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The whole point of working hard at the gym is to build a body that you want to show off to the world, right?

This is where the DCMT or Deep Cut Muscle T-shirt comes in.

You can buy these from a number of gay fashion brands, or it’s pretty easy to make your own — just buy a regular, t-shirt and then cut the sleeves out and slash the sides.

The DCMT — your essential wardrobe item, whatever the weather.

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Friday Fitness Freak

Surviving Winter.



Image sourced from stock photo library
Image sourced from stock photo library

Surviving Winter

While things are warming up south of the equator, much of the northern hemisphere is already feeling the chill from the long winter months ahead.

Here’s two simple tips to help you survive the long, cold, and dark winter.

Stay away from the sun-beds
Although they’re tempting, it’s best to avoid UV solariums as they’re really not very good for you — they’ve been shown to cause long-term damage to your skin and are potentially carcinogenic.

Stock up on supplements
Taking a Vitamin D3 supplement can help keep your body stay healthy if you’re not getting the required levels of Vitamin D from sunlight.

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