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Here are five European destinations that should give your romantic mini-break a head start:

Zurich, Switzerland

While it may have a slightly undeserved reputation for being a bit dull, Zurich is actually perfect for a romantic mini-break. It is a beautiful city, you can walk everywhere, there’s great cafes, bars, and restaurants, and if the weather is warm you can go swimming in the river or head out to explore the lake.

Granada, Spain

Explore the ancient and beautiful Alhambra (you can stay at a hotel inside the complex and explore once all the tourists have left — stunning), head into town for a flamenco experience, and share some great Spanish food.

Photo: Nikolaiy

Helsinki, Finland

Ideal in summer where you can catch ferries across to the different islands in the fjord, sit in the sun and feast on the freshest seafood and some crisp white wine.

Lisbon, Portugal

Beaches on the doorstep, drinking in the streets, and you can soak up the colonial heritage of this small, unassuming country. Explore the twisted streets of the old city, kick your night off with beers in Bairro Alto, or explore the ruins of the old Castelo de Sao Jorge.


Lisbon | Photo: Cristina Macia

Bruges, Belgium

If they were ever looking for a city to be on a postcard of old-world Europe then Bruges would have to be in the running — old stone houses, meandering canals, a timeless sense of belonging to a different era. They are famous for chocolate here and there are plenty of cafes where you can take a break and feast on the best hot chocolate and sugar coated waffles.

Photo: Pixabay

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How to pack for your first Pride



Photo by Levi Saunders published via Unsplash
Image published via Unsplash

A trick question: What is more colorful than the Carnival in Brazil? If you said the RuPaul’s Drag Race stage, you would be half right, as the correct answer is – Gay Pride. Is there something happier and more colorful than this? These extremely happy events are organized all over the world – some are excellent, some are mediocre, but all of them are so much fun. No matter where you’re going – either your country but a different city, a totally different country or simply a couple of streets from your apartment, it’s very important to know what things you have to pack or prepare. Take a look at the following list, write the items down and put them aside in order to be fully prepared and not forget anything for your first Gay Pride!

The essentials

The most important thing is to have all the necessities with you. Make sure that you have all the documents you need (passport included if you’re traveling abroad). As far as the clothing is concerned, make a plan of all the fashion combinations you will rock at the Pride beforehand. That way, you’ll save a lot of time thinking about the endless sexy combinations you can go with. Is it a sexy sailor or an S&M policeman? It doesn’t really matter – prepare everything in advance. Finally, don’t forget the essentials from the cosmetics department. Have all the moisturizers, crèmes and body lotions. Also, remember to take your favorite perfume with you as you want your scent to attract as many guys as possible!

Comfortable shoes

Remember that you’ll be walking and dancing most of your time, so bring the most comfortable shoes from your wardrobe. The best option would be New Balance shoes, as they are extremely comfortable and always sexy and fashionable – you know that the gays judge, so why not choose something that gives you the best of both worlds? The thing that you want the least is to get blisters during the course of the Pride, so do whatever you can to avoid that.

Good underwear

It doesn’t really matter if you’re about to take someone home after Gay Pride (Who are we kidding? Of course it’s important!), but having the best underwear is crucial. Take a look at your underwear drawer, and if you’re not satisfied with the pairs you already own, do your shopping before the Big Day. If you really want to be bold and fabulous, you can also check online stores like Tani USA and get the sexiest underwear they sell – at Gay Pride anything is possible! Rest assured that somebody will definitely get to see your underwear, so it’s best to avoid any embarrassment because of poor underwear choice. Remember this mantra – good underwear in the streets, good underwear in the sheets (for a couple of minutes)!


Finally, think about all the accessories that you get to take with you for your trip to the Gay Pride and your stay there. First of all, take headphones with you as the trip there might be a bit daunting and long. Furthermore, don’t forget the gay pride accessories, such as rainbow flags, glitter, badges, and all the sexy see-through T-shirts you want to wear there. You want those nipples, arms and stomach to be seen, baby! If you’re planning to dress up into your favorite sex fantasy, make sure to have all the equipment you need (depending on the outfit, of course).

Condoms and patience

Both of these are very much self-explanatory. First of all, pack as many condoms as you can. You won’t necessarily be using them for their actual purpose, but you can also give them away at the Gay Pride, or make balloons that you will carry around. You never know how the Pride’s going to go, but it would be best to be prepared. After all, maybe you’ll be using them for their intended purpose. Finally, bring patience, as the crowd can get wild!

Apart from these, bring your open mind and good mood. Pour glitter all over your body, work those ass muscles a bit more if needed, and get ready for the time of your life!

Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Gay Republic magazine, living in Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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