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Berlin’s clubs get political

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash



Report by Torsten Schwick, Editor-in-Chief of Boner Magazine

Around the world, clubs are increasingly threatened by progressive gentrification, but in Berlin they are also grappling with bigger issues.

The clubs of Berlin work together through the city’s Club Commission, and the organisation has thrown the considerable weight of Berlin’s clubs behind the #unteilbar movement against fascism.

On 13 October, over 240,000 people took to the streets of Berlin for a peaceful protest to show support for the principle of #unteilbar — a word that translates to English as solidarity.

On the day of the protest, we caught up with Marcel Weber — one of the key leaders of the Club Commission and also the CEO of SchwuZ, the largest queer club in Germany.

Why is the Club Commission supporting #unteilbar?

Having been part of the protests that happened earlier this year in May , we were asked to support #unteilbar — we said yes immediately. The principle of #unteilbar is a reflection of Berlin’s club culture — it’s about solidarity, it’s about demonstrating that we will not be divided.

Clubs are where people come together — no matter where they come from, how they live, who they love. In a club, everyone is there to have a good night, everyone is there to break free from the constrictions of our everyday lives.

Should dance clubs be getting involved in political debate?

We’re in a time when we see increasing pressure from right-wing factions. It’s essential that our dance clubs fight for the freedoms that we believe in. It’s especially important for places like SchwuZ where our freedoms are so important to us — sexual identity, origin, beliefs, and the freedom to love who you love. All of that is at risk if we don’t stop right-wing factions taking power. We need our voices to be heard.

The SchwuZ has a long history of political activism. How are you currently raising political awareness at SchwuZ?

We’re not the only club to take place in the political debate, others are also doing it. From next year, we’re starting a new talk format in SchwuZ — we think there needs to be more debate. Now is a good time for it, people want to play an active role.

Originally published in Boner Magazine

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Image sourced from stock image library.

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