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Anonymous confessions

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash



Mainly Male reader Tony shares his stories and secrets about his stepfather and other forbidden encounters.

The first time

I don’t remember how old I was, but I’ll never forget when I first laid eyes on my stepfather laying in bed, the sheet only covering part of his naked body. The nervousness and excitement I felt looking at the blondish hair on his chest and stomach. My tentative approach, as I lightly lifted the sheet to expose the most beautiful flaccid thick cock, resting on balls hanging so low between his legs as they rested on the bed.

The boxer shorts

My stepfather used to lay around in his boxer shorts. One morning, while my mother was still asleep, he was lying on the couch in his boxers and white t-shirt. As he seemed to be asleep, I quietly moved closer to look at the bulge of his balls against his inner-thigh. The fly of his boxers was open just enough to see some reddish-blond pubic hair.

My heart pounding and my young cock hard, I softly asked — “Are you awake?” — pausing for an answer before quietly saying his name, still with no response. I moved closer until I was next to him. Shaking inside, I used my fingers to gently open the fly of his boxers more, until I could see the base of his soft cock, the rest hidden below the opening.

I looked to see if his eyes were still closed, I was reassured by his stillness that he was still asleep As gently as I could, I pulled his cock out of the opening in his shorts, the perfectly-shaped mushroom head and his shaft appearing before me. I could feel the weight of it in my hand as it slowly hardened. It was soon completely hard and my hand couldn’t reach around it’s thickness — I was nervous but in awe at the strength and beauty of it.

I looked again to his face to catch a flutter of his eyes. Was he awake? Was I caught? Unable to tuck the now stiff cock back in the way I had freed it, I had to lift the band of his boxers to return it inside.

Once done, I was shaking. My own cock stiff, I retreated to my room where I stroked my cock thinking about what I’d just done and seen, wishing that I’d had the nerve to put it in my mouth. I came quickly.

If in fact he was awake, nothing was said and no clue was given. But it wouldn’t be the last time I’d have the chance to see the cock that I’d judge all future cocks by.

The brother

The first balls I ever sucked were my brother’s. I wasn’t yet a teenager, he was probably 16 or 17. One night, while he was asleep In his classic white briefs, I slid up between his legs, lifted the leg band of those briefs and gently worked his balls out. They were hanging loose, and smelled of freshly applied talc powder.


I was 16 the first time a guy came in my mouth. He’d already given me head and drained my balls. I continued to suck on his hard cock, going as far down the shaft as I could. His moans grew louder, and then his body stiffened as his load of hot cum shot into the back of my mouth. I didn’t expect the spunky taste, or the volume of it. I held it in my mouth only to spit it into the sink moments later. Despite my love for giving head, it would be years before I’d grow to love the taste of a load.

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