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The latest track from Cazwell is Cakes.

The video, directed by Nathan Noyse, is a spectacular butt-buffet.


I caught up with Cazwell to talk about the subtext of Cakes.

You’ve written that the look for this video all began with the wrestling masks. What makes wrestling masks sexy?

My concept was that the guys would all have an identical look. Giving them all masks definitely made that easier. I think there’s something sexy and mysterious about showing off the guy’s entire body but not being able to see his face.

The absolute focus of the video on the juicy asses of the dancers takes the hyper-sexual gaze of hip-hop and flips it 180. Is this the gayest video you’ve created so far?


It’s definitely the gayest in terms of objectifying the men the way women are typically objectified in a hip-hop pop video. On the other hand, they’re all pretty masculine with their attitude and their wrestling masks.

Is it a political statement — wearing the stars and stripes while being authentically and visibly super-gay?

It ended up being more of a political statement then I thought it would be. I originally got those masks because the red, white, and blue ones were the only ones they actually had eight of, and then I decided to keep the theme going. But, right now, I do find it important to be as gay as possible.

Meet the dancers from the video

Pipo Valderrama

🎨💛 📸: @onaicramdom

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Jon Silva

Our looks for AMERICAN @rupaulsdragrace 🇺🇸

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Josh Deen-Flores

Oh Monday. 😜 #scruff #beard #shameless

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Montague La France

#gogo #gay #lgbt #gaymuscle

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Joseph Guzmán

Valentin Reyes

Douglas Vaquerano


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Photo by adinda fika on Unsplash
Photo by adinda fika on Unsplash

Here’s some up-coming events that have caught our eye:

Music, Theatre, and Art

River Stage Festival

  • An awesome free festival across the summer weekends in London.
  • This weekend it’s Home from Manchester taking over the stage with a Northern invasion.
  • Check out our guide to what’s on.

Naked Boys Reading

AIDS Histories & Cultures Festival

Fernando Carpaneda


Fat Blokes — London


The Ginger Snapped — UK Tour

  • RPDR Alumni Jinx Monsoon is bringing her latest show The Ginger Snapped to the UK.
  • Dates run from November 2018 — April 2019 — check the website for locations and booking details.

Travel and Parties

La Demence Cruise

La Demence — Brussels

Hard On

Trough — London

  • Next party is 28 July 2018

Circuit Barcelona

Naked Camp

Jamie HP — London

Things to watch

Upstairs Inferno


Wicked Enigma


Happy Prince

Things to read

The Orca Cross

The Chemsex Trilogy

Can I Call You Uncle?

Un mal entendu


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