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Star Crossed #3 by Class Comics (image supplied) Star Crossed #3 by Class Comics (image supplied)

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Captain Jung and his Star Crossed crew

Star Crossed #3 by Class Comics (image supplied)



I’m always looking ahead to the latest release from Class Comics, so I was super-excited when they dropped Issue 3 of their Star Crossed series.

I caught up with Patrick Fillion for a between-the-pages look at the latest comic.

This is the third instalment of the Star Crossed world and its characters. Do readers need to know any back-story to these characters, or can they dive straight into this episode?

In a way, this third issue is a ‘side quest’ story. It fits in with the first two books, but has its own narrative.

It certainly helps to read the first two issues of Star Crossed in order to follow the current story a little more closely, but I think you can jump into issue #3 and enjoy the comic on its own as well. While Captain Jung, Disco, Flamer, and Locus were established characters before the Star Crossed series began, Ezzet and Puma are introduced in the first two issues. It’s fun to see how they came along and how they joined up with our other heroes.

For the full backstory of Captain Jung and his crew you would want to read Rapture #2, Felinoids #3, Boytoon Adventures #1, Locus #1 and of course, the first two issues of Star Crossed.

The biologists in this story get straight in there with some spectacular tentacle exploration and examination of our heroes. Why is tentacle porn such a turn-on?


Maybe it’s because tentacles aren’t another person to distract our attention from the one being tentacled. All our focus ends up on the person being tentacled.

There’s an almost clinical detachment about tentacles, at least in the case of the ones attached to the Biologists in Star Crossed #3. I think that can amplify the excitement.

Additionally, tentacles and tentacle creatures in comics are often depicted as instinctual things. It’s in their nature to seek out hot guys and grope and explore them using their appendages, leaving the subject of their attentions very much in peril — so many of us enjoy seeing our heroes in peril.

What are some of the science fiction inspirations or reference points for the world of Star Crossed?

I’ve always been a huge science fiction nut, with a particular love for Star Trek Voyager and Space 1999. Those influences are always in the back of my head when I write science fiction.

With this particular issue of Star Crossed, I wanted to play with that idea that space can be a very scary, mysterious place. It’s a vast unknown and you won’t always know what’s waiting for you around the bend. It’s part of what I love so much about Voyager and Space 1999 — the weird, strange mystery of the undiscovered, coupled with a sense of apprehension about what you might stumble onto next.

Meanwhile, I certainly wouldn’t mind the Guardians of the Galaxy getting naked! Star Lord and Drax would make for some mighty fine viewing!

The coda of this story suggests that evil Dr Pupae is determined to seek revenge against Captain Jung and his crew. When can we expect the next instalment in this series?

For sure, the next few issues will focus on Pupae’s attempts to get his revenge. I’d love to say that book four will be out before the end of the year, but it all depends on how Alexander’s schedule matches up with mine. I’d love that, though. I’m eager to get to what happens next.

Alexander and I have a complete blast working on this series together. He’s as much a Voyager and Science Fiction fan as I am. I think we make a pretty great creative team on this book and we’re always eager to spend more time working with one another and these characters.

Do you have to be a gay geek to be turned-on by erotic comics such as Star Crossed?

Not necessarily. I think it can enhance your enjoyment, but I also think that if you have an appreciation for gay erotic comics, you can get into the fact that these characters are all really sexy and tons of fun.

At the end of the day, some of them may be aliens and stuff, but really, they’re just six regular guys who happen to be out in space. The fun is in their interaction and the way they handle the situations they face — and it doesn’t hurt that they have sex at the drop of a hat.

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