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There’s a lot that intrigues me about Turkish Oil Wrestling. An ancient sport, there’s a lot of tradition in every aspect. The hand-made leather shorts – known as the kispet, the wicker basket that the shorts are carried in, and the copious amounts of olive oil.

The oil is applied to every inch of the body, and is designed to prevent your opponent getting any sort of grip on you as you grapple. To win you need to flip your opponent onto his back.

Fit guys wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, oiled up, and wrestling.

It seems to be an accepted tactic to reach inside the shorts and get a grip on the crotch — surely there’s an argument to be made for ditching the shorts and wrestling naked?

There’s no denying that part of the appeal of Turkish Oil Wrestling is that you can project all sorts of homoerotic fantasies onto what is actually a very traditional, serious, and culturally significant sport. But, to be honest, the same could pretty much be said about a lot of sports – rugby, water polo, hammer throw, bobsled – there’s a lot of sports that I can watch for hours without having any understanding of the rules or any real emotional investment in the outcome.

But there’s a lot that intrigues me about Turkish Oil Wrestling. I may need to make a research trip to Turkey to get to grips with some of the finer aspects, but it looks relatively straightforward. Oil me up!


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Celebrate the New Year with some erotic gay fiction

Start 2019 with a bang!



Image sourced from stock image library.
Image sourced from photo library

If you’re looking for some fap fiction to help fuel your fantasies, you might want to take a look at the Bad Boys’ Book Club series.

Volume 5 in the series kicks off with a New Year’s Eve celebration which definitely gets corks popping.

Here’s some samples.

“I hate New Year’s Eve…” grumbled Hamish.
“Don’t be so miserable!” laughed Kevin. “You’re Scottish! I thought Scottish people loved New Year’s Eve?”
“You’re right…” acknowledged Hamish. “I hate New Year’s Eve in London.”
“Maybe you’re just homesick?” suggested Kevin.
“It’s cold but there’s no snow…” explained Hamish. “Wherever you want to go is too busy. You can never find your friends. It’s impossible to get home.”
“Okay, I get it…” smiled Kevin. “You hate New Year’s Eve in London. But, it’s New Year’s Eve, and we’re in London. How about we make the best of it?”

“That’s enough talking…” said Tegan, putting his glass down and wrapping his arms around Kevin, bringing their lips together.
There was an awkward moment as Hamish and Jerome looked at each other expectantly. Hamish decided to take charge and moved across to Jerome on the sofa, their bodies crunching as their mouths connected. Hamish immediately felt Jerome’s hands on his ass, grabbing him, exploring him. The small shorts that Hamish was wearing were soon being pushed down as Jerome’s strong hands kneaded Hamish’s muscular butt-cheeks.

Hamish locked eyes with Kevin, confirming the connection between them. Hamish knew that it turned Kevin on to watch him with other guys. In that moment, Hamish realised that Kevin had invited Tegan and Jerome over so that he could watch Hamish being worked over by them both.

Here’s the geo-specific links on how to get your hands on a copy of Volume 5 of Bad Boys’ Book Club:

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