning coffee, he’d thrown some bacon in the skillet to start cooking. It didn’t take long for the smell of bacon to drift into every room of the house.

The smell of sizzling bacon soon woke up Zach. He pulled on his gym shorts and walked out to the kitchen.
“Ah wow, you cooking again?” grinned Zach, sitting down on the bar stool in the kitchen while trying not to stare at Blake’s perfect chiseled chest and loose-fitting boxers
“Someone has to feed your skinny ass…” smirked Blake,while he scrambled some eggs. ”Can you make some toast? The bread is right there on the counter…”
“Sure!” nodded Zach, walking around the bar in the kitchen to take charge of the toaster, distracted by the sight of Blake’s big beefy arms, his perfectly round muscular pecs, and dime-size nipples nuzzled in his hairy chest.
“Want some juice?” offered Blake.
“Yeah, if you have orange juice that would be great!” nodded Zach, as he grabbed the plates to take them to the table.
“You’re in luck, we do…” confirmed Blake, scooting in behind Zach in the tight kitchen on his way to the refrigerator. Blake’s chest brushed along Zach’s back. Zach felt every hair on Blake’s chest as they danced across his smooth skin, sending chills down his spine. Zach could feel Blake’s warm breathe on the back of his neck. “Sorry, it’s a tight kitchen.”

Blake stood in front of the open fridge longer than he needed to, trying to cool himself down, realising that he probably shouldn’t just wear boxer shorts around a sexy young guy like Zach.

Zach grabbed the two plates and quickly sat down at the table, trying to adjust his semi-erect cock which was hard to conceal in his his gym shorts. Blake eventually brought two glasses of orange juice to the table and sat down across from Zach.
“Wow, this looks great!” mumbled Zach, already munching on a piece of toast. “Thanks for cooking, Uncle Blake.”
“No problem…” smiled Blake. “I love cooking, so I tend to be the cook of the house.”
“I feel like you two are pampering me…” said Zach. “You’re both are so nice to me — I haven’t had it this nice in a long time.”
“We just want to make you feel at home, Zach…” shrugged Blake.
“Well, I appreciate it…” said Zach. “What’s on your agenda for today?”
“Nothing much…” mumbled Blake. “I need to start looking for work, but I also want to edit some photos in my studio…”
“I didn’t know you were photographer?” said Zach. “I’d love to see some of your work?”
“Cool!” grinned Blake, finishing the last of his breakfast. “I’m going take a shower then head to my studio, just pop down when you’re ready and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on.”

Blake headed down the hall to the bedroom and closed the door and landed on the bed. Laying there, he kept thinking about that moment in the kitchen when his chest brushed against Zach’s back, he’d felt the intensity of the connection between them, he knew that he could have just taken Zach right there. The thoughts made Blake’s cock hard in an instant. Sliding his boxers down to his ankles he slowly started to stroke it, playing with the precum that had begun to flow. Blake reached over to grab his computer and went to his favorite porn site — Daddies and Sons. His favorite video was already keyed up — the one where the step-dad catches his step-son getting fucked by the neighbor. Blake had always fantasized about the daddy-son dynamic. It went back to when he was a kid, he always liked to hang around the older muscled guys at the gym. His dad was big and beefy also.

It had been two of the guys at the gym who had first given Blake a taste of what it feels like when an older guy takes charge. Blake had been kicking back in the sauna at the gym one day, after a workout. He always liked the sauna, just being able to sit around naked with other guys, listening to their conversations, admiring their bodies. The sauna had been empty when Blake went in, he threw some water on the hot stones and spread his towel out on one of the wooden benches. It was only a few moments later that Hank and Stan walked into the sauna. Blake knew them a bit, he’d seen them working out at the gym a couple of times. They were friends of his Dad. It was only a small sauna, and Hank and Steve sat on either side of Blake as the three of them shared the wooden bench.
“Hey, Blake…” nodded Hank.
“How’s your Dad, kid?” asked Stan.
“Hey, guys…” nodded Blake. “Yeah, all good…”
“You’re getting some nice definition there, kid…” observed Hank. “You’ll be putting your old man to shame pretty soon!”
“Hardly!” grinned Blake. “He’s way bigger than me.”
“Not in every respect…” winked Stan, wiping the palm of his hand down across his sweaty chest, down across his stomach, and down to rest on his cock. Blake tried not to stare.
“You ever jack-off in here, kid?” asked Hank.
“Um, no…” replied Blake. “Never have.”
“Looks like you might need to…” winked Hank, looking at Blake’s cock which was obviously chubbed up with the excitement of being naked next to the two big guys.
“We’re always jacking off in here…” added Stan, running the palm of his hand up and down his cock-shaft. “Getting all sweaty always turns me on…” Blake couldn’t quite believe what was happening as he watched Hand and Stan both begin jacking their thick cocks.
“Are you going to join in, kid, or are you just going to watch us?” asked Hank. Blake’s resistance crumbled and he wrapped his fist around his hard cock and began firmly jacking.
“Ever stick your fingers up your hole while you’re jacking?” asked Stan. Blake shook his head. “Here, let me show you…” said Stan, using his spare hand to reach between Blake’s legs until his fingers found Blake’s sweaty boy-hole.
“Ungh…” moaned Blake, as Stan’s fingers made contact.
“I think he likes it…” grinned Hank, as Blake spread his legs to give Stan better access, allowing Stan’s fingers to push deeper inside him. “Come and sit up here, little man…” said Hank, practically lifting Blake so that he was sitting on Hank’s lap. Hank pulled Blake’s knees back towards his chest so that Stan could continue working his fingers in and out of Blake’s tight and smooth boy-hole. “Does that feel good, little man?”
“Uh huh…” nodded Blake, the sweat and heat sliding between his body and Hank’s hairy chest.
“You think he’s going to be able to be able to take that?” asked Hank, as Stan lined his thick cock up against Blake’s boy-hole.
“I’ve got him pretty loose…” shrugged Stan. “Besides, it’s not every day you get to take the cherry of your buddy’s son.”
“Good point…” grinned Hank. “Who knew that the kid would be such a Daddy’s Boy…”

As Blake got older, and his body filled out and became more muscular, his taste changed from older guys to younger guys, but there was always something about the power dynamic between an older guy and a younger guy that really got Blake horned up. Watching the video on his computer, as the Dad and the neighbor tag-teamed the slutty son and filled him with their cum, Blake was soon firing off thick ropes of hot cum all over his chest. He reached down and grabbed his boxers to clean up his load and threw the spent mess on the floor before heading to the shower.

Can I call you Uncle?
Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the seventh instalment — read earlier episodes here.

Model: Covax. Photographer: Coyote Studios
Model: Covax. Photographer: Coyote Studios

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Joel Someone is living his gay porn fantasy



Photo by Tom @Cooltompix
Photo by Tom @Cooltompix

I caught up with Joel Someone to talk about porn, sex, and underwear.

What led you to start exploring a career in porn?

It was my dream to shoot with Treasure Island Media — something about the fearlessness of their exploits inspired me at a young age. Gay sex meant fear to me, as long as I could remember.

The longer I waited to seek out my sexual identity, people were pushing me away from my passions to things that were more stable. I was attempting to live a hetero-normative life, against my own inner desires.

Honestly, porn saved my life. I wasn’t happy with my direction and career, I love porn — it was a natural transition.

Photo by Malexposure

Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?

The act of creating porn is exhibition, so I would say — Yes, absolutely. In my own personal life, I enjoy sexuality that’s honest and playful. It’s hard for me to put titles on what I find to be exhibitionism.

I’m more an exhibitionist with my speech — I love talking explicitly with people who are truthful about their desires.

Photo by Benjamin Fredrickson @benjaminfredrickson_studio

Who are some of your porn heroes or inspirations?

  • Rocco Steele was someone I admired from a very young age. His appearance inspired me to start working on my fitness.
  • Ron Jeremy taught me that you can be the nicest, kindest, most professional man, and you can build a career out of your great interpersonal skills. Having a large penis obviously helps.
  • Cutler X — because he’s a sweet and lovely person, but can still fuck like a demon. He was never corrupted by a persona.
  • Armond Rizzo was the first time I was deeply attracted to someone who was very boyish — up until that moment I chased ‘daddy’ type guys. He made me want to become more of a dom-dad.
  • Buck Angel altered my perception of what masculinity was. Seeing him made me search deep for what my inner gender was, which made me appreciate the masculinity of bottoming or being a vessel for another man.
  • Marco Napoli is the man I’m seeing, and he really is inspiring me. To see the dedication of leaving the past behind and starting fresh. He’s on this journey with me, and it’s nice to have someone to share this roller-coaster with.
Photo by Theo Sickels @champagneginger

What’s your ultimate porn fantasy?

My greatest fantasy is having sex with twins. During different parts of my life, this fantasy kept reoccurring. Just recently, I was able to fulfil my fantasy with the Morgan brothers. I was really aroused by the silent connection the two had with one another while they were being brutalised by 17 men — the symmetry of their bodies as each boy was placed in a pose and then fucked.

They were very quiet during this event, you could see the concentration on their faces. I thought it would be odd to see two brothers being fucked at the same time, but after the experience I was amazed to see the very cool close bond they had with each other.

Photo by Marco Napoli @marconapolinyc

Can we talk underwear?

I love bikini-cut with a pouch, or jockstraps — always in black. I love anything that cups my balls and lifts my cock up.

At the gym, I usually have gym shorts with a lining already sewn in.

On other men I like to see fresh clean underwear. Mine occasionally are musky from my balls. I like having a boy telling me that mine need to be changed.

Photo by Tom @Cooltompix

What are some of your goals and objectives for the months ahead?

I’ve really enjoyed the partnerships I’ve made with several studios. I’m happy to have a good relationship with them and to be trusted to work with talented performers. I want to develop more partnerships with studios and performers.

I enjoy working inside and outside the porn industry. I love acting and creating — this platform has offered me the ability to do both. My favourite activity is discovering and working with talent on Instagram.

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Photo by Master Ming @kinkbaku
Photo by Tom @Cooltompix
Photo by Malexposure
Image supplied by Mormon Boyz
Image supplied by Bareback That Hole

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