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An encounter at the gym

Photo by henri meilhac on Unsplash



Part 3

As he pulled into the parking lot of the gym, Blake recognised the black Ford truck that belonged to the very nicely chiselled kid he’d been fantasising about for a while. Blake always had a secret fetish for younger smooth guys who were muscular and fit. Even though Brad was a sexy muscle cub, which Blake loved, a younger smooth guy was always a fantasy for him.

Seeing the black Ford perked him up. He flew into a parking spot, jumped out of his truck and strutted into the gym.
“Howdy, guys, how you all doing?” greeted Blake, as he walked past the front desk. The staff all knew Blake. He spent a lot of time at the gym working out and keeping his dad-bod hot and sexy. As Blake headed back to the locker room to change, he did a quick scan of the gym for the kid, but the hottie was nowhere to be found. Disappointed that he didn’t see the kid, he assumed that the kid was on the second floor where the stationary bikes were located.

Blake came out of the locker room and headed over to the treadmill to warm up a little. This time of the day the gym hardly had anyone in it. Since the gym was two full floors, it was hard to hunt someone down. After a while on the treadmill, Blake headed over to the leg-press machine. Blake was proud of his thick and muscled legs, and loved to work them hard.

After being at the gym for about an hour and jumping from machine to machine, Blake was about to give up on running into the kid in the black truck. But as Blake headed over to the dumbbells and started in on his sets, he caught a glimpse of the kid he’d been prowling after over on the dipping bars. The kid noticed Blake looking at him from the wall-length mirror, so Blake turned and gave a quick head nod and got back to his dumbbell routine.
“What am I doing?” Blake scolded himself. “I can’t flirt with him… he might not even be gay. Besides, Brad and I are monogamous!”

While blazing through his sets with the dumbbells, his mind started focusing on the kid. All of his thinking got Blake hard.
“I need a cold shower!” Blake thought to himself, getting frustrated with the whole situation.

Blake started really getting into his dumbbell set, trying to get his mind off of his cock and the other kid’s cock. Sweat ran down his face, and he dropped the barbells in exhaustion.
“Okay, a quick set on the bench press and then I’m done…” decided Blake.

Blake walked over to the bench press with his head looking down, he just wanted to finish his sets and get out of there, but in the back of his mind, he also wanted to show off for the kid. Blake threw 170 pounds on the bar and laid down and got to it. He powered through the first set and was barely able to reach the bar back up on the rack. Exhausted, he lay there for a minute with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath.
“Do you need a spotter?” someone above him asked.

Blake opened his eyes and saw the kid who drove the black Ford truck standing right above his head. Blake saw the outline of the kid’s nicely packaged cock through his gym shorts. Blake wasn’t sure what to say but could feel the blood rushing to his cock, bringing it to life very quickly. Blake knew the kid would see the outline of his bulge in a matter of seconds.
“Um… yeah sure. That would be cool….” muttered Blake. I’m on my last set anyway.”
“I’d be happy to oblige…” smiled the kid.

Blake flew through his last set, got up off the bench and started to wipe off the sweat from his face.
“Wow, you must work out a bunch to have a body like yours…” said the kid.
“As much as I can, but you look pretty good yourself…” winked Blake, holding out his hand for an introductory handshake. “My name’s Blake.”
“Nice to meet you…” said the kid. “I’m Steve.”
“So, I was headed to the shower…” said Blake. “Are you working out some more or are you done?”
“Oh, I was ready a while ago…” winked Steve. “I was just working up the nerve to come over and say hi to you.”

Coincidentally, their lockers happened to be right next to each other which fuelled the sexual energy between the two of them. While they stripped off their sweaty gym clothes, Steve made it a point to not be shy about being nude.
“What days are you usually in the gym?” asked Steve. “Maybe we could be work-out buddies?” Blake was distracted by Steve’s body, his eyes transfixed by Steve’s sizable cock, swinging back and forth while Steve made conversation.
“My schedule is kind of all over the place, but I’m sure we can find time…” Blake eventually replied. “So, you said you just started working out here, are you new to town?”
“No, I go to the college up the road. I don’t like working out there with all those college guys, I like being around the older men more.” grinned Steve. “Meet you in the shower!”
“Who are you calling old?” protested Blake as he followed Steve into the showers, his eyes never leaving Steve’s cute bubble butt.

Steve stood about 5’-10”, must have been around 175 pounds, was lean, defined, and smooth, and had a cute round bubble butt. His cock was uncut, close to five inches soft and probably huge when it got hard. The fur in his crotch was nice and trimmed. His balls hung low and were shaved perfectly smooth. His body was perfectly tanned and showed no tan lines. His eyes were a deep brown that matched his dark wavy hair.

Blake towered over Steve by five inches and thought Steve’s face would fit nicely between his pecs, or anywhere for that matter. They both got showers next to each other. As hot water poured out of the shower heads, the shower area began to get steamed up.
“Can I borrow your soap, kid?” asked Blake.
“Yes, Sir…” grinned Steve.
“You don’t need to call me Sir…” laughed Blake.
“Then, can I call you Daddy?” asked Steve.
“Come here you little cock-slut…” growled Blake, wrapping his hand around the back of Steve’s neck, drawing him in with a passionate force, and kissing him passionately.

While the two guys had their lips firmly locked, Blake took his other hand and started playing with Steve’s luscious bubble butt. Blake fingered Steve’s sweet boy-hole and got more aroused. The only thing on his mind now was to breed Steve’s ass.
“Oh fuck, Blake, you are making me so turned on right now…” Steve said as his hole was getting opened up by Blake’s fingers.

Blake knew Steve wanted it bad. Blake guided the kid’s head down to his chest and onto his pierced nipples.
“Suck them good, or else you get a spanking!” growled Blake. Steve eagerly licked and sucked. Blake’s head tilted back in ecstasy. Hot water flowed over his head and down his back while Steve serviced each nipple.

Steve reached down and grabbed Blake’s cock, stopping for a minute to take in just how big and thick it was.
“Are you going to be able to take all of that?” asked Blake.
“Give it to me, Daddy!” nodded Steve.

Blake turned Steve around and pushed him up against the shower wall. Blake shoved one finger, then two into Steve’s warm moist boy-hole. He could feel Steve was good and loose and all ready to go.
“Yes, Daddy…” moaned Steve.
“Good boy, you’re really opening up good for Daddy…” growled Blake. Blake spat into his hand and rubbed it on his eight-inch cock as Steve’s bubble butt stuck out to accept Blake’s cock.

Blake wrapped his muscular arms around Steve and nibbled on his ear as he popped the bulbous head past the opening of Steve’s hungry fuck-hole. Steve let out a loud moan gasping for air as Blake slammed in all eight inches.

Blake started with some slow in-and-out action as Steve’s ass gobbled up as much of Blake’s cock as it could. The thrusting picked up with intensity. Blake reached around and grabbed his boy’s seven-inch cock and started stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts. The steam mixed with their sweat as it ran down both their bodies. The rhythm was pretty intense now, and they both were in ecstasy.
“You’re about to get bred, boy!” warned Blake.

Steve couldn’t control himself and shot out a nice thick stream of hot cum, covering the shower wall in front of him. Steve almost collapsed from exhaustion, but Blake wasn’t done with his ass yet. After a few more minutes, Blake arched back, drove his cock deep into Steve’s ass and unloaded.

Blake kept his cock in Steve while both guys tried to catch their breath. Blake slid out, and immediately Steve got on his knees and cleaned up Blake’s cock. Steve tasted the leftovers of Blake’s sweet load mixed with his own ass.
“Good boy, clean that up good…” growled Blake..
“Damn, that was hot. I haven’t had sex like that in ages…” grinned Steve, as they headed back to their lockers to get dressed.
“I know the feeling all too well, kid.” That’s when it hit Blake — he had just fucked around behind Brad’s back.
“So you still up for being work-out buddies?” asked Steve. “I think I’m going to be really motivated!”
“I’m really sorry, kid, but this can’t happen again…” said Blake. “I have a boyfriend, a partner. This was a one-time thing. I’ll see you around…”


Steve smiled to himself as he watched Blake drive off, he had a feeling that he’d be seeing that daddy dick again soon.

Can I call you Uncle?

Can I Call You Uncle? is the first in the Coyote Tales series of erotic gay fiction written by Coyote and Gareth Johnson.

We’re currently serialising the story. This is the third instalment — read earlier episodes here.

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Arts & Culture

Giving a voice to gay Arab men



Samer Bo (image supplied)
Samer Bo (image supplied)

I caught up with author Samer Bo to talk about writing erotic gay fiction in Egypt.

What led you to start writing erotic gay fiction?

I was forgetting what was happening. I noticed that when someone asked me about what happened to me the previous week, I couldn’t remember the details.

I think forgetting was my defence-mechanism for all the pain and trouble.

So, I started by writing my diaries, which ended to be quite erotic sometimes. Then that moved to erotic fiction.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your stories?

Inspiration comes from my personal experiences and sometimes my friends’ experiences. Other times, I just meet a guy or watch a movie, and it inspires me to write a story.

Who are your target audience?

I write for myself before anyone else. I’d love all gay men to read and get aroused by my stories.

But I guess I do write for minorities — people who don’t usually get represented in media, porn, or erotic stories. I want people to see themselves represented in my novels.

What sort of feedback do you get from your readers?

I get a lot of positive feedback from people in the Middle East who finally find a voice speaking to them. Some see me as a role model — a type of Egyptian guy that they never see in the media.

Do your friends and family know that you write erotic gay fiction?

Only some close friends know. I’m not in touch with my family anyway. Samer is my real name, but I changed my last name to Bo.

Have you had any negative reactions to the gay erotic fiction that you write?

I only tell people about my writing if I know that they’re either gay or gay friendly. So I haven’t had negative reactions in that respect.

However, I have had multiple incidents of homophobia. I was arrested once.

Son of the President isn’t an erotic story, how did that story come to you?

That story is based on the real-life story of an older friend that I met a few years ago. I told him about my erotic stories, and he asked me to write an erotic story inspired by his experiences.

However, I felt that if I wrote it as erotica, it would take away from the essence of the story. So I left it as non-erotic story.


What do you hope that people feel when reading your stories?

First of all, aroused from my erotic stories. Plus, I want people to feel represented.

Gay Arabs are not represented in any kind of media. We’re being suppressed and discriminated against. A lot of gay men in the Middle East feel that being gay is wrong, and that homosexuality is a sin.

This is my small way to help those men feel better about themselves.

What are some of your goals and ambitions for the remainder of 2018?

More stories, maybe some non-erotic ones. I’m also helping a friend of mine to change his non-erotic short story into a play.

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